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Exposing The Lies About Vaccines: Shocking Report - Unvaccinated Are HEALTHIER Than Vaccinated Populations

With the bitterly cold temperatures here in Central Canada (Gosh darn, that Global Warming) there has been a massive outbreak of seasonal Influenza.... Right now, the Jew spew media is constantly bombarding the sheeple with false claims that EVERYONE must go out and get their "flu shots" immediately to stop this "epidemic".... BUT of course they do not tell the people about the reports that have come out by the CDC itself that not only do vaccines do not work, but this "flu vaccine" that is being promoted will absolutely do nothing to stop this outbreak of Influenza!

I have long been a proponent of the facts behind vaccines and that they absolutely do not work, period... It has been proven again and again through careful research that not only do vaccines absolutely not work as reported, but in fact they WEAKEN the body's immune system, and promote the very diseases that they claim to fight...

To again back up my claims about the fraud of vaccines, I want to turn to a most interesting report that came out earlier last year, that comes from the Office Of Medical And Scientific Justice website, at www.omsj.com that shows clearly that populations that do NOT vaccinate are actually healthier than those that do!   I have that amazing article right here for everyone to view for themselves... Of course, I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

CFR: Unvaccinated are Healthier than Vaccinated Populations

March 30, 2014
(REFUSERS) – (Comment) The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) recently published a disease map purporting to show that disease outbreaks are the fault of the unvaccinated.  While the mainstream media like PBS ran the story, they missed the fact that the CFR map shows the highest disease outbreaks in the most-vaccinated populations.
Those countries where vaccines are given routinely or forced upon children and their parents, often under threat of law, experience the lion’s share of communicable diseases. Why? What’s happened with “herd immunity”?

Right off, and at the very beginning, I say this article will cause rumblings and a stir amongst many, if not all, on both sides of the vaccine safety issue, especially with vaccine apologists. My reason for saying that is because what I discuss is strictly my evaluation of the interactive data map showing communicable infectious diseases globally, as prepared by the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), which points out some grave problems regarding vaccine statistics, in my opinion. Please study the map before reading on.
The only request I make is that every reader consider the information with an open mind, not one influenced or prejudiced by pseudo-science. One statistic that the data show is this: the most vaccinated population countries have the most outbreaks of those same diseases for which vaccines are pushed on populations supposedly to engender what’s called “herd immunity.”

First, let’s see how many vaccinations were mandated for children in several countries of the western meme according to data available in 2009. Sweden and Japan had 11 vaccines, Finland 12, Norway 13, Switzerland 16, Australia 27, Canada 28, and USA 36. It is safe to say that, if anything, more vaccines have been added to those schedules since 2009, especially the HPV vaccine for both girls and boys. But, for the sake of ‘argument’ and graphics available, I will use the chart below as a reference alongside the CFR’s map.
Graphic Source in Notes
One readily can see that the USA had/has the most number of mandated vaccines, which has increased dramatically in numbers since 2009 for children birth to 18 years of age as confirmed by the CDC’s “Recommended Immunization Schedule for Persons Age 0 Through 18 Years United States, 2014.”
Before I go further in my interpretation of the map and data, let’s consider what the map offers:
  1. Disease color-coded dots designating Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Polio, Whooping cough, and Other
  2. Countries with an inordinate amount of dots are: the USA, the European Union (EU), Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Canada to some extent, plus Equatorial Africa and India where GAVI [Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation] has implemented vaccination campaigns.
  3. The South American continent is almost void of any communicable disease dots. Interesting? Wait until some vaccination campaign strategy takes off there. It’s only a matter of time, I’d say.
  4. Several countries have no dots representing diseases.
  5. China, which often is touted as a growing hotbed of communicable diseases, shows Measles and Other, if I’ve interpreted the color code correctly as Polio and Other are too closely related in colors. Is that color scheme a favorable coincidence?
  6. The predominant diseases globally, according to dots on the map, are: Measles and Whooping cough, which are the vaccines children everywhere are vaccinated with.
Now, I’d like to discuss my interpretation of what the map represents:

