Saturday, December 6, 2014

Film: "We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook" Exposes The United States As A Deeply Subverted Nation!

I am a troubled truth seeker these days… At the beginning of last week, I put up here the most important video yet produced by independent researchers that exposes the truth about the Sandy Hook operation of December 14th, 2012 for everyone to see for themselves… My article about that film is here….. Since the release of that video via both Youtube and Vimeo, some dastardly trolls and conmen have been doing their worse at trying to suppress this video and to have it removed… Obviously, the truth about Sandy Hook cannot be seen by the American public to these criminals, and they have been trying desperate measures such as claiming "copyright infringements" and other methods to try to have the videos removed…..These acts have only done one thing, and that is to create even MORE interest in these videos and has caused the videos to go ballistic everywhere… In all honesty, the trolls and scoundrels would have been better to just leave the videos alone because their actions have done the opposite of what they wanted and that is to garner more interest in them!

I came across a very important article just the other day that I want to share with my own readers.. THe article is written by a fellow Canadian, Henry Makow from his website: (Yes, he is Jewish, but there are indeed some Jews out there that are willing to dissect the criminality of their own tribe), and is entitled: "Sandy Hook Film Exposes A Deeply Subverted Nation" and is a must read by anyone who wants to understand the truth about the Sandy Hook scam and operation..  I have the link to Henry's article right here for everyone to view for themselves, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  Again, I do not side with Henry Makow from time to time considering he focuses on the "Satanic" psychotic part of Judaism… I have long understood that the trouble is not a "part" of the sick Judaic religion, but the ENTIRE religion and its followers!  But I will give credit where credit is due, and this article is absolute dynamite!

The fact is that Sandy Hook has now been exposed fully as a crime against the American public and a crime against the entire world as well…. The criminals involved took years to set up and launch the operation and they had the full support and help of both the US Government and the liars in the media as well….. This shows that the true danger and enemies of the American people are not foreign powers but their own government and media!

And again, for all those trolls, misfits, clowns, and liars in the "alternative" media that have had the nerve to consider themselves as "leaders" in this fraud truth movement, I look at you all in disgust now...  You all have had the nerve to call myself and others "liars" and "agents" and have had the nerve to laugh it up with nothing but insults on your BS shows when it comes to the Sandy Hook scam… You are all disgraceful and are nothing more than laughable idiots….You all are the real agents of disinformation yourselves and have done enough damage to the efforts of real truth seekers…But now people are on to your antics and your crimes… It is long past the time for apologies for the damage you have incurred, and again you have been outed and people are no longer fooled…. We know who you are (I refuse to name names, but will give the initials here of a few of the major trolls: MG, DS, MCP, KJ) and people are no longer fooled…. It is time for all of you to go running off with your tails between your legs and to simply disappear..

Exposing the fraud of the Sandy Hook operation is indeed a victory for people who use critical thinking skills and who are pursuant of the real truth… But the battle rages on for the minds of everyone, for I can guarantee the criminals will continue with these fraud shootings until people everywhere wake up and say enough is enough…

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Anonymous said...

When i went to read the article I could see the video was removed by jewtube so i clicked on the link for
another website that posted the video and got a "threat detection warning" from my anti virus! Be careful! They're using ALL the dirty tricks to stop this info from getting out.

Anonymous said...

so it is true that the BAD FAITH religion is truly BAD...

what are the odds

there are still some gullible goy
who watch an addiction

of course once the cult member finds out the truth about the stool sculpture deity of the BAD FAITH RELIGION....
THEY could come out



RickB said...

Visible's recent article, Racing Down the highway in Stolen Cars, is in a similar vain to Makow's. It is an excellent commentary on the times we are living today. I will soon be posting it on my blog.

From his article (below), which truth activist clown do you think fits the description of someone so vain, shallow and naive that he/she doesn't see that he/she is vulnerable to self deception and corruption?

From the article: There is an insidious shadow afoot, with an intensity unlike any other time, in its now, near universal presence. Everywhere that there is anyone with pretensions of integrity, this shadow is looking for a way in and more often than not it finds a way in. Most people can’t handle power. They think they can, until the get behind the wheel. You always hear them say that they wouldn't be like all those other people if they had that kind of money, or they won’t be like that when they get their money but… they do and they are.

There’s a power in money. There are varieties of power in all of the things that people covet and their ideas of themselves, fore and aft of the possession of these things, are not the same at all; not at all. It takes a superior sense of command to be stronger than certain archetypal temporal forces. Unless you have command over yourself… something will.

I am by no means the smartest or strongest guy on the planet but at least I know what I’m up against and how to stay out of the riptides. I have watched people in their bravado head into conditions and situations more powerful than they were. You can’t argue with them and it appears there is no other way for them to learn and sometimes they still don’t learn, chalking their failure up to one thing or another besides themselves; given that they survive the event. One of the greatest liabilities anyone can carry about with them is the failure to admit they are wrong. The ability to turn back and go another way, when you have been shown you are going the wrong way, is a marvelous asset. The inability to is a liability.

Reminds me of the expression: If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Rick.. Several people we know fit that description... Especially the midget man from Idaho behind the "TUTenkamen" website...

Egotists, and trolls... It seems they can be put into either of those groups..