Sunday, December 7, 2014

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, December 7th, 2014


Yes, it is December 7th, and time again for my weekly rant..

Today is of course the 73rd anniversary of the Japanese "surprise" attack on the American naval base at Pearl Harbor, Oahu, Hawaii…. But by now anyone with even a bit of intelligence knows that attack was absolutely not a "surprise" at all, but was a deliberate provocation by one of the most criminal Presidents of the United States, Franklin Delano Roosevelt…. As true historians have been discovering,  Roosevelt was a true criminal and a mass murderer responsible for some of the most heinous genocides imaginable.. And of course that maniac was directly responsible for the death of some 2400 innocent men and women that were intentionally sacrificed during the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor….

Well, what more can I say about the revelations about Sandy Hook as shown in that fabulous video entitled: "We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook"…. The video is astoundingly well done and gives some great damning evidence about the entire set up and how it has been used as the provocation to turn America into not only a police state, but to allow most American children to be subjected to horrific pharmaceuticals right in their own schools thanks to the criminal US government now wanting to conduct fraud "psychiatric evaluations" on every child in the American public school system… If there was no previous excuse for American parents to home school their children, the thought of having them found "mentally unbalanced" by quacks who call themselves psychiatrists should be the best reason now!

I will not go into any gloating or diatribe now about how I and others have been proven right about Sandy Hook as being a fraud operation as well as other "shootings" and "bombings" in America and elsewhere… Suffice to say that the evidence is crystal clear that only fools and morons or actual agent provocateurs are left now to try to call Sandy Hook as being real…. Sadly, there are indeed many in this fraud "truth movement" who swallowed the lies of agents who have done their dirty work in trying to wreck our efforts for exposing the truth.   Those fools have been in this "fight" for either personal glory, payment from criminal groups and the government, or are again just non-thinking trolls and misfits…..Sadly, they have hooked so many others and are unapologetic for their actions….. We all know who they are and again I need not go into a long list of those names.   It is time for readers to take shots at them directly by calling them out for their actions.  Many hopefully will disappear as a result….

When the racial tension at Ferguson Missouri was going on, I sensed that we were all being played as fools by agent provocateurs.   These agents wanted to whip up as much hatred as possible and many were responsible for creating the riots that we have seen so far…. However, many people are no longer fooled and luckily the tension has mostly died down….. As I have stated many times, the black community has been fooled by these agents of criminality because these agents want to use the blacks to cause a full blown race war right across America to give the US Government their excuse to impose martial law… If America ever fell under martial law, the first order of business by the criminals would have been the seizure of ALL weapons from the general public to prevent the citizens from exercising their 2nd amendment rights and defend themselves from these monsters…. It may yet come to that eventually, because the criminals in the US Government and the liars in the Jew spew media are still working in lockstep towards whipping the public into a frenzy of hatred.    Hopefully most Americans finally understand that they were, and are still being played as suckers….

I am still disgusted by all the liars in the Global Warming scam… Right now temperatures here in central Canada are well below normal with a very harsh and cold winter predicted… But this is not unexpected because I and others have been saying for years that our Sun, Sol has gone "quiet" and is entering what has been called another "Maunder Minimum" where diminished solar activity and the resultant low amount of solar radiation absorbed by this planet will mean longer and very cold winters for the next decade at least…..BUT in spite of the evidence of intense Global Cooling now here to stay, we find the Jew spew media outlets in lockstep with the Global Warming bozos in falsely claiming that this year has been "the warmest year on record"……. Honestly, I am sick of these lies and it all points to the idea of still striking fear into people that humans are the cause of this impending "heat disaster" and that we must do our utmost to "curb" carbon emissions…… It is a fact that with the criminal US President having failed at his nation wide health care scam called "Obamacare", he will not stop until he is able to get another tax imposed on the American public…. That taxation will of course be the new "Carbon Tax" that he and his criminal cabal of misfits in the US Government are wanting to impose on the gullible American people…..  Watch for that, and be warned…..