Those countries where vaccines are given routinely or forced upon children and their parents, often under threat of law, experience the lion’s share of communicable diseases. Why? What’s happened with “herd immunity”? It just doesn’t add up, especially since in the USA there is over 90% childhood vaccination compliance! According to the U.S. CDC’s MMWR (Mortality and Morbidity Weekly Report) 2012—13 School Year for Kindergarten, for example,
This report summarizes vaccination coverage from 48 states and DC and exemption rates from 49 states and DC for children entering kindergarten for the 2012–13 school year. Forty-eight states and DC reported vaccination coverage, with medians of 94.5% for 2 doses of measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine; 95.1% for local requirements for diphtheria, tetanus toxoid, and acellular pertussis (DtaP) vaccination; and 93.8% for 2 doses of varicella vaccine among awardees with a 2-dose requirement. Forty-nine states and DC reported exemption rates, with the median total of 1.8%. Although school entry coverage for most awardees was at or near national Healthy People 2020 targets of maintaining 95% vaccination coverage levels for 2 doses of MMR vaccine, 4 doses of DtaP† vaccine, and 2 doses of varicella vaccine (2), low vaccination and high exemption levels can cluster within communities, increasing the risk for disease. [CJF emphasis added]
Take a look at those vaccination percentage rates: 94.5% for MMR, 95.1% for DtaP and 93.8% for chickenpox (varicella), and still there are outbreaks of measles and pertussis. There IS something dramatically wrong with vaccines and their effectiveness, I contend, if that number of children is an example of vaccination rates in the USA that can be interpolated for comparisons of vaccinated versus non-vaccinated. Furthermore, only a medium total of 1.8% was exempt from vaccinations.

Question: Is 1.8% a high exemption level? I don’t think so, as it falls well within the 5% target range of exemptions for non-vaccinated as found in Healthy People 2020.

The CDC/FDA, medicine, pharmacology, and vaccinology, in particular, are dead wrong regarding vaccines, I do believe. The more children receive vaccines and boosters, undoubtedly, the more communicable infectious diseases are surfacing. What does the CFR map tell?

In my opinion, one of several physiological occurrences, or all, may be happening:

1. Vaccines aren’t working and cause immune dysfunction.

2. Vaccines are damaging the immune system so much that it cannot function as Nature intended and designed due to vaccine antigen responses that undoubtedly are reprogramming it.

3. Disease microorganisms are becoming sophisticated – similar to bacteria due to too many antibiotics prescribed for just about every malady plus those in the food chain – so that microorganisms are morphing into new strains for which vaccinology either hasn’t realized what’s going on or can’t keep up with various or newer strains and antigens. See this:
“There are currently eight species in the Bordetella genus. Three species in this genus are known to be pathogenic to humans. B. pertussis and B. parapertussis are very similar species. Both species cause pertussis (whooping cough) in humans and are separated merely by the toxins they release during infection. B. parapertussis releases toxins that seem to cause a milder form of pertussis (whooping cough). B. bronchiseptica causes respiratory disease in various mammals and occasionally in humans. The species is further separated from B. pertussis and B. parapertussis by being motile. The human pathology of the remaining five species is relatively unknown. B. avium and B. hinzii, are known to cause respiratory disease in poultry. [2] [CJF emphasis added]”
4. A large percentage of vaccinated children in the USA now experience some form of illness or disease that is NOT a communicable disease, which manifests either as chronic or neurological. Something authorities want to deny is that since numerous vaccines have been mandated for children since the 1980s, so have autism [neurological] rates skyrocketed from one in 10,000 [1970s] to 1 in 50 children in the USA as of March 2013 reporting! [1]

While writing this article I received this information:
The new ‘official autism’ numbers were released minutes ago by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in 68 among all eight-year olds evaluated in 2010, 1 in 42 boys, and 1 in 189 girls, more than a million children. The last time the CDC released these numbers in 2010 the numbers were 1 in 88, and 1 in 54 boys. Undoubtedly the real numbers today are much higher than this 4-year old data.
Along with that information, a request came to call the White House  (202) 456-1111  and ask President Obama what is he going to do about it.

Special Notation should be made of the variances in the CDC report as referenced in the article Notes below (1) [3/20/13] and the information I just received. Isn’t it a hornet’s nest to figure out? In the Reference section of that report (pg.2) it states: “This prevalence estimate (1 in 50) is significantly higher than the estimate.” Somehow to me, their figures don’t seem to be coherent. Don’t they know what they are doing, or is it on purpose to add confusion to the issue?

Autism is not the only health problem since vaccines took off like greased lightning. The USA Today reported this: “More than half of children ages 8 to 14 have had a long-term health problem at some point, such as obesity, asthma, a learning disability or other ailment, a study shows.” [3]

The sad part, though, is that no one is investigating correlation and causation with regard to the inordinate number of vaccines prescribed during the first two years of life starting at birth!

In the USA alone, measles and whooping cough outbreaks occur in 90% or more of those contracting the diseases and fully vaccinated. See my blog “Mumps Breakout in Ohio May Prove Something.”

