Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Shooting At The Jerusalem Religious Seminary: Are We Dealing With Another Hoax?

Yes, the Jew spew media is at it again.. Going absolutely hog wild the last few days with outlandish reports about a "Palestinian Terrorist" who went into a Jewish religious Seminary in Jerusalem a few days ago and proceeded to "kill" 4 American (what are the odds?) rabbis in cold blood using an axe (?), knives, and a pistol.... The Jew spew media has been pumping out picture after picture and report after report about this shooting for the last two days making it look that no other report from anywhere else in the world matters when it comes to the most cherished and evil "chosen ones"....

But something just has not seemed right with this "shooting" in Jerusalem... Too many holes in the "official" story which has led me to believe that we are dealing with another fraud killing in Israel with the sole aim of vilifying the Palestinians... The timing is just too perfect considering how the world has been turning against the criminal and psychotic state of Israel after its massacre of innocent people in their recent Gaza assault... The criminal Jewish leadership in that psycho state has long needed something to again garner sympathy for the "poor Jews" and this shooting is just too perfect in its timing!

Well, I may indeed be correct in my assumptions that this Jerusalem "shooting" may indeed be a false flag operation and another massive hoax... For according to the following report from the No Disinfo website, at, it appears that the Jerusalem Seminary shooting is indeed a massive fraud!  Here is that important report for everyone to read for themselves, and I do of course have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Shooting at Jerusalem Religious Seminary is an Arch-Zionist Hoax


The filthy, hedonistic, arch-Zionist Jews are at it again, faking yet another massacre of Jews. How perfect for the solicitation of the plot; it was Americans and one British subject who were killed (although this is fake). It is yet another arch-Zionist plot to create indignation against the people of Islaam, all in order to achieve material gains, the gains of conquest and subjugation.

The rabbis said it happened and that they really did hear shots, multiples of them. Look at the false rabbi in the white and blue garb. As he speaks from the corner of the mouth he can’t help himself; he smiles and smirks. While he does so the other rabbi reveals himself, nervously scratching and itching his face.
It was six-shooters and meat cleavers this time, and like the youth kidnapping hoax the ‘perpetrators’ were relatively young Palestinians. Here is a presumed gunshot victim. Really, he was shot at close range with a gun and he is up, running around, running down the steps? Where is the wound site? Why is there no evidence of an exit wound and/or laceration?
If he was bleeding this badly, where is the bloody mess that would be expected in his path? Where is the arterial spurting and splattering? There is red coloring on the steps. WHERE IS THE BRIGHT RED ARTERIAL BLOOD? Too, how in the world could he running around after sustaining what appears to be two gunshot wounds, including one in the upper chest?

Yet, what is seen when looking at the upper steps and, particularly, the platform? Incredibly, no blood is seen. How could he just bleed on the steps just posterior to him?

There is not a drop of red coloring matter (tempura paint, water-soluble) on that platform, which is a physical impossibility. Therefore, the picture of the blood-stained rabbi was staged. Someone merely poured paint on the Zionist, also drizzling a bit more on the steps. By no means was the man shot or hacked at with a meat cleaver. That is all stated to demonize the Palestinians and make them appear sub-human.

More smiling, smirking Zionists

In hoax law little is needed to prove the fraud. With Zionist involvement at the level of crisis actors all that is needed is one supercilious facial expression, one smirk, one laugh, one inane smile:

jerusalemhoax2 jerusalemhoax4
The rabbi appears to be ducking and hiding, just as a good Zionist mole should. Even so, how could he smirk and smile in view of the ‘consequences,’ which include the murder of rabbinical scholars as well as the spilling of blood all over the sacred books of Judaism?
By no means is this real blood. Notice how it separates at the top of the screen capture, where the cloth or linen has absorbed the components. Make no mistake about it this is fake blood, which is water soluble which., therefore, separates readily.

In fact, there is major separation as the paint components diffuse through the cloth.
The Zionists desecrated their own divine book. This is paint; there is no way this is actual arterial blood. Look closely: it’s painted on. Too, it looks like the Zionists created a kind of monstrous joke, where a large reptile is swallowing the head of a defenseless person. It is as if the painter purposely made an image of T-Rex, teeth included, attempting to swallow a human head.

It’s a lie a hoax. All the people who claim it as true are arch-Zionist terminal fraudsters. It’s a childish, though treacherous, Zionist-orchestrated hoax. Let anyone prove otherwise.

To be updated as soon as possible.

