Friday, November 21, 2014

The Sandy Hook Shooting FRAUD: Great New Interview With Wolfgang Halbig - Where The Investigation Into That HOAX Stands Today!

I came under fire last weekend where in my Sunday rant I again emphasized that everything now points clearly to the fact that the Sandy Hook shooting of December 14th, 2012 was indeed a massive operation and a total fraud…. It is so shocking that I received the usual comments from trolls and misfits that are still trying to claim that Sandy Hook was somehow "real"… To them, I state again that they need to either get a life, or to decide if they want to continue to be agents of lies and deceit…..

I, like everyone else, has been wondering what happened to Wolfgang Halbig and where the investigation into the fraud of Sandy Hook stands as of today?  Well, to help answer that question, I want to present a very important video from Youtube user: Professor Doom 1, where he has an amazing interview with Wolfgang that occurred just a few days ago….. Here is that video for everyone to see for themselves, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  Honestly, I do believe that the US Government and the other criminals responsible for the Sandy Hook operation want to drag this thing on hoping that the American people with their short attention spans will just allow it to "go away"… They hope that the investigations fizzle and nothing gets done to the criminals and the crisis actors involved in the scam!

The fact is that we must not allow the investigation into Sandy Hook to "disappear"… Too many people have been suckered in by that fraud operation and the criminals in the US government have used it to create a draconian situation of fear and surveillance in the American public school system…That and the clownish crisis actors who have passed them off as "parents" and "siblings" of the non-existent victims have made out like bandits from the fraud operation and they should be brought to justice for their outright lies on the American public…

The investigation into Sandy Hook continues, now almost 2 full years since the operation took place.. It is so important to everyone, especially the people living in America, that we do not allow these scoundrels to get away with this crime….. True justice and exposure of the lies for everyone to see is tantamount…

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RickB said...

Failed musician/landscaper (i.e. lawnmower operator) Mark Glenn proves he's not completely tone deaf as he bypasses an opportunity to post recent jewish mainstream conditioning stories on Newton and Adam Lanza at TUTland.

Barney said...

My thinking on the "Adam Lanza" image is that it isn't even a photograph, but a bad painting along the lines of "the scream", which suggests to me that he didn't exist, even as a crisis actor.

It was suggested during the main part of the video that the town could be entirely government owned, a permanent set perhaps, and the split-screen video "tacked on" to the end shows a sloping pole in the scene on the right. Could this be a military style barrier used to prevent unauthorised vehicles entering the set?

Raise the barrier to let the cast and crew in, lower it to keep everyone else out and to mark it as a government site, military base or something like that.

What better name could they have for a secret facility than New Town or Newtown? No need to give it a proper name if it isn't real, and the school's apparent past could easily be faked by those whose job it is to continually rewrite history, like Winston Smith in Orwell's "Nineteen eighty-four".