B. Even if non-vaccinated children were responsible for spreading those diseases, how come fully-vaccinated children and other vaccinees are contracting the very diseases for which they have been vaccinated IF vaccines were efficacious? Current disease-contracting statistics prove just how false the vaccine paradigm truly is! Scare tactics are employed to vaccinate, whereas vaccines fail those vaccinated! How does that make sense?

C. As an example, the charts below indicate the factual reality of vaccinated versus non-vaccinated health status of children in the first five years of life in the Netherlands (2004), one of the countries that make up the European Union. You can see on the CFR map that measles is a dot in that EU geographical location.

In the charts we see dramatic contrasts for ear infections, inflammations of the throat, aggressive behavior, convulsions/collapse, antibiotics administered, sickly, eczema, asthma/chronic lung disease, allergic reactions, and difficulty sleeping. The charts indicate that vaccinated children are twice as likely – or more – as non-vaccinated children to experience the health problems enumerated in the charts.

Graphic Source in Notes
The information offered by the CFR map is rather significant and I think speaks for itself, i.e., the more vaccinated the population, the more likely to contract the very diseases for which they are vaccinated. How in the name of non-vested-interest-science are they still getting away with such sleight of pseudo-science, together with ruining the human immune system?

Just because they say so dogmatically, doesn’t mean it’s factually and scientifically so! Do your research and learn the real science behind vaccines in order to educate everyone: pediatricians, nurses, schools, health agency personnel at all levels of government, and even Congress, who I contend gave us this vaccine mess by passing The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) of 1986 (42 U.S.C. §§ 300aa-1 to 300aa-34).

The NCVIA is in desperate need of being revisited, if not repealed, in my opinion. NCVIA gives vaccine makers what some call a “get out of jail free card” that exonerates them of all liability, something no other industry has.

Furthermore, with all the health damages and problems vaccines have been causing for now going on two or three generations – see the VAERS reports in the hundreds of thousands – Congress needs to seriously investigate the autism problem, neurotoxic and other toxic vaccine ingredients, and stop taking those handsome monetary gifts from Big Pharma lobbyists that apparently influence their observable lack of oversight, I contend. In 2013, pharmaceutical manufacturers paid out $227.5 Million lobbying on behalf of their products and corporate interests. [4] What does that tell you?

Lastly, an incredible story about how pseudo-science is pulled off is reported in “Academia hoaxed by fake scientific papers auto-generated by gobbledygook text generators.”

Personally, I’d like to see shakeups at all federal and state health agencies regarding vaccinations, their ‘science’ and, most of all, their toxic ingredients. It’s long overdue.

[1] CDC Report 65. Changes in Prevalence of Parent-reported Autism Spectrum Disorder in School-aged U.S. Children: 2007 to 2011–2012. Adobe PDF file [PDF – 163 KB] March 2013. [2] http://bioweb.uwlax.edu/bio203/s2007/wolf_bri2/ [3] http://usatoday30.usatoday.com/news/health/2010-02-17-chronic17_st_N.htm [4] http://www.opensecrets.org/industries/indus.php?ind=H04

Graphics Source:
The charts were produced by Raymond Obomsawin, PhD National Aboriginal Health Organization, October 2009 http://preventdisease.com/news/09/111009_infectious_disease_decline_vs_vaccinations.shtml
Thank you for sharing this information, Dr. Obomsawin.

Catherine J Frompovich (website) is a retired natural nutritionist who earned advanced degrees in Nutrition and Holistic Health Sciences, Certification in Orthomolecular Theory and Practice plus Paralegal Studies. Her work has been published in national and airline magazines since the early 1980s. Catherine authored numerous books on health issues along with co-authoring papers and monographs with physicians, nurses, and holistic healthcare professionals. She has been a consumer healthcare researcher 35 years and counting.

Catherine’s latest book, published October 4, 2013, is Vaccination Voodoo, What YOU Don’t Know About Vaccines, available on Amazon.com.

NTS Notes:  Yes, as this article states, the initial findings do come from the scumbags behind the "Council Of Foreign Relations" which has been linked for decades to the destruction of our society and the planned "new world order"... But the facts are that even when these criminal groups promote their lies, some truth is definitely shown...

The facts are clear that we as a society have been brainwashed for over a century now with the fraud of vaccinations.... People always must understand that these vaccines contain horrific chemicals that do far more harm to the body than the diseases that they do not work against...

