Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: Wigner, Fukushima, Tesla, And The Brains Of A Gerbil

NTS Note: I took the last few days off as I had planned to spend some time with family and friends for this Christmas… It is good to get away from writing at this blog from time to time to recharge the batteries!  But now I am back…..

It has been a while since I last reported about the ongoing situation at Fukushima… But there is not much new to report…. The disaster is still going strong with little resolution any where in site… There was a recent report that the spent fuel rod pool sitting above reactor #4 was FINALLY emptied of all its spent nuclear fuel rods… But that report is deceptive because reactor #4 was never in serious trouble as compared to the disaster that was reactor #3.   The spent fuel rod pool sitting above reactor #3 is still in danger of collapse and no one and no mechanical machine can get close to that fuel rod pool due to the horrendous radiation that is still spewing from the melted reactor core of reactor #3…..

Recently, I came across a most important and very interesting article that was put out by another truth seeker, "Horse237" who writes the very good blog called "Video Rebel" at…. It concerns not only the present situation with the Fukushima disaster, but goes into some detail about a very little known problem with nuclear power known as the "Wigner Effect".   First, I want to present the link to that article from Video Rebel's site right here for everyone to take the time to look at here:

Video Rebel did a superb job with this article, and especially exposing everyone to the facts behind the "Wigner Effect"….  I have that video series by Youtube user, "Radchick" right here for everyone to view… This is a 6 part presentation, but is definitely worth the viewing:

NTS Notes: The facts presented here are most alarming… Many people are totally unaware of the "Wigner effect" and what it is doing to mechanical equipment, animals and human beings,  and especially aircraft that are right now flying across the Pacific Ocean, being exposed to ionizing radiation from the Fukushima disaster… The results will be horrendous with even more reports of cancer in humans, and aircraft crashes due to "mechanical and structural" failures!

I do remember from my days in Physics back in University some study into the side effects of materials being exposed to neutron radiation… The facts are simple in that when neutrons collide with material such as metal, glass, and even human skin, that material is exposed to a sudden burst of high amounts of energy that causes the material to change in its material make up, and causes a small amount of that material to disintegrate... That disintegration is definitely the entropy of this "Wigner effect".

I also do remember as a young man when I read a lot of books dealing with the paranormal and "UFO's" about the little known problem that Seattle Washington and other northwestern US cities endured where there was a rash of windshields showing damage and in some cases shattering.. Few people at the time would even think of the fact that this was during the time in the 1950's when the United States, and the United Kingdom, were conducting nuclear bomb tests in the Pacific Ocean.. The damage to the windshields can now definitely be chalked up to the Wigner effect as they were exposed to neutron radiation from the fallout from these bomb tests….

What we have here is another side effect from the Fukushima disaster that few people and especially our governments do not want to discuss… I have to wonder, and everyone should wonder, if this Wigner effect is this bad and causing horrendous damage to aircraft flying over the Pacific, then what is the effect on human beings living in that region as well?  

As I stated before, the Fukushima disaster is still going strong with no end in sight… Now we can add the Wigner effect to the increasing problems associated with this unending travesty…

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Unknown said...

Those linking the Wigner Effect to aircraft due to Fukushima are being VERY dishonest. The Wigner Effect is real, but is due to bombardment by neutrons, not uranium/plutonium nano particles. Radchick misrepresents the definition of the effect in her videos, which is something that I could never trust. No one should.