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Shocking Report: The CANADIAN Torture State!

I have been, like so many others, absolutely appalled by all the reports that I have been reading about how the United States, a country that I used to truly admire, has now become the very evil that it has always claimed to be fighting against…. This is due to the fact that the United States has openly been torturing its prisoners for decades and now has had to admit that as fact to the entire world….

As a Canadian, I had always thought that Canada itself was never going to sink as low as the United States, and torture or support torture of prisoners…. However, according to this shocking report from the " Blogs" website, at, it appears that Canada itself has also condoned acts of torture, which to me is revolting…. Here is that article, entitled: "The Canadian Torture State" for everyone, especially my friends in Canada, to read for themselves… I have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

The Canadian torture state

 | DECEMBER 12, 2014

The Canadian torture state

Whipping with cables. Prolonged solitary confinement. Other unspeakable acts, committed against citizens with official blessing. Use of "information" gathered by torture considered legitimate.
No, no, I don't mean theTorture Report. I'm talking about Canada.
Let the other sordid drama play itself out in America. We've now learned more about "rectal feeding" (read: medically unjustified anal rape) than we ever wanted to know, and that's just for starters. Did the authorities raid every prison for the criminally insane to swell CIA ranks? Far worse, we're watching a desperate attempt to frame this whole series of vile acts as a period in (recent) history now thankfully ended. Don't you go believing that fairytale, now.
Torture and other state-sanctioned violence against civilians continues. Gitmo persists, despite Obama’s promises. His drones are still killing and maiming civilians in far-off lands. American citizens can now be extra-judicially executed by Presidential decree. Due process, Obama's Attorney General explains, doesn't necessarily mean judicial process -- just a convo in the Oval Office will satisfy Constitutional requirements. Recall also that Obama gave immunity to the creatures who enabled and committed state torture under his predecessor. They aren't hurting any. The monstrous John Yoo, for one, who advocated for the legality ofcrushing the testicles of children, is now a well-paid professor in California. Dick Cheneyis still making a fortune on the speaking circuit.
Well, as I said, let the U.S. be the U.S., that godawful prison-house, continuing on its downward spiral. But no one should imagine for one moment that it is alone in using tortureas a routine implement of policy.
While the current Canadian government -- particularly its former Paraguayan wing -- is known for its open support of torture as a supposed information-gathering tool, the rot really set in under the previous Liberal administrations of Jean Chrétien and Paul Martin. Just ask a victim of "extraordinary rendition" like Maher Arar. Talk to others tortured and imprisoned thanks to the collegial complicity of CSIS with the secret police in Syria, Egypt and Sudan -- Canadian citizens Muayyed Nureddin, Abdullah Almalki, Ahmad Abou El-Maati, and Abousfian Abdelrazik.
Or ask (if any remain alive) the Afghan detainees turned over by Canadian Forces to Afghan government torturers. Stephen Harper was willing to risk all the marbles there, and he successfully maintained his cover-up after all was said and done. CSIS was up to its neck in that one, too. Most of the documents will likely never be made public, despite an historic ruling by the then-Speaker of the House of Commons, Peter Milliken.

Then there is child soldier Omar Khadr, tortured (once again with CSIS complicity, this time after the fact) in Guantanamo. His only way out of that hellhole was to cop a plea. He's sitting in a Canadian jail at the moment, while the Harper government continues to make his life miserable.
Is this torture thing just about national security? Not at all. Take the use of solitary confinement within Canada's prison system. Prolonged solitary confinement is well-recognized as a form of torture. But Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney has now confirmed that it willcontinue to be imposed on mentally ill inmates, rejecting out of hand the key recommendation from the coroner’s inquest into the death of Ashley Smith.
Let us not be too smug, then, about the horrific revelations south of the border. Because, to put it bluntly, we torture too -- and under Stephen Harper, torture has been officially and publicly sanctioned. Compliments of the season, everyone.

NTS Notes: I have watched over the last week as the Jewish controlled Jew spew news here in Canada has put out their reports about torture in the United States, creating the illusion that Canada is somehow "appalled" by such action… Now we find out that Canada should not try to believe it is better than the United States when it comes to "torture", for our own government has not only condoned torture, but there is some strong evidence that our so called "CSIS" has been a willing participant in torturing prisoners…

I have also been watching over the last few years as Omar Kadir, a Canadian citizen, what held by the Americans for "terrorist" activities and was most certainly tortured…. It is disgusting that the criminal Harper regime stood by and actually condoned such horrific actions by the US military and the CIA against a man that is in all probability very innocent!

The bottom line is this… The Canadian criminal government in Ottawa are hypocrites if they suddenly condemn the expose of the United States torturing prisoners… The facts are clear that they themselves have condoned and most probably have allowed CSIS to participate in such criminal actions for years!

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brian boru said...

Once a country becomes totally and overtly controlled by jews the communist terror apparatus invariably comes to the fore. The jews set the template in Russia after their capture of that unfortunate country in 1917. A system of torture, murder and enslavement was instituted by this demonic tribe that has been followed in whole or in part all over the world ever since and which has destroyed the lives of hundreds of millions, if not billions, of people. It might seem remarkable to what depths the United States has descended over recent years, but the vicious mentality of the rulers of this now openly gangster state should not surprise anyone. Americans have been torturing and murdering their way across the planet ever since their ferocious crushing of the Confederacy in the 1860s. However, it was only under that diseased creature Roosevelt in the 1930s that the present malignant system was firmly ensconced and which has been refined ever since to produce the rogue state which now threatens the peace and safety of the whole planet. Does anyone really think that people who supported and aided one of the most bloodthirsty monsters in history, Stalin, and who experimented with nuclear bombs on the defenceless civilians of two cities, would avoid any imaginable outrage if they thought it was in their interest not to do so? All one needed to do to get an understanding of the true nature of the government United States was to watch the Congress give several standing ovations to the monstrous psychopath Netanyahu. Anyone who still believes that these people are defenders of justice and freedom are either amoral or else mindless drones.