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The Global Warming Fraud: 2014 - Year Of Futility In The Fight Against Climate Change

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It seems that the scam artists behind the Global Warming fraud are still persistent in their lies... I have been reading some of the Jew spew MSM reports over the last while that claim (falsely) that the year 2014 has been the "warmest year on record (!)" and I do not know whether to laugh or to cry... So many people are still being suckered in by these false reports and many are going to be too stupid and gullible to do anything when in this coming year, 2015, our governments push forward their Global Warming agenda and slap us all with their planned "carbon taxation" which will be nothing more than another money grab to fleece the public!

I came across the following most interesting article that I want to share with all of my readers... It comes from the Aletho News online service, at www.alethonews.wordpress.com, and is entitled: "2014: Year Of Futility In The Fight Against Climate Change".   It gives a pretty good summation of what has happened in 2014 in the fight against the clowns behind the Climate Change fraud right across the planet... Here is that article for everyone to view for themselves, and I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

2014: year of futility in the fight against climate change

By Steve Goreham | Communities Digital News | December 29, 2014
The year 2014 was another year of futility in the fight against climate change. Climatists redoubled efforts to convince citizens that urgent action is needed to stop dangerous global warming. But the gap between public warnings and actual events produced an endless stream of climate irony.

January began with a frosty bang as an arctic air mass descended on the central United States, following a similar event in December. What was once called a cold snap is now ominously christened a “polar vortex.” Record-low daily temperatures were recorded from Minnesota to Boston, along with all-time seasonal snowfalls in many cities.

In a White House video released on January 8, John Holdren, chief science advisor to President Obama, made the paradoxical statement, “But a growing body of evidence suggests that the kind of extreme cold being experienced by much of the United States as we speak is a pattern that we can expect to see with increasing frequency as global warming continues.”

Also in January, passengers of the research ship Akademik Shokalskiy were rescued after the ship was locked in ice for 10 days near the antarctic coast. The expedition lead by professor Chris Turney had intended to study how weather patterns near Antarctica were changing due to man-made global warming.

On February 16, during a presentation in Indonesia, Secretary of State John Kerry stated that climate change was “perhaps the world’s most fearsome weapon of mass destruction.” Only two days later, protestors set fire to Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, leading to the resignation of President Viktor Yanukovych. 

In March, Russia seized the Crimea. In July, Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was shot down over eastern Ukraine, and political unrest continues today. In the Middle East, slaughter of innocent civilians and beheading of western captives became a growing trend. Man-made climate casualties seem remarkably scarce in comparison.

In March, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change of the United Nations released Climate Change 2014: Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerability, part of its Fifth Assessment Report. The report said that man-made climate change would reduce world agricultural output. Lead author Dr. Mark Howden stated, “There’s increasing evidence that climate change is also impacting on agriculture, particularly on some of the cereal crops such as wheat and maize. The negative impacts are greater and quicker than we previously thought.”

Meanwhile, farmers continued to ignore the warnings of the IPCC. According to the US Department of Agriculture, world agricultural production set all-time records for all three major cereal crops in 2014, with rice output up 1.1 percent, wheat up 11.2 percent, and corn up a whopping 14.0 percent over 2013.

The Obama administration continued its attack on coal-fired power plants, which provide about 40 percent of US electricity. In June, the EPA proposed new restrictions on carbon emissions that would make it virtually impossible to build a new coal-fired plant in the US. At the same time, more than 1,200 new coal-fired plants are planned across the world, with two-thirds to be built in India and China.

In his 2007 Noble Prize acceptance speech, former Vice President Al Gore warned that the arctic ice could be gone in “as little as seven years.” But arctic sea ice rebounded in 2014 and antarctic sea ice has been growing for decades. According to the University of Illinois, satellites measured global sea ice area at above the 30-year average at the end of 2014.

In September, the United Nations held a climate summit in New York City to urge the world to conserve energy and reduce emissions. Spokesman Leonardo DiCaprio stated, “This disaster has grown beyond the choices that individuals make.” Mr. DiCaprio neglected to mention his frequent flights on carbon-emitting private jets or his ownership of the world’s fifth largest yacht, purchased from a Middle East oil tycoon.

In October, climate skeptics reported the eighteenth straight year of flat global temperatures. Satellite data shows no temperature increase since 1997. The “pause” in global warming is now old enough to vote or to serve in the military.

Hurricanes and tornadoes are favored events for generating alarming climate headlines, but US weather events were few in 2014. US tornadic activity was below average and the lack of strong hurricanes continued. No Category 3 or stronger hurricane has made US landfall for more than eight years, the longest period since records began in 1900.

The last half of 2014 witnessed a steep drop in world petroleum prices from over $100 per barrel to under $60 per barrel. Hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling, technologies perfected by US geologists and petroleum engineers over the last two decades, produced an explosion in US oil production and triggered the fall in world prices.

But the concurrent drop in US gasoline prices to two dollars per gallon is not welcomed by man-made global warming believers. Former Energy Secretary Stephen Chu said in 2008, “So we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe.” English journalist George Monbiot has lamented, “We were wrong about peak oil: there’s enough in the ground to deep-fry the planet.”

With all the climate fun in 2014, what will 2015 hold?

Steve Goreham is Executive Director of the Climate Science Coalition of America and author of the book The Mad, Mad, Mad World of Climatism:  Mankind and Climate Change Mania.Chi

NTS Notes:  I have gone to the "Climate Science Coalition of America" website from time to time, and I am glad that they all are keeping an open mind when it comes to the true facts about Climate Change.... I on the other hand have always known it to be a fraud and a scam and have always stuck to my guns...

One glaring correction has to be made about this article.. Russia did not "seize" the Crimea, period as it states.. The people of Crimea voted overwhelmingly in a legal and binding referendum to return to Russia.. There was absolutely NO "seizure" of that territory....

The fact is again that in fact of the lies coming out of the media, 2014 was absolutely NOT the "warmest year" on record by a long shot....  The facts are simple that our planet is going through a colder period thanks to diminished solar radiation coming from our star, Sol.   Sol is definitely going through a cycle of reduced energy output and the result will be COLDER conditions across this planet for the next few decades at least.  But try telling that to the scam artists behind Global Warming!

Yes, 2015 could be the make or break year for the fraudsters behind the Global Warming scam... Lets all work to make it a break year and have them put out of their misery once and for all...

More to come


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