I see the ramp up for war on Syria is going strong while most peoples' attention is diverted elsewhere… Last week, Penny over at Penny For Your Thoughts caught onto an interesting article about how "sources" have now claimed that the fraud CIA/Mossad group known as "ISIS" had seized enough "nuclear material" to build a crude nuclear weapon or even a "dirty" bomb….. This is complete hogwash and to me an insult to anyone's intelligence… The fact of the matter is that the US planned assault on Syria has temporarily derailed thanks to everyone finally catching on to the truth about the fraud ISIS and how it is a fraud and a sham… However, the criminal US President and his Jewish masters have been looking for something to scare the public into supporting an escalation of the war and direct invasion of Syria, and they are hoping that people will believe this "nuclear weapon" bull crap…..Lets face the facts that the "air assault" has been a dismal failure and of course we still hear of zero reports of any "ISIS" casualties (can't go and kill Mossad/CIA agents) and instead we hear constant reports of real Syrian civilian casualties….. The bottom line is that the Israelis have commanded their US puppets a long time ago to destroy Syria and that destruction is long overdue… Watch over the next while as the Jew spew media comes up with even more lies about Syria in their vain attempt to convince the more skeptical American people that the destruction of that peaceful nation is somehow warranted…

Ukraine is heating up again with the reports this week of the US Government sending more weapons, this time openly, to the bankrupt regime in Kiev to be used on the so called "rebels" in the eastern provinces… Yes, the US wants to escalate the conflict in Ukraine with the insane hope that any escalation will finally draw neighbouring Russia into the conflict… On top of that, the US Government passed new motions in the US Congress condemning and vilifying Russia for its "aggression" in Ukraine itself… But the fact of the matter is that Russia has committed no acts of so called "aggression" and in fact has been trying to work with the Ukrainian leadership for a peaceful settlement to not only the conflict in Eastern Ukraine but to settle other matters including Russian natural gas and fuel shipments to Ukraine….. But we will never see the truth in the Jew spew media outlets as they are now bombarding any gullible fools that still watch their garbage with lies about Russian "aggression"….

Yes, the US is now desperate for a war, and in fact, any war across the globe to somehow save itself from the economic collapse that is happening right now…. I am surprised that nobody sees what is happening to the so called "Petro-Dollar" with the collapse of world wide Petroleum prices…. In a way, the US Government has been working with the Saudi Arabian government in driving down Petroleum prices in a ridiculous attempt to destroy the Russian Ruble, but that may backfire in the faces of the criminals running the United States… The Petro-Dollar scam has taken a major and almost critical hit due to the collapse of petroleum prices and the effect could basically bring the US economy to its knees…. More and more nations are now no longer trading in US dollars for any of their commodities including Petroleum and the ripple effect back in the United States could prove devastating…  I say to people to enjoy the relief from high gasoline prices because in the long run we could be seeing a repeat of the 2008 crisis except much much worse….

Again, the US is desperate for a war as an insane idea of alleviating the financial mess it is now in…. I am glad that more and more financial news sources have finally gotten wind of the ruinous Derivatives scam that could eventually implode the entire world economic system…. Few people understand the dangerous situation we are in, in regards to Derivatives…. We hear of the National Debt being in the neighbourhood of some 18 Trillion dollars, but that is peanuts compared to the Derivatives market where world wide Derivatives speculations amount to some 1.5 to 2 QUADRILLION dollars…..There is always the danger that if the US begins to go in the toilet, many of these Derivatives would become "exposed" and would accelerate that collapse…..I hope that I need not repeat what I said before about the 2008 financial collapse where the criminals responsible demanded the US Government bail them out or else these crooks would "expose" just a small amount of the Derivatives market to the tune of some 60 TRILLION dollars…. It is a fact that these criminals then had the US Government by the veritable balls and I can guarantee that they may again blackmail the government by calling for another bail out….. The insanity is of course that the US Government thinks that to avoid such a collapse they are looking for starting a world war.  Throughout history, wars have been used to drive nations out of depressions, and the criminals do hope that a new war would see history repeat itself with a sudden boost to their ailing economy……They care not that such a war could escalate into a global conflict with nuclear conflagration…. Billions of people dead just to satisfy criminals?

I concentrated on a few articles this last week talking about the criminality of the psychotic and insane state of Israel, and how the US Government has pledged its undying allegiance to that terrorist state by making those criminals a "strategic partner"….. To me, to make a true enemy of the United States, considering its attack on the USS Liberty and its genocide of American citizens on 911, a "strategic partner" is insanity…. This "strategic partnership" is absolutely a one sided affair where the scoundrels and murderers in Israel get everything they want from the gullible fools in the United States while giving absolutely nothing but pain and suffering in return….What a sweet deal!…...The American people do desperately need to wake up to the fact that their own government absolutely does not answer to them but only to their masters in Tel Aviv…. What is equally disgusting is the fact that the criminals in Israel have long said that once they have had enough of sucking the life out of America, they would simply allow it to just "blow away"…. It is too bad that due to the chemicalization and the fluoridation of the average American citizen, most are unaware that their very nation is absolutely not their own, but only a slave nation to a criminal foreign power…..