NTS Notes:  I hate to say that we are dealing with another hoax, but considering what we have seen already with the fraud Sandy Hook shooting, the fraud Boston Marathon bombing, the fraud London 'shooting', the fraud Kenyan mall "shooting", this Jerusalem "shooting" would only follow the same pattern.....

We have already witnessed the fraud killing of "3 Israeli youths" a few months back that gave the psychos in Israel their excuse to go into the Gaza strip to massacre at least 100000 people ( the 2100 reported deaths is a farce).... I suspect that the psycho leadership in Israel will now use this false flag fraud shooting in Jerusalem to again vilify the Palestinians and give them another excuse to brutalize the entire Palestinian people and steal even more of their land...

If there are any follow up reports to this interesting article from No Disinfo, I will post them here... Stay tuned..

More to come



Anonymous said...

Israelis are army trained and always carry guns, especially around Palestinians. Can't believe that two Palestinians just walked in. They would have been seen and stopped at once with bullets.
This information may be the basis for why the Jerusalem synagogue attack could have been orchestrated by Netanyahu's criminal government. One reason is to keep UN investigators from getting into Gaza and witnessing what Israel has done there. The second reason is to have a reason to forcibly remove Palestinians from the West Bank and into Gaza.

Netanyahu tries to deport Arab-Jerusalemites to Gaza
Friday, 07 November 2014 12:44
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu seeks to move Arab Jerusalemites to the Gaza Strip to reduce tensions in the occupied city, an Israeli newspaper has claimed.
According to Yedioth Ahronoth, during an emergency meeting held by Netanyahu on Wednesday evening, there was a feeling that a "new and effective security operation" should be embarked upon, "something that changes the rules of the game at once, otherwise we will enter into an Intifada". They agreed that "what doesn't succeed using force, succeeds using greater force!"

Hamas slams Israel for stopping UN probe team
Israel News.Net Monday 17th November, 2014
The Islamic Hamas movement Monday slammed Israel for not allowing the UN inquiry committee to reach Gaza to probe the results of the latest Israeli offensive on the Gaza Strip.

Shooting Attack in Occupied Jerusalem Synagogue Kills Five Israelis
18-11-2014 - 08:53
The shooting, which was executed by two Palestinians, occurred on Shimon Agassi St. on Tuesday morning. The two attackers were reportedly martyred at the scene by police, with a third possibly in the area.
Netanyahu vows to 'win battle for Jerusalem' post synagogue attack
Israel News.Net Wednesday 19th November, 2014
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has pledged to win "a battle for Jerusalem" following a deadly attack on a synagogue.
Netanyahu warned that he will "settle the score" with every terrorist and added that all those who want to uproot the Israelis from their state and capital will not succeed, reported the BBC.

Anonymous said...

I want to add more info about this, and why it is important:
"Netanyahu tries to deport Arab-Jerusalemites to Gaza"

RE/MAX Cashes in on Israel’s Illegal Settlements
by Medea Benjamin / November 17th, 2014
"The Israeli government’s recent announcement that it had authorized the building of another 1,000 settlement homes in East Jerusalem left the US government seeing red, with State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki calling the settlement activity “illegitimate” and “incompatible with the pursuit of peace.” But the announcement must have left the US-based real estate giant RE/MAX “seeing green,” ready to cash in on the sale and rental of more illegal settlement homes."

"But here is the problem. RE/MAX Israel sells properties that are not only in Israel proper, but are also in occupied Palestinian lands of the West Bank. While Palestinian homes and olive groves are bulldozed to make way for new settlements, Israeli RE/MAX agents are doing business in all the major West Bank settlements, . . . ."
"The Fourth Geneva Convention (Article 49) prohibits an occupying power from transferring citizens from its own territory to occupied territory. There are now over 500,000 Jewish settlers living the West Bank in violation of international law. "

"While Palestinians slip even deeper into poverty, Israel’s real estate industry is booming. But Bernard Raskin, a Zimbabwe-born former academic from South Africa who sits atop RE/MAX Israel’s empire, laments the limited supply of land in this small country. He says that Israel’s real estate market is suffering from a severe shortage of housing stock available for purchase. That’s where the further expansion of illegal settlements comes in."

Anonymous said...

totally spot on excellent points

and as an aside,
consider how much Moolah/dinero/ clams/bucks money/FRN's the ZIONIST "Hollywood" movie moguls
have managed to lure away from the braindeadgoy in movies and Talmud Vision...
since the USS LIBERTY ?

they don't call them goy braindead for nuthin...

excellent reporting, and analysis