Sunday, December 14, 2014

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, December 14th, 2014


Sunday again, and of course what many people wait for.. My weekly rant….

I am a bit late today in getting this report out, but again this is my site and my rant, so patience is sometimes key….  It has been a long and hectic week with family and personal business coming first and foremost, and therefore this blog sometimes is put by the wayside….

First, I want to start out by talking about all the reports about America and the revelations about its military and CIA conducting acts of torture on their prisoners and prisoners of war…. Lets not kid ourselves here, for the United States has been using torture in its interrogation methodology for decades at least… For those in the United States who are suddenly aghast by all the revelations coming out now, they need to wake up to reality…..

I also have already shown that it is not only the United States, but Canada as well that has been both condoning and participating in torture for decades….. I can guarantee that other nations, such as the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, and other NATO member countries have also been using torture as well.    Therefore when we all look upon nations with disgust such as China, North Korea, and even Russia for their known usage of torture against their prisoners, we can no longer try to picture our own nations as too civilized for such methods, for it is a fact that we are just as bad… The word "hypocrisy" does come to mind……

Today marks the second anniversary of the Sandy Hook fraud operation, and I honestly have wanted to close the book on the entire Sandy Hook fraud for quite some time now….I hope that by this point everyone would have understood that it was indeed a fraud… Lets face the facts once and for all in that NOBODY died at Sandy Hook, all of the children were phonies, and the entire operation was well planned and set up well in advance to finally "go live" at the appropriate moment in time… But it seems that one individual who I used to admire in the "truth movement" has suddenly appeared in comments to a video released by my good friend, Gregg, known as "pt1gard" in Seattle  (video link here)….. She had jumped on the bandwagon of Sandy Hook being a real event and even went on podcasts and other internet radio shows where she would laugh at those who rightfully called that mass shooting a fraud… Now she is "back-peddling" by claiming ignorance and trying to distance herself from her own actions…. It is so sad that it is pathetic… I challenged that person months back when she had the nerve to call myself and others "Cass Sunstein" operatives, and now she is also claiming ignorance to that fact as well….. I asked her in several comments to at least do the right thing and apologize for her actions and her insulting the rest of us, but she is standing firm, and again trying to claim that she never said that Sandy Hook was real but was only wanting to get all the facts before she passed judgment… That alone is so ridiculous considering she went out and actually laughed on air about how those who knew the "shooting" was a fraud were fools, agents, etc….. Honestly, I had hoped that others would also see how ridiculous and pathetic this person has become and finally wash their hands of her as well…. People such as this person should just disappear for they truly are agent provocateurs and agents of disinformation….

I had hoped that everyone would have seen my article that I put out over a week ago that shows clear evidence that the "riots" in Ferguson, Missouri, were well planned out with a very criminal hidden motive… Jim Stone over at Jim Stone Freelance ( brought the information about the real agenda of the Ferguson riots to my attention and the information is dynamite… It does appear that the riots were carefully orchestrated and conducted along one particular street in Ferguson for the purpose of having small businesses along the street looted and burned to the ground… These businesses were destroyed because they all have refused to sell and close shop to make room for a corporate run strip mall that was to be erected in their place… It is so pathetic when people finally do understand that these riots, shootings, and bombings ALL have some diabolical "hidden agendas" and I and others just wish that the American public in particular would finally understand that they are being played as fools…..

I have received some very strange comments from time to time and some outrageous insults as well… Many have been by the usual Sayanim/Hasbara/JIDF agents that come into my site and try to stir up trouble… They of course try to label me falsely with the usual "racist" or "antisemitism" which by this time those who know me to be a laugh…..I have never ever supported "racism"because I know that the terminology has been a fraud.   The same goes for "anti-semitism" because when these fools hurl that insult, I challenge them to prove that THEY themselves are actually "semitic"…. No shock here, because the majority of these Jewish agents that are stirring up trouble are actually Indo-Turkish Khazars with not one drop of Semitic blood in the whole lot… The real irony is that the true Semites are actually the Palestinians that they have stolen the land of Israel from and are right now trying to genocide out of existence.

