Saturday, November 8, 2014

Ottawa Parliament Hill False Flag Shooting: Canada's False Flag Terror - Fingerprints Of US Involvement! (Imagine My Shock!)

I had honestly by this point wanted to steer away from the ridiculous Ottawa false flag shooting of last month that was DEFINITELY a false flag operation that was set up from the get go…. The criminal Harper regime in Ottawa has long needed such a "terrorist" attack to take place somewhere in Canada just so it can get the Canadian people to "rally" behind their fraudulent war on 'ISIS', while at the same time get some draconian legislation passed that would inhibit the freedoms of the Canadian people….

The timing of that fraud "terrorist" attack could not have been more perfect for right now the Canadian people have been fooled into not only supporting Harper's ridiculous fight against a CIA/Mossad entity in Iraq and Syria, but he has also got some legislation passed that calls for less freedom for the Canadian people as well as more "surveillance" in Canada along the lines of the horrific amount of surveillance most Americans are now suffering from…

Just today, I came across a most interesting article, that comes from the Truth And Shadows website, at….. It brings out some very damning evidence that the "shooting" in Ottawa was not only a complex set up and operation, but it shows clearly that agents out of the United States were also involved in the operation!   The article is entitled: "Canada's False Flag Terror: Fingerprints Of US Involvement" and because the article is quite long, rather than just copy it here, I have placed the link to it right here for everyone to read for themselves… I have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: OK, WHY am I not surprised by these findings?  We all know that the US needs Canada's support on the world stage for their twisted and sick war on terror and especially against the laughable Mossad/CIA run fraud "ISIS" group, and I can guarantee that they sent their nations north of the US Canada border to most definitely give a helping hand in pulling off that operation in Ottawa….

Lets face it, and this is especially for the Canadian people… That shooting in Ottawa was a set up from the word go, and the operation was well planned in advance… Again, the Harper regime needed that operation to frighten the dumbed down and very gullible masses here in Canada into the false belief that this "ISIS" fraud was now in Canada and was a "threat" to this nation… Using that propaganda they not only got their support by the dumb ass Canadians for the fraud war overseas, but they got the full support for the passage of those new laws that call for the Canadian people to suffer from being under constant watch in what is definitely turning into a police state…..

I can guarantee that the US CIA worked closely with their counterparts, the Canadian CSIS, in organizing that ridiculous operation in Ottawa…. It is just too bad that in spite of efforts by myself and others to show it was a fraud and a false flag operation, most Canadians are now what I call "Canuckleheads" and actually believe the lies the criminal Harper government and the Jew spew media are spoon feeding them… Disgusting is putting it mildly….

Time to wake up, my fellow Canadians…. This fraud shooting in Ottawa is just the beginning, and I can guarantee the criminal Harper regime has much more in store for this once proud and free country with their bag of tricks…

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Anonymous said...

Great find, jim stone has an article up about Israel blackmailing British Columbia to send it's automated trains flying off the rails with Stuxnet, as well as potential nukes like the one in the Israeli embassy concealed in monstrous "art" suspended above the ground in "capital" and strategically important locations around the world for anytime Israel needs to make someone else do their bidding.

Stephan said...

The only thing I don't like is that the article implies that it was a false flag with real deaths:

"The first, the left jab hit-and-run killing of a Canadian soldier, would be the psychological softening up for the follow-up right cross, the killing of another Canadian soldier in Ottawa. Together they dazed the public to an extent that even the ostentatiously-iconic murder at the National War Memorial alone might not have achieved."