People have complained to me the last while that there have been few articles about what has been happening in my home country, Canada, over the last while…. Well, it appears that Jew spew idiot Prime Minister has not been saying much to stick his fat foot in his mouth.. However, there has been a bit of action on the international front where Canada was one of only 5 nations to vote against the UN resolution calling for the criminal state of Israel to give up its massive nuclear arsenal…. That shows again how the criminal government in Ottawa are nothing but Jew dick suckers (Yes, I said it..) and do not care about the Canadian people that actually had the nerve to elect them to public office…. (Ummmm..This does strangely sound like the situation in the United States as well)….. I will do my best to get any news about this Jewish occupied satellite nation called Canada out when and if it happens…..

Well, I guess that is enough for now…. I again ask that everyone take a good look at that latest Sandy Hook video because the scumbags behind the fraud are indeed trying desperately in having it removed before everyone sees it….. In the meantime, here are my usual last minute tidbits:   Yes, I saw the report that China is now the #1 economy on the planet, and that they actually passed the US a while ago.  I wonder how this sits with the American government and its unending ego of trying always to be #1?…..More nations are trying to buy physical gold bullion and I do wonder if their governments know the jig is up on the fraud world wide phoney money scheme and are trying to protect themselves during the impending crash?  Funny how the Jew spew news has kept this action by foreign nations out of the news………..Yes, the reports confirmed last week that Ukraine is "missing" some 90% (I would say 100%) of its own gold bullion reserves.  Lets get the facts straight in that within a few days of the regime taking over in Kiev back in March, ALL of the gold bullion was whisked out of the nation and is now sitting in a Rothschild bank.  Good luck to the Ukrainians trying to retrieve it, and many should rightfully be up in arms about this act by their own diabolical government…….Even MORE reports about the horrendous side effects from people taking poisonous vaccines.  People dying from these "injections" into their bodies and still the Pharmaceutical industry continues to promote the lies about people needing to be vaccinated.  When will people learn that the best course is to NOT take a vaccine, period, end of story…….Here is an amazing tidbit. Supposedly more Americans bought guns than Talmudvisions on "Black Friday".   I wonder if this means that more Americans are finally waking up and are preparing for trouble ahead?…………President Barry Soetoro/Davis/Obama has fired Chuck Hagel as Defense Secretary and has hired a real Israeli butt kisser, Ashton Carter, in his place.   Yes, America is in trouble and the new Defense Secretary will do anything and everything Israel demands.  This is why there is a danger that the war on Iran may soon be back on the table……..Yes, I have seen reports where the criminal Jews are still trying to get their hero Jonathan Pollard, released from jail for his treason against the United States.  I say the bastard should rot in jail for the rest of his sorry life and the criminal Jews are just lucky that the US has not hanged him for his treason!…..Russia Today puts out report that North Korea has called the US the dirtiest word imaginable, an "Empire".  To me, the American people need to wake up and see the truth that the US has been an empire for decades but is now in steep decline.  It is time for them to restore the Republic and end the criminality of their own government……..I will not go into reports about the "choke hold" incident in New York, because just like Ferguson, someone is blowing this way out of proportion and is trying to incite racial violence again……..Whitewraithe is alive and well, and she will be back soon.  Family issues have drawn her attention away from her blog and articles as they do come first and foremost……. I am disappointed that Arsenal Gunners lost yesterday to the Stoke City Potters 3-2 in Premiere League action.  Yes, it will be a very long year for the Gunners…. I am surprised that the Jew spew media outlet liars continue to promote the insane notion that the economy is "improving" when I see the reports that Sears America is going to shut down more stores to avoid bankruptcy.  It will be a very harsh Christmas this year for both retailers and consumers indeed………And finally, what everyone always waits for, my report on  America's greatest family, the fun loving Kardashians.  The paparazzi has been all over speculation and rumours that the marriage between my favourite skank and trollop, Kim, and her husband Kanye West is on the rocks and that a divorce is imminent.  Honestly, this is the usual crap report that Americans just love to hear in their minuscule brains, and a diversion away from the fact that their nation is absolutely going to heck.  But again, America just loves their Kardashians and their ludicrous antics.

More to come


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Not just a race war, a Communist, Black race-based overthrow of what is left of America's Constitution-based government.
The Divider In Chief – President Obama Calls America A “Deeply Rooted” Racist Nation….
Posted on December 7, 2014 by sundance
Obama sees violence of the masses as his ally in seeking a fundamental change in the American political-legal system, which he hopes to pursue in stages. He’s well skilled in the dark Alinsky arts of organizing to pull this off.
Just as Obamacare’s structural failure was intentional insofar as the goal us ultimately that it would be replaced by single-payer, Obama also wants the current legal system to fail because he wants it to be replaced by one of revolutionary socialism, in which ultimately elections are unimportant.
Racism is both hammer and wedge, sword and shield.