Friday, December 5, 2014

The Truth About America Today: North Korea Calls The United States The Dirtiest Word Possible..

It should be no shock to anyone living in America that I and others are not going to pull any strings and call America what it really is... An EMPIRE that is now in its twilight and on the road to full collapse and oblivion...  It is so sad that during my lifetime that great Republic has found itself ruined due to a criminal tribe of "chosen ones" who have steered American policies both foreign and domestic and have turned the American leadership into a group of soulless criminals that have been in pursuit of power and domination...

Right now, I want to present the following important video, from Russia Today, where other nations, and especially of all places, North Korea, are no longer pulling any punches and are clearly calling the United States both an empire, and one that is in not only denial,but in drastic decline as well... Here is that RT Video here via Youtube for everyone to see for themselves, and I do have a few follow up thoughts and comments:

NTS Notes:  I do feel so sad for many of my friends and associates that live in the once proud and free United States of America... Sadly, they are now living in a tyrannical Empire that is presently in its death throws..

Throughout history we have all seen the rise of nations that first granted great freedoms to their people, and then through the influence of greed, avarice, lust, power, etc...And through the influence of some of the most evil outside influences imaginable, turned from nations of peace to ones of destruction and became world empires.  

But history has shown that great empires, all the way from the Egyptian and Babylonian Empires, the Athenian Empire, the great Chinese Empires, and even the Roman Empire as prime examples, eventually collapsed.... The United States Empire itself is right now on the very cusp of such collapse with horrible consequences for its citizens...

It is not too late however to save the United States... Its own citizens need to desperately wake up and take their nations back and seize the nation from the very scoundrels that are out to destroy it....That time is now...

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Anonymous said...

Northerntruthseeker, you and RT are absolutely correct in your estimation of my country, the late-great Jew-nited States of America. There truly is an apathetic attitude in this country that is pervasive and uncanny, which is largely responsible for our current decadent, warmongering culture.

People like Henry Ford Sr. (The International Jew), Howell Arthur Gwynne (The Cause of World Unrest), Louis Marschalko (The World Conquerors), Benjamin Freedman and others have been trying to wake up Americans and Europeans (with little success) to who our real enemies are. In his Mein Kampf, Hitler referred to these enemies as “two menaces”: “Marxism and Jewry.”

Cultural Marxism has removed God and virtue from everywhere the Jew has infiltrated and replaced them with materialism and carnality. Virtually all of our institutions (as well as our “representatives”) are controlled by Jews and they have made slaves to their designs each of these institutions. Those of us who try to wake our fellow citizens down here to the Jewish matrix have been met either with scorn or a refusal to believe.

It’s sad that truth is often treated this way.