Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Australian Shooting HOAX! Wake Up Australia, You Are Being Conned!

The so called "shooting" in Sydney Australia at that "Lindt Chocolate Cafe" (That alone makes me laugh) is over, and it is time to call this for what it really is... A massive fraud and hoax!   I have been pouring over so much material over the last two days, and there has been additional information coming via my comment section, and I can definitely call this fraud for what it is... A massive hoax and con game on the Australian people....

For this article, I want to present some interesting material that I have come across for everyone to see and hear.... First, I want to present the link to a fabulous roundtable episode from "FreeRadioRevolution" where he and a panel of people who have exposed so many of the other hoaxes that have been perpetrated discuss this latest fraud in Sydney Australia.... It is an excellent program, and worth the listen:


Next, I want to present the following very important article from a fellow real truth seeker, Aangirfan, at www.aanirfan.blogspot.com, that shows some clear evidence that the "shooter" in this fraud Australian shooting was actually JEWISH! (Imagine my shock!).... Here is that article for everyone to see for themselves here:

Tuesday, 16 December 2014


Haron Monis (above) was the typical Islamist.

He loved western society, he loved sex and violence and he promoted the propaganda of the CIA and its friends.

And he was Jewish, reportedly.

In 2009, he was outed as a bogus Islamic cleric by Moslem scholars.

Jews in Iran

Haron Monis, originally called Manteghi Bourjerdi, may still be alive, unless he was a mind-controlled patsy.

Manteghi Bourjerdi, may have links to Borujerd (or Bourjerd) in Iran.

The people of Borujerd speak mostly the Borujerdi dialect, which is "to high degree affected by the specific accent common among the Jewish population of Borujerd."

Judah Monis (1683 – April 25, 1764)[1] was North America's first college instructor of the Hebrew language.


The Sydney Siege was a classic CIA/Mossad/Australian Security Intelligence Organisation inside job.

Haron Monis was 'out on bail' in spite of being linked to murder and various other serious crimes.

Haron Monis recently 'converted to Sunni Islam' and became a supporter of the CIA's ISIS.

He spouted slogans designed to discredit Moslems.

NTS Notes:  There are so many things WRONG with this "Sydney shooting" that makes the whole thing stink to high heaven.... One factor that I came across that had my head scratching was the report that the Sydney police involved in the "storming" of the cafe entered the cafe first, and THEN after entering, threw in a few stun grenades (?)  To me this is illogical and throws the whole affair out the door since the proper usage of stun grenades would be to toss them in BEFORE actually storming the premises.....

Then there is also the interesting facts about this "terrorist" and how the Jew spew media was first wanting to label the man as BOTH an Iranian "terrorist" AND a member of "ISIS".... But knowing how much we all know by now that "ISIS" itself is as phoney as a $3 bill, and that "ISIS" itself is controlled, financed, and run by agents of the Mossad and CIA leads clearly to this "shooting" as a staged event using the usual crisis actors...

Is it also not convenient that this "attack" happens right across from the Channel 7 news building in the heart of Sydney, and that the cafe is located right around the major financial headquarters in Sydney itself?  A coincidence?  I think not....

What we have here is exactly as I suspected in my previous report... A complete BS false flag attack just to stir up the Australian people to support their own criminal government under that slime ball, Tony Abbott, and to convince the Australian people that something has to be done about "terrorism" and especially the fraud called "ISIS"....

Wake up, Australia... You are being conned......

More to come



Anonymous said...

I completely agree it was staged. The only question I have is about Katrina Dawson. She seems to have been who they say she was. She has a profile page at the office where she worked and the school she went to commented about her own daughter going there. Do you know how they "stage" these deaths (ie we never saw images of them on stretchers nor is there any proper detail about what happened to Katrina). Yet if she's a real person from the family she comes from and with three kids, how does that work if nobody actually got killed?

Anonymous said...

And just wait for the usual barrage of epithets.

If he's a "Mooslim" then he's a terrorist.

But if he's Jewish, then your an "Anti-Semite" (whatever the f*ck that means anymore) for pointing that out!

Anonymous said...


Ed Chiarini Info is both provocative and revealing even though he is not liked very well for his exposure of them you know who the fakes. I learned a lot about the actor based BS reality we seem to be immersed in 24/7. I back Ed and support him since he says what's on his mind, I may not always agree with him and told him I integrate his info into mine and draw my own conclusion, we all have to do that since that is the only way I or those who think for themselves can discover genuine truth and not the fake BS 24/7 done by the fake ones. He basically told me Yelp was his reply. Since what Ed states is nothing but a Drill and free footage captured by the fake media to tell the stupid public it is real but it is all BS 24/7. They always do these DHS funded drill for the fake stuff and fake media films it as can footage to be used to BS the masses. Even a FB user spotted the DHS logo emblazed into the side of the stretcher they were used in these drills for the purpose of deceiving you.

Anonymous said...

Jim Stone has it nailed again as a FRAUD/HOAX. Let's watch and see which fake truthers don't follow up with this info either.

Stephan said...

'Do you know how they "stage" these the deaths ..."

Remember the death of Ben Zygier, we saw images of the tombstone from every possible angle, so the entire press was there, but we saw not one picture showing a funeral society. I think these assets either start a new job or retire into a new life.

Anonymous said...

Wheres her husband