Monday, November 3, 2014

Ottawa Parliament Hill False Flag Shooting: BUSTED! Obviously FAKE CPR Performed On Victim Of Ottawa Shooting!

It has now been almost 2 full weeks since the infamous "shooting"  on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Ontario,Canada.... As a Canadian, I am deeply disgusted by what I continue to see and read via the Jew spew media outlets, and especially the Talmudvision brainwashing boxes... The criminals are still harping about this "shooting" and they are still calling for all Canadians to "rally" behind the criminal Harper regime in Ottawa for their fraudulent 'war' on the phoney "ISIS" terrorist group.... And of course we find the media going wild with calls for all Canadians to give up some of their freedoms for more "security".... I smelled a rat from the beginning when it comes to this shooting, and I am indeed sticking to my guns on this one....

Well.... Here comes some more evidence that this "shooting" was indeed a set up..... I want to present the following video report from Youtube user: "Free Radio Revolution" that shows that the attempts by so called medical professionals to try to keep the gunshot "victim" Nathan Cirillo alive using cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) methods is a massive FRAUD.... I have that important video right here for everyone to view and judge for themselves, paying careful attention to the person actually giving the CPR to the "victim" himself and noting the positioning of the 'victim's hands while the CPR is being administered.... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: It was my friend Greg in Seattle, and Jody Paulson who writes the blog "What They Don't Tell You" ( that first alerted me to this important video.... I want to thank you both!

I personally took CPR training many years back, and I do recall that the victim's hands MUST be on his/her side so that the person giving the CPR has a clear unblocked access to the victim's sternum region of the upper chest.... What we see in this video is  very obviously a victim who still has his hands crossed over his chest (!), as well as a person absolutely NOT administering CPR but in actuality pushing up and down on something beyond the victim's body (!)   Therefore, readers, we have ourselves smoking gun evidence of a genuine hoax happening here!

This entire shooting definitely stinks to high heaven, and the facts keep pouring in that shows that this is indeed a massive fraud for the sole purpose of scaring the Canadian people into accepting a loss of freedom and liberty...... This latest video evidence now clearly calls into question this "victim" Nathan Cirillo and the part he played in this massive hoax!

There is still more evidence out there that exposes this shooting as a fraud... And I again ask that if anyone wants to send me further evidence via comments to this blog, I will gladly post that material here for all to see...  People everywhere must be informed of the truth, and these criminals must be stopped...

More to come



Anonymous said...

Greetings from Kuala Lumpur, and I am so glad you survived the attempted assassination by virus.

It seems that Harper et al are even worse than we'd suspected... (Take the Gordon Duff crowd as you choose, but this piece seems to make sense.)

Keep the faith, whichever one!

Anonymous said...

its funny because I did a CPR course the day before the shooting. The first thing wrong is that they are only suppose to be two people around the body when doing CPR. Second is that you are suppose to do thirty chest compression, then two breaths and repeat. It is clear that these people aren't following basic protocol. This is so blatant, I think the Semitic sithlords are dropping clues on purpose just to insult the people that see through their BS. Man its amazing how much Canadians are in denial, if I showed this to my CPR instructor,or any other Canadian who is well versed in CPR and they would make the most ridiculous excuses.

Stephan said...

Libya: JTF-2, Parliament Hill shooter Bibeau/Zaheff & Father Be(u)lgasem Zaheff

Are you a betting person? What would you think would be the odds that the players on Parliament Hill, the day of the shooting, had all spent time in Libya. At the time of the NATO bombings. Curious, isn’t it?

I wanted to let this whole Parliament Hill shooting go. I really did! It’s exhausting. But, I cannot without getting this all out of my system, so to speak The presence of JTF-2 on Parliament Hill? As I have already explained JTF-2 is a counter terror/special ops outfit. Counter-terror is a doublespeak way of saying, while not really saying the truth/reality/fact that JTF-2 is a state sponsored terror group. In this case a Canada sponsored terror group.

More at:

Stephan said...

The following account is interesting, because it has been deleted:

I’m a legislative assistant, here is the view outside my office at 9:30a.m, (about 15 minutes before the ‘crazed’ gunman). Just a shit ton of cops hanging out by west block for no reason. I know two things they aren’t telling the press/public. Hopefully you dipshits will take this serious because my career is on the line.

>a car bomb was set off in the Nepean area today and knocked off the main transmitter killing power to our city’s west end.

>police used jammers to disrupt ALL cell phones in the downtown area during lockdown

Why does this matter?

>why the fuck to ottawa police (not just RCMP) have the capacity to do this?

>this was just a test. Brace yourselves

If you see/hear that a legislative assistant died, had an accident, committed suicide whatever I’d like to say for the record that I’ve never wanted to kill myself. I take my job serious, but I ask honest questions.

Wednesday’s there are events hosted at parliament, and security is slack. There was no need for all these police at parliament this morning pre-shooting incident. Nobody (pm and opposition leaders excluded) of great significance was scheduled for today.

Further, blowing up the west end’s transmitter should just make people angry, not dependent on the government. I feel like if we don’t stand up right now, we will be baited into losing everything because ISIS.

One last fun-fact: yesterday the house debated two things

>Ebola in west Africa

>terrorist attack/not terrorist attack in Canada (original URL, deleted) (recovered URL)

Stephan said...

"Second is that you are suppose to do thirty chest compression, then two breaths and repeat."

I read that in German, that rule is called 30:2.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Not a coinky-dink, Stephan, that the "shooter"and his father are both linked the JTF-2 and the Libyan fiasco....

Not sure about the ratio for proper CPR... I do remember the 30:2 ratio however....

Hey, I am still intrigued as to exactly what that clown in the video is actually pumping??? Any speculations???

Stephan said...

I think he massaged Cirillo's left arm or the stair/step of the National War Memorial because he did not want to risk breaking some ribs.

Stephan said...

As I have an idea what Talmudspeak is (because I own the printed 12 volume edition of the Talmud) I find it interesting how CBC says that there are no bullet holes:

CBC News - Ottawa shooting:
Corrections and Clarifications

This story has been edited from a previous version that stated there were nine bullet holes in the wall near the Parliamentary library, based on information from multiple sources. In fact, upon further investigation, not all the marks were caused by the bullets. The exact number of bullets that hit the wall in the shooting is unclear. Also, the pistol used by the sergeant-at-arms is a semi-automatic, not an automatic as reported in an earlier version and in the TV piece attached. Oct 25, 2014 5:15 PM ET