Yes, there is much "racial tension" happening in both America and Europe right now, and to me it most definitely is being fomented and fuelled by Jewish criminal agents who are nothing more than "nation busters"….. Everyone sees right now the ridiculous "immigration laws" and the fraud of "multiculturalism" that is turning our nations into nothing but sewers of depravity.    BUT what most people do not understand is that the Jews themselves who are fuelling the frauds of immigration and multiculturalism in their host nations want nothing but "racial purity" in their stolen land of Israel itself! This is pure hypocrisy, and the facts are straight forward for anyone that just takes a bit of time and research…. We have the United States and Canada right now being flooded by immigrants both legal and illegal that is definitely watering down and destroying our societies….Few people know that these immigration policies that were first created in the 1960's are spearheaded primarily by Jewish groups and their lobbies…. The same goes for Europe where most western European nations are right now turning into multicultural sewers thanks to insane immigration laws as well….. BUT of course when we all look at what is happening in the criminal state of Israel, we have Jewish people demanding and getting action from their government to deport and rid their own country of all immigrants!  The recent sad episode of African workers and immigrants either deported or locked up in a large prison camp in the Negev Desert is definitive proof of how the Jews themselves support "immigration" into their psycho nation of Israel…. Yes, these criminals do believe that Israel should be a true "racial pure" Jewish state (which is a ridiculous lie considering Jews themselves are not a "race") and yet they push other nations to pollute their own population by allowing race mixing and immigration?   The stench of hypocrisy is overwhelming and this should be a wake up call for everyone who needs to see how truly diabolical and evil these criminals are….. And YES this idea of racial mixing to destroy their enemies is written in their own Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion just in case anyone wants further proof that the Protocols are definitely real….

The situation in Ukraine is indeed puzzling… Here we have the criminals in the US government continuing to prop up their proxy government in Kiev, that has lost all of its credibility with the Ukrainian people, by not only supplying them with money to keep them from going bankrupt, but now they are openly sending arms to Ukraine so that the Ukrainian army can go into the "rebel" eastern provinces and finally destroy the innocent people there… To me this is madness, and shows how truly evil the American leadership is that they would support genocide….. It is also a fact that the US is desperately trying to ramp up the conflict in Ukraine just to try to provoke Russia itself into entering the fight…. BUT, in spite of the American interference, we find the Ukrainian leadership wanting to sit down and talk to Russia directly to both end the conflict in eastern Ukraine and to strike deals to get much needed Russian energy supplies for Ukrainian citizens for this long cold winter….. Is the Kiev government wanting diplomacy, or do they want conflict?… Puzzling is an understatement….

I have been watching like everyone else as the world price of a barrel of Petroleum continues to tumble… What people need to understand is that this rapid decline (collapse?) of the price of Petroleum was at first created by the Saudi Arabians who definitely want to push all of the competition from "fracking" primarily in the United States, and even "oil sands" right here in Canada to collapse.   The fact is that the world is right now awash in Petroleum, and the Saudis have no problem with pushing the world price of Petroleum to well under $40 US a barrel…. They hope by that point that all competition to their Petroleum would cease to exist and then they would control the world oil markets and all pricing exclusively…. They know that oil "fracking" is a profitable and sustainable method of extraction only when the price is at least around $100 a barrel…. And the facts have come out here in Canada that extraction from Oil Sands in Alberta are only profitable and sustainable as long as the world price is above $80 a barrel….. What we have as of the end of last week is a world price of around $55 a barrel with the prospects of it going much much lower…. At this price, "fracking" and oil sand extraction are no longer sustainable businesses, and many corporations involved will either stop these practices or go into bankruptcy…….Yes, the Saudis are pushing the price down, and everyone is wondering how low it will go….

What is not being told about the collapse of the price of Petroleum is the fact that the United States government has been supporting this measure from the start because it is also being aimed directly at Russia itself… Russia has for a long time now been one of the world's largest exporters of Oil, and their Ruble is definitely supported by such exports… However, with the price falling, the Ruble itself has been taking a severe hit, with even some financial speculations claiming that Russia could even "default"…. But the Russians are no fools, and even now the Russian government has gone further to delink their currency from the US dollar and open up direct trade with other nations to circumvent the US dollar and this dangerous Petroleum price drop game…..Then we have the fact that the fall in the price of Petroleum is also crippling the already dying US dollar "Petro-Dollar" swindle.   Yes, the Petro-Dollar scam is finally coming to an end, and this latest collapse in the price of Petroleum is only accelerating its demise…..Few Americans understand that the fall in Petroleum prices, though nice for their average pocketbooks, will be felt shortly after the end of this Christmas season where the entire US economy could finally be in tatters thanks to nations no longer trading in US dollars for Petroleum.  I have said many times that the US economic collapse would be coming, and it does appear that the end could happen as soon as this January… 2015 will indeed be either a year of change or a year of disaster…..

I have spent the last while doing my annual Christmas shopping, and from what I have witnessed in some of the local malls does not paint a pretty picture for our economies… Yes, the malls were full of people, but yet few people were actually buying… It has gotten so bad that more and more retail stores have had to push for more frequent "pre-Christmas" sales just to attract business…..Even big box outlets here in Canada, such as Wal-Mart, Target, and even Costco, are feeling the pinch…. I again say to those who claim that the economy is somehow "recovering" to simply take a stroll down the shopping malls and see how well the economy is actually doing… From what I have witnessed, it is dismal and again shows that very rocky economic times are approaching……

