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Sandy Hook Was A Massive Operation And Hoax: Is THIS The Real Reason For That Operation? US Government To Introduce Psychiatic Surveillance Of US Public School Children!

Honesty, I had hoped that I would not have to file another report on the Sandy Hook operation of December 14th, 2012, simply because by this time I thought most people would have finally got the message that it was indeed a massive fraud and a hoax..... The fact is that absolutely NO children "died" in that operation in Newtown Connecticut, and the whole operation was conducted for very nefarious reasons by the US Government....

Many people have been asking the hard question: "If Sandy Hook was indeed a fraud, then what was its purpose?".... Well, it seems that there indeed was a very sinister motive behind the entire operation, for according to the following report from the Global Research website, it appears the US Government has been working on a new bill that will see US Public School children be placed under draconian psychiatric surveillance for the lie of "Protecting The Children"!   I have that article from Global Research, entitled: "Protecting Our Children"  in the wake of Sandy Hook: Psychiatric Surveillance Of US Public School Children" right here for everyone to view and be as disgusted as I am, right here... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

“Protecting our Children” in the Wake of Sandy Hook: Psychiatric Surveillance of US Public School Children

Using the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre as its justification, the Obama administration has recently given the psychiatric business and pharmaceutical industry a major gift by quietly introducing a behavioral and mental health program in public schools throughout the United States. 

The maneuver was initially laid out on January 16, 2013 in President Obama’s executive policy, Now is the Time: The President’s Plan to Protect Our Children and Our Communities by Reducing Gun Violence.

The document is partly devoted to articulating Obama’s proposed gun control measures that failed to move gain legislative traction in 2013. Yet an under-reported section of Now is the Time is applied to “making schools safer” and “improving mental health services” for students.[1] While presented by the Obama administration as “commonsense solutions to gun violence,“ one is left to consider the long range implications of such an initiative, particularly in light of the Affordable Care Act and the psychopharmaceutical complex’s never-ending drive to expand its clientele.

On September 22, 2014 Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia M. Burwell announced $99 million in new grants “to train new mental health providers, help teachers and others recognize mental health issues in youth and connect them to help and increase access to mental health services for young people.”[2]

On September 23 the Department of Education announced an additional $70 million in “School Climate Transformation grants.” According to the DOE, over half of the funding “will be used to develop, enhance, or expand systems of support for implementing evidence based, multi-tiered behavioral frameworks for improving behavioral outcomes and learning conditions.” The goals of such measures include “connecting[ing] children, youths, and families to appropriate services and supports,” and “increase[ing] measures of and the ability to respond to mental health issues among school-aged youth.”[3]

Both HHS and DOE explicitly cite Obama’s Now is the Time declaration as rationale for the new programs. “The administration is committed to increasing access to mental health services to protect the health of children and communities,” Secretary Burwell asserts. “If kids don’t feel safe, they can’t learn,” Secretary of Education Arne Duncan similarly remarks. “Through these grants of more than $70 million, we are continuing our commitment to ensure that kids have access to the best learning experience possible.”
Of the DOE’s $70 million, $13 million is allocated to aiding school districts in creating “high-quality school emergency plans.” Another $14 million goes toward “Project Prevent grants” for violence-plagued schools to “be used for school-based counseling services, or referrals to community-based counseling services for assistance in coping with trauma or anxiety.”[4]

Such designs should be viewed in light of two related concerns that hint at broader motives and agendas: 1) the US government’s continued aggressive transformation of the healthcare system; 2) psychiatry and drug manufacturers’ shared mission to persuade an increasing segment of the national and global population that it has one or more undiagnosed mental or emotional “disorders” that require analysis and treatment.

Introducing psychiatric explanations and methodologies into school environments guarantees a growing customer base for the psychiatric profession and pharmaceutical industry. Alongside government’s increasing control of healthcare, the technocratic surveillance and management of everyday thought and behavior is likewise emerging as part of what is deceptively termed “wellness.” In reality such efforts ensure an ever-expanding bureaucracy, handsomely line the pockets of a select few, and further normalize a culture of learned helplessness and control within an environment that already privileges conformity as a matter of routine.

Between the early 1990s and mid 2000s antidepressant use in the US increased almost fourfold.[5] At present 20 percent of Americans take at least one psychotropic medication, a figure that at the present rate of expansion will double by the early 2020s. Yet there is little evidence such drugs actually address the symptoms psychiatric patients are advised they have.

Indeed, the entire notion of “biological psychiatry”–that psychiatric conditions are rooted in observable processes–cannot withstand serious scientific scrutiny. Yet such notions comprise the underlying rationale of psychopharmocology. As psychology professor Elliot Valenstein observes,
The belief that the complex cognitive and emotional states that underlie any emotional disorder are regulated by a single transmitter receptor subtype is probably no more valid than the idea held earlier by phrenologists who believed that complex mental attributes could be localized in one specific part of the brain.[6]
More recently, Dr. Richard Friedman, professor of clinical psychology at Weill Cornell Medical College, remarks, “[W]e don’t yet understand the fundamental cause of most psychiatric disorders, in part because the brain is uniquely difficult to study; you can’t just biopsy the brain and analyze it. That is why scientists have had great trouble identifying new targets for psychiatric drugs.”[7]

At present de facto behavioral examinations are administered by medical providers’ inquiring on a patient’s tobacco and alcohol intake. Yet psychiatry has been pushing for “mental health screenings” to ferret out clientele since the early 1990s. The fact that such mental health practices are being introduced throughout the nation’s schools suggests how they will likely become much more commonplace under in coming years.
“Absolutely, people should have a mental health checkup,” notes Dr. Jeffrey Borenstein, editor of the American Psychiatric Association’s Psychiatric News. “It’s just as important as having a physical checkup.” Borenstein recommends the “P.H.Q.-9,” a “patient health questionnaire,” freely available online, as a preliminary assessment for determining mild-to-major “depressive disorder.” The P.H.Q-9 was designed with funding from Pfizer.[8]

Perhaps coincidentally, the HHS and DOE announced their mental health grants just two weeks before National Depression Screening Day on October 9th. The occasion for “mental health awareness” has been observed since the early 1990s by Screening for Mental Health, Inc., a nonprofit 501c(3) offering its own free online examination.

