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Australian Shooting HOAX: BUSTED!!! The So Called "Arab Terrorist Gun Man" Was Not Even There! (Updated)

Australia, you are right now being so screwed over... The criminals behind the fraud Sydney shooting that just occurred are right now working with both your criminal government and your own Jew spew media in LYING to every one of you!   That Sydney "shooting" was so phoney, and has all the earmarks of definitely being a planned operation just to scare the people of Australia into supporting the fraud war against "ISIS"!

I had put up previous articles about this fraud that have already shown clear evidence that the shooting is a scam... But now I want to present some fabulous evidence that comes from Jim Stone, over at Jim Stone Freelance (www.jimstonefreelance.com) that shows that the supposed shooter, named "Man Haron Monis" (where do they come up with these laughable names?) was NOT in the Lindt Chocolate Cafe at all!   I have Jim's article right here, and I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Dec 15 2014


Man Haron Monis was NOT THERE! got more Sydney discoveries? Put them on the Forum!

Here is your hostage taker folks:


Someone put up signs during the event that said DECEPTION, FRAUDULENT! Holy cow!

Quotes from Australia regarding Sydney

These are quotes from readers of this web site that show what aware Australians noticed about the "ISIS" event in Sydney:

Media coverage so excessive it made unaware people question what was going on: "I live in Australia and the media coverage was off the charts. Talk about psychic driving a message. All day and all night on every channel, images shown of a cafe with reflections in the glass of a Muslim flag and people with their arms up. Even my relatives who are not awake to the evils of the NWO were questioning the rationality of the constant coverage. All of the politicians stood up and did their speeches. The next morning the news casters were wearing black and white and were speaking in a caring tone as if they were at a funeral. I wonder what the psychological impact will be on the city of Sydney's massive coffee culture?" - -
"Maybe the standard war propaganda psychology for the 7.125 billion earthlings not reading this forum should work by generating hatred by seeing an Islamic sign above the word Christmas."
- - "I'm in Melbourne and I have no doubt this operation was controlled from ASIS/Australian Secret Intelligence Service through and through. This nonsense was definitely no where near as good as port Arthur where our country was disarmed through a national buy back program and the sheeple gave up their guns. 410,000 guns were bought back and destroyed and an intellectually challenged patsy who was subjected to MK ultra brainwashing took the fall. As for this one I hope next time the donkey kicking ISIS scumbags set up a psyop maybe they will spend more than a dollar fifty on it and get it right next time."

Got more Sydney discoveries? Put them on the Forum

Comments about Sydney

It has to be a hoax, but they did have their cover story. First for the hoax part - I received lots of input from readers on this one, and one glaring problem with the entire scene was the fact that the police threw stun grenades (a large number of them) after they entered the chocolate shop. That makes no sense at all, stun grenades are always thrown before entering. Why were no cops knocked out by their own grenades? To the best of my knowledge there were no cops knocked out by this. That says hoax, there are two types of stun grenades, one makes a loud pop and is for practice, the other is an actual weapon. Both would look good for the cameras. What gives with that?

Another big glaring issue is how the cameras got better shooting angles than the police. That was very odd.
They had the cover story - that this guy was a sexual predator with tons of stuff on his record and he was out on probation/parole, WHATEVER. BIG PROBLEM - this does not fit the image of "radical Muslim Cleric" that they tried to present, such types have squeaky clean behavior no matter what lies the ziopress spins and that is a gaping hole in this entire charade. I guess when liars lie they go for the intellectual bottom feeders who think things like "Islamic cleric" and sexual predator go hand and hand, but it is a cold hard fact that they do not. That is a massive gaping wound in this story.

Probable reality? If this was real, it was a brainless patsy with a long record that was set up to do this. In prison or wherever he was prior, it would be a prime time to brainwash the living * out of him with drugs, flashing lights, the whole 9 yards and then release him with him thinking he was a cleric on a mission. If anything fits, THAT is what fits. If anything happened at all, that is where the chips lay as far as I see it, HOW ELSE could "Isis" show up and then need a flag? None of it makes sense, it all matches the profile of a mentally handicapped man on a brain wash mission.

*Important Update,  December 16th, 2014:  This was added to Jim Stone's article and shows more proof that this "Man Haron Monis" (Again, you really have to love the phoney names these criminals come up with!) never even existed, and we are dealing with either a "spook" or a completely fictional character being used to play the role of the "terrorist" here...Here is that update:

Dec 15 2014


If you search Google images for Man Haron Monis, there appear to be different people playing the part. The faces are not all good matches for each other which in my opinion needs an explanation. Remember that with Osama we got many variants, one real, the rest all actors. In looking over the photos of Man Haron Monis, it appears that the same may be true of him as well, and if he is a fiction played by several people it needs to be made known. 
Here are some different photos of the "same guy". Something is amiss, for example, why is his beard totally gray in the top photo and black in all the others? Why is the face so different? We saw this type of difference with the fake Osamas. All from Sydney are reasonably recent photos, how could the beard be gray in the top one? Heck, I think I will post that comparison photo again, because I think with a google image search I answered why the top photo looks like one of the photos of this guy - there may be several actors here.

Take a look at these photos, and then the final comparison. Are we dealing with actors and a fiction as bad as Osama getting buried at sea? It would not be the first time.

Here is the original comparison. Something looks fishy to me.

NTS Notes:  The scumbags behind this fraud shooting are now so busted....The claimed shooter "Man Haron Monis" was obviously not there and most probably is an invention, much like the equally infamous "Adam Lanza" of the fraud Sandy Hook shooting of over 2 years ago!

It is so laughable that these criminals cannot get their "shooters" right for these operations... Every time they try these sick crimes against humanity, something always gives them away... It is just too bad that most of the dumb ass sheep out there will swallow this bullshit....

Again, Australia, wake the hell up and see what is happening... You are being deceived and being fooled by your own criminal government and Jewish controlled media.... This Sydney cafe "shooting" is a complete hoax and a scam!

More to come


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