Again, people must not be fooled by all the fearmongering going around about the need to vaccinate against disease outbreaks... Throughout history, most of these outbreaks have been halted by simply practicing proper hygiene and sanitation, and to avoid contact with those infected....  I have also been a strong advocate of simply strengthening the body's immune system by proper foods and supplements.... It is far better to go this route than to roll up your arms and allow criminals to inject poisons into your body that do not work...

More to come



Penny said...

Hey North

I had to laugh out loud at that NPR article- what a piece of garbage!

"Childhood immunization rates plummeted in parts of Europe and the U.K.'

From what to what? What were the stats? Notice the not so clever but very obvious omission-

Lies by omission are some of the most heinous!

The Wakefield study was not fraudulent- it was smeared- period
it was withdrawn because of political pressure
Trash, seriously, NPR is trash

Read this article North!


"New American research shows that there could be a link between the controversial MMR triple vaccine and autism and bowel disease in children.

The study appears to confirm the findings of British doctor Andrew Wakefield, who caused a storm in 1998 by suggesting a possible link.

Now a team from the Wake Forest University School of Medicine in North Carolina are examining 275 children with regressive autism and bowel disease - and of the 82 tested so far, 70 prove positive for the measles virus.

Last night the team's leader, Dr Stephen Walker, said: 'Of the handful of results we have in so far, all are vaccine strain and none are wild measles.

'This research proves that in the gastrointestinal tract of a number of children who have been diagnosed with regressive autism, there is evidence of measles virus.

This study confirms, confirms Wakefield's study because the results were easily replicable

Read on

This is the second independent study to back up Dr Wakefield. In 2001 John O'Leary, Professor of Pathology at St James's Hospital and Trinity College, Dublin, replicated his findings.
'What it means is that the study done earlier by Dr Wakefield and published in 1998 is correct.

So Wakefields work was never proven wrong, it was just smeared

Penny said...

Also North, before I sign out
you had another commenter in a previous post suggesting the small pox vaccine was a success- maybe so or maybe not!

It depends on what small pox actually was? Was it actually what we were told it was? A communicable disease? Or was that the narrative created to fit the vaccine agenda?

That question has to be considered and seriously considered giving all the dam lies we are told every day

So was small pox really the disease as presented or was it something else entirely that was hidden to promote vaccines as saviours


" -At their first meeting the Doctor told the writer in close detail about his experiments on bedbugs and smallpox, and then-and-there converted him to a belief in the theory of their connection.
-All that Dr. Campbell then needed for his proposed investigation was the pitifully small sum of twelve thousand dollars. The writer gladly promised his aid in securing that amount from some rich American philanthropist or from some established fund for research; and during several years he did his level best to keep that promise, but all his endeavors were unsuccessful. The fund moneys appeared to be so tied up with red tape that they could not be utilized for outside purposes; and the millionaires did not care to spend their dearly loved dollars for any such philanthropic purpose.

-However, the Doctor was not in the least disheartened—quite the contrary. This failure to procure for him financial aid only sharpened his dogged pertinacity; and, notwithstanding the burden and care of a family to be met by the lucrative (?) occupation of practising medicine for a living, he has never swerved from the goal he had set for himself, viz., aiding humanity by the results of his numerous and varied experiments on insect-borne diseases and how to combat them. This is proved by the success of his monumental work in relation to the prevention of malaria by the extermination of the malaria-bearing mosquito through the propagation of its natural enemy, the bat. This work he accomplished unaided, single-handed, and under most trying conditions; and, in no uncertain terms, it testifies to his great value and places him in the front rank with the world's leading scientists."

There is a link to a book in my blog post- So let's consider it a possibility that small pox was not what we were told- but was sold as something that was beaten by a vaccine in a massive psyop by rockefeller's medicine men!

Here's the book and consider the possibility that small pox was not what we were told

Anonymous said...

Hey North, I see the book link didn't come through- too much comment I guess
The link can be gotten through that older post- so your readers can get it anyway
However, I am going to requote this part

"-All that Dr. Campbell then needed for his proposed investigation was the pitifully small sum of twelve thousand dollars. The writer gladly promised his aid in securing that amount from some rich American philanthropist or from some established fund for research; and during several years he did his level best to keep that promise, but all his endeavors were unsuccessful"

It's quite clear that Dr Campbell could not get funding for his work from rich American philanthropists- but none the less he carried on

This is clearly Rockefeller's medicine men thwarting any research but that which they approved of

Which is very typical of so called philanthropists... Money to promote their agenda, money making!- So a vaccine would make much more profits then cleaning house of bed bugs which were most likely carrying what ever was giving people small pox