“People stop and they check in on their physical health but they don’t do the same with their mental health,” says Michelle Holmberg, director of programs at SMH. “In the same way you would get a blood pressure screening … why aren’t people stopping to do mental health screenings?”[9]

Saul Levin, the CEO and Medical Director of the American Psychiatric Association, sits on Screening for Mental Health’s board of directors. SMH received over $16 million in “gifts, grants, contributions, and membership fees” between 2008 and 2012, according to the organization’s 2012 federal tax return, suggesting backing from APA and like-minded stakeholders.

Corporate news media have thoroughly blacked out the Obama administration’s program that further transforms the nation’s public schools in to lucrative referral centers for big psychopharma. In contrast, most school shootings that have become routine throughout the US receive considerable publicity, yet almost no investigative work or follow-up from the same news outlets sensationalizing them.[10]

Alongside Obama’s mental health mandate, the coverage further anchors in the public mind the idea—however subtle—that practically all youth are potential time bombs that must be closely monitored and, where appropriate, defused. Such approaches only negate the possibility for achieving what they implicitly promise: the prospect for self realization within a genuine community of peers.

[2] U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, “HHS Announces $99 Million in New Grants to Improve Mental Health Services for Young People,” September 22, 2014, Washington DC.
[4] “U.S. Department of Education Invests More Than $70 Million.”
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[10] No major Western news outlets have given serious attention to the Sandy Hook School massacre narrative’s many unanswered questions. In the more recent Isla Vista and Las Vegas shootings the investigating law enforcement agencies have refused to publicly release their reports on those incidents.

NTS Notes:  Lets cut to the chase right here... If this horrific law passes in the United States, then I would say to every parent of a student in the US Public School system to get their children out, NOW!  They would be better off having their children home schooled instead of enduring this type of horrendous measure...

It is bad enough that the US Public School system has been a dismal failure, with last year the introduction of the insane "Common Core" curriculum across the entire nation... But to have the students basically watched all day like lab rats is to me inexcusable.... This type of legislation will only be a boon to the medical and pharmaceutical industries that will come up with new psychotropic drugs to be administered to school aged children for a wide new assortment of "psychiatric illnesses"......If people think the fraud of ADHD was bad enough for children, watch what will happen now with the passage of this twisted legislation!

I knew there was a reason and ulterior motive for the entire fraud Sandy Hook operation... The criminals involved are using the psychology of fear to scare both students and their parents to accept this type of draconian measure that will destroy childrens' lives.... 

And one other note... The entire premise of "psychiatry" is itself a fraud... This measure by the US Government could see innocent very normal students suddenly be labeled for life with fraud psychiatric problems, and be given dangerous drugs that will damage them mentally and physically, which to me is unacceptable....

Wake up, America....

More to come



Anonymous said...

Non-conforming to the State Children will lead to their parents being accused of being non-conforming, mentally unfit parents. Children put into State custody and parents interred in "mental health" facilities until they become "re-educated," or forever be removed from society. or life. How very communist!

Barney said...

"They" may not understand "psychiatric disorders" (most of which don't even exist), but WE DO.

The vast majority of "real" psychiatric problems are the result of people being trapped in situations they can't cope with and/or that they are unable to extricate themselves from.

For example, an abused child may appear "weird", but rescue him or her from the abuse and in most cases the child will prove to be perfectly normal - except in the most extreme cases where serious psychological harm has been inflicted.

Most nervous breakdowns are an attempt to escape an intolerable situation.

Depression is merely an inabilty to cope with whatever bad things may be happening at any particular time. It's NOT a "disease" caused by a "chemical imbalance", but a response to stress, which will pass once the stress is removed.

Perhaps I'm over-simplifying things, but mind-altering drugs are NEVER the answer.

As for drugging kids for being kids, I'd like to inflict the same "punishment" on those involved in this SCAM.

It's natural for kids to fight, to question things, to push at the limits as a way of establishing what those limits are, and to become BORED when incompetent teachers fail to make lessons interesting, and just drone on endlessly about things that don't interest them.

When I was at school, there were certain "teachers" (two of them) who taught me NOTHING. I was willing to learn, but the "lessons" were so boring and pointless that it became impossible to absorb whatever knowledge these two were trying to impart.

Not everybody can teach. Kids CAN'T learn from boring people, however much they might want to. Lessons need to be made interesting and relevant, and if a "teacher" fails to teach, there's a very good chance that it's NOT the fault of the pupils,

Some kids are disruptive because of a lack of training by bad parents, but whatever the problem may be, mind-altering drugs are NEVER the answer.

Drugs are intended to STOP people thinking. They may suppress feelings of inadequacy or hopelessness for a time, but they do nothing to alleviate the causes of whatever problems people may have.

Anonymous said...

(PART 1): Smoking Gun PROOF (Sandy Hoax).