Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Here We Go With More ISIS Bullshit.... Reports Claim (CIA/Mossad Run) ISIS Has Built A "Nuclear Weapon" From Stolen Radioactive Material

I knew this would eventually happen... The United States and the criminal and psychotic state of Israel have been running their fraud "ISIS" operation in the Middle East for the last year at least with the ultimate goal of having the peaceful nation of Syria destroyed... However, up until this time their fraud "ISIS" has not garnered the fear around the world that it was supposed to project as more and more people are finally in on the scam and are calling it for what it is... A Mossad/CIA invented group for the purpose of having a convenient boogeyman for more nations to be destroyed in the Middle East.....But now, it appears that the world Jew spew press has something new to try to strike fear into the gullible saps that still listen to their garbage....They are (falsely) claiming that ISIS now has obtained a "nuclear weapon"!

Right now, I want to present the following very important article that comes from a fellow Canadian truth seeker, "Penny" who writes the great blog "Penny For Your Thoughts" at   The article is entitled: "ISIS Dirty Bomb/Nuclear Weapon.  Obama's Justification For War Expansion", and I have it right here for all of my own readers to read for themselves... I have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

ISIS. Dirty Bomb/Nuclear Weapon. Obama's justification for war expansion

Today's news:

Does ISIS Have A Nuclear Weapon? Islamic State Supporter Claims Militants Have Dirty Bomb

Islamic State group has reportedly developed a nuclear weapon made from radioactive material stolen from an Iraqi university, according to a militant who claims insider knowledge. Hamayun Tariq, a British ISIS member now based in Syria, claimed on social media that the group obtained the uranium from Mosul University and now possesses a “dirty bomb” that it is now considering detonating in a public area. 
If true, this would confirm fears voiced by Iraq’s United Nations ambassador back in July following the seizure of 40 kilograms of uranium compounds from Mosul University
 The claims by Tariq, who now goes by the nom de guerre Muslim al-Britani, were first reported by the U.K. newspaper the Mirror, which also reported that militants were boasting about the damage such a weapon could cause if detonated in London. Tariq has reportedly had his British passport canceled by the U.K. Home Office, according to the Mirror.

Recall this post from November 17/2014?

Obama "Would Order" US troops into Combat if ISIS Got Nuclear Weapons

 Why on earth would Obama make such an absurd statement unless the masses are being set up for some sort of perception managed psychological operation, that has yet to be unleashed? 
When one reads what Obama says.... he set the bar low. I mean quite low.
ISIS won't have to use a weapon. 
It just has to be alleged that ISIS possesses some sort of nuclear weapon
If that doesn't shriek, any excuse for Obama to expand this war, I don't know what else would?
Here's the news-
President Obama has been unwavering and definitive in declaring he will not deploy U.S. ground troops into combat to fight ISIS militants. Period. (We know that's bogus and that troops are covertly on the ground,but, let's go with the lies for the moment)
But for the first time since the start of then anti-ISIS offensive dubbed Operation Inherent Resolve, the president volunteered a scenario which he said would change his mind.
“If we discovered that [ISIS] had gotten possession of a nuclear weapon, and we had to run an operation to get it out of their hands, then, yes,” the president told reporters at a news conference in Brisbane, Australia, on Sunday. “I would order it.”

NTS Notes:  I am absolutely not shocked by this report, and it shows that these criminals are indeed desperate to ratchet up their nice little war in the Middle East that is absolutely aimed at Syria....

You really have to love the report from the Jew spew media... ISIS is in possession of a nuclear weapon "according to a militant that claims insider knowledge" ... This to me is ridiculous and not credible at all....If this "militant" actually does exist, I smell Mossad or Israel at work here again spewing false information....

The ambiguity about whether or not "ISIS" is actually in possession of a nuclear device is done on purpose just to cover the liars in the media just in case they are in error...But they are hoping that the gullible and stupid people who read their ridiculous and untruthful reports are not bright enough to understand that this "ISIS nuclear weapon" is only an ASSUMPTION!

Yes, Penny is absolutely spot on in terms of the fact that this latest "ISIS" threat is exactly what the criminal US President needs as his excuse to ramp up the war in the Middle East and commit the US to the full destruction of the peaceful nation of Syria..... I just hope that the American people themselves realize that they again are being played the fools....

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