One last thing before I go onto my "last minute tidbits", and that is of course the recent voting by the idiots and fools in the US Government to state that Russia is somehow to blame for all the "woes" in Ukraine…. I for one see this as beyond ludicrous and could indeed lead to an all out war against Russia itself… But like so many others, I need not remind the fools in the United States that they can not possibly win a war against the combined might of Russia (and most definitely China that would join with Russia if such a conflict started).   The United States no longer has the economy or the manufacturing capabilities to fight a successful war against Russia.   If these fools are crazy enough to start a war against Russia and its allies, they could quickly be fighting a losing battle and the war would indeed quickly turn nuclear…. I for one do not like the prospects of watching this world go to hell as some 5-6 billion people die in a nuclear conflagration, and I sure hope that people in the United States itself wake the fuck up (yes, I said it) and finally take back their country from these monsters…

OK, I figure I have ranted and droned enough by now… So on to my usual last minute tidbits to cover a few issues that I have missed in this rant……Reports are showing that the fraud "ISIS" is fully supported by the criminal state of Israel.  When will people wake up and realize that "ISIS" itself is a fraud and is funded and operated by the Mossad and the CIA?  I feel like a broken record at times when  I keep repeating that as fact…….I see the fraud European Union is at it again with ridiculous "sanctions" against Russia for their "annexation" of Crimea.  I need not repeat that Crimea voted overwhelmingly to re-integrate with Russia itself in a fair, legal, and binding referendum earlier this year.  Didn't the EU get that memo???……Yes, I caught all the comments and videos about Police officers in America infiltrating riot groups with their own agent provocateurs.  But this makes sense because the US Government wants to fuel all riots just to whip up the general public into a frenzy of destruction, just to have their excuses to impose their martial law on the nation and crack down further on the American people.  Sadly, most Americans are still lost in their drug/chemical induced la-la land………I see that massive Menorah was again put up in front of the White House in Washed-up-land (Washington) DC.  If Americans do not understand by now who controls their nation, just take a look at that ugly monstrosity and behold……I hope that everyone has noticed how the Ebola scare of a few months back has now fizzled.  Just like the Swine Flu scare of a few years back, it seems and as I and others have suspected.   It looks like back to the drawing board for the criminals behind the scare to get people to again take more deadly vaccines……The Fukushima nuclear disaster is still going as strong as ever, and yet there are almost zero reports anywhere in the Jew spew media?  Again, wars for Israel are always what matters the most……..Again, it just does not feel like Christmas this year, with few people saying "Merry Christmas".  I for one will not stop trying to give some good cheer to my fellow human beings in spite of the troubles on the horizon.  I try to keep the spirit of Christmas, meaning peace and good will to all men, alive and well…….Whitewraithe is finally back over at Pragmatic Witness with some new articles.  The lady has had serious family issues these last few weeks that have left her in bad depression.  Hopefully some readers here will go over there and at least send her some well wishes……My favourite team, Arsenal, won over Newcastle United yesterday, but it is still a long long way to even make the front 4 on the top of the table to qualify for Champions League play.  The Gunners have had many injuries at key positions, and yes it does appear a Premiere League championship for this year is a pipe dream……Weird weather here in Central Canada with temperatures above normal for the moment but expected to plunge to well below normal by the end of the week.  No signs of the ridiculous "Global Warming" that Saint Al of the Gore continues to preach though, with this winter still expected to be pretty brutal……And speaking of brutal, it is time again to close this rant with my usual shot at the great American family, the loveable Kardashian clan of trollops, skanks and misfits. It appears that the stupid tabloids are going gaga over skank Kim suddenly calling her own sister Khloe "fat".   Yes, this makes news, and considering thunder-butt Kim with her massive derriere, she does have a lot of nerve.  Believe it or not, this is again what Americans call news! Just wait until the US economy does go to hell, and we will see how much the average American actually cares about the Kardashians.

More to come



Anonymous said...

Well, f*ck me pink! Does their greed know no bounds?

What's next? They'll claim the waterfront on Toronto? Stanley park in Vancouver? All of the oil sands?

At this rate all we'll have left is the Stephen Harper landfill(s) which, no doubt, will be established all across this once great nation of ours!

Anonymous said...

The lies continue being promoted about Brown/Garner by fraud truth bloggers. They are NOT acknowledging Jim Stone's nor NTS' exposure of Ferguson. The race hatred/cop hatred is being pushed as hard as possible. The active protests in the US are being led by Communist activists and are being encouraged by Obama/Holder. As with the "occupy" protests, some bloggers were and are promoting Marxist ideology. Most Americans do not have a revolutionary culture as have many other countries due to the political horrors they have had to endure (mainly because of US gov't evils). It isn't because of drugged water, otherwise the Black population wouldn't be so easily led into violent uprisings. Only the Black population have been schooled in Marxist teachings and hatred for decades. Communist community organizers, teachers, religious leaders have kept them enslaved in anger TO SERVE THE JEWS' agenda. The NAACP was started and organized by Jews whose wealth and power are destroying America. The connection between Jewish power and Black empowerment are kept censored, but race hatred is heavily fueled.