Sunday, November 9, 2014

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, November 9th, 2014


Yes, Sunday again.. And again time for my usual weekly rant… I am finally feeling so much better this week than I did the week before, and have no more signs of a cold or sinus infection.  Honestly, I do not wish what I had on anybody because it was horrendous….

Where to start this week… The US just finished their "mid term" selections.. err…elections, and what we have are more of the same… Honestly, did anyone living in the United States actually think there was going to be any changes in Washington DC?  The newly elected Congress critters and Senators are nothing more than even more Israel butt kissers that will do nothing more than obey their Jewish masters just as well if not better than their predecessors did…. Yes, I looked at the results that were all over the Jew spew media and all I see is Israel winning these elections again… Lets face the facts here...The Republicans are just as bad if not worse than the Democrats in the United States, and many will be pushing even harder than their Democratic predecessors for expanded war against the Mossad/CIA fraud "ISIS" group in Iraq and Syria……There may be some truth in the analysts statements that say that if the Republicans control the House of Representatives in the US, then wars for Israel will only escalate….. That and between all the lies, the shenanigans and frauds of the voting system, and the crookedness of the candidates involved, it would have been better that Americans not vote at all…..

Then we had this last week the Jew spew media put out BS articles about the fraud "Seal Team 6 killing Osama bin Laden"…. I just cannot understand the gullibility of the American people who simply do not understand the absolute truth that Osama bin Laden himself was not only an American trained CIA operative, but the man died from complications due to kidney failure way back in December of 2001 just 3 months after the Israeli attacks of 9-11….. The man was buried at that time in the mountains along the Afghanistan/Pakistan border and many newspapers and media outlets outside of the United States put up articles about his passing… Amazingly though the US Jew spew media never reported that fact to the American public, and I do believe that was by design… The Jews wanted the US to continue with their fraudulent "war on terror" and they wanted the already dead Osama bin Laden to be "alive" to lead the equally fraudulent "Al Qaeda terrorist group" as the planned evil "bogeyman" to make the ridiculous threats against America.  This was all part of the sick propaganda and psychological effect of fear on the gullible American people.  It was remarkable and laughable to me that they were able to pull off the lie for almost 10 full years before they figured they had enough of their fraud bogeyman and had him finally "killed off" in that laughable Seal Team 6 operation of May 1st, 2011 in Pakistan!

What bugs me about this entire Seal Team 6 charade is the fact that those supposed members had the nerve to write books about the "operation" which was nothing more than a fantasy tale.   These liars have the nerve to even go in front of the Jew spew US networks and claim falsely that they were the ones who "killed Osama bin Laden" which to me is not only a farce but a travesty on the American people…..What is also ridiculous is that horrendous and laughable "60 minutes" show on the Jew run CBS Talmudvision network that was aired last week where one of these liars talks about his book and how he "shot" bin Laden in that compound in Pakistan…. These criminals and the liars in the media are definitely working on trying to perpetuate the Seal Team 6 lies and to me they are timing this as part of the usual distraction for the American people away from what really should be concerning them, which is the collapsing US economy and the criminality of their own government….

Lets face the facts again, everyone… Osama bin Laden had NOTHING to do with the attacks of 9-11. Those attacks that killed some 3000 innocent Americans were carefully planned and orchestrated by the Israeli Mossad using their operatives in the United States, as well as exerting their total control over the US federal government by using them to help cover for that murder….. The fact is CIA Agent Osama bin Laden died almost 13 years ago, in December 2001, from kidney failure and to his dying day never laid claim to the 9-11 attacks and in fact said clearly that the culprits were the criminals behind the government, meaning the Jewish scumbag elite… Therefore what happened in that infamous "raid" on a compound in Pakistan in May 2011 was definitely a charade and a well planned hoax on the gullible American people…..  Sadly, most Americans are too stupid to realize that they are still being played as fools….

For several months now, we have been inundated with report after report especially over the Jew spew media outlets about this Ebola pandemic that is spreading supposedly all over the world, and I have one single question that I do have to ask… Has anyone actually seen one of the victims who supposedly has died from this disease?  We hear about tens of thousands of deaths, but I have yet to see any pictures of any dead victims coming out not only from west Africa, but from the United States as well…..Yes, there was the initial "Patient Zero" Thomas Eric Duncan, who supposedly "died" from Ebola exposure, but there have been many questions about the man himself, including his past and what he was exactly doing in west Africa before he supposedly contracted the disease and was taken back to the United States… To me, it is ridiculous to see all the media still hyping along with their reports about "deaths" in America from Ebola.. .But from the last I have seen only 2 people have supposedly "died" from that disease and even those two are suspect…..

I smelled a rat from the beginning of this Ebola pandemic fear, and I have yet to find anything that has swayed me otherwise…. The CDC in the United States seems to be working in conjunction with the Jew spew media in trying to use the propaganda of fear to scare people into the false notion that a "vaccine" is being developed that will "cure" Ebola…. But again, as I and others have shown, vaccines do NOT work, and in fact are the perfect instruments to spread a more deadly contagion around to unsuspecting victims…   This is to me the plan all along, and is much the same as what happened with that infamous Swine Flu "pandemic" of a few years back….. People are just too gullible and many will fall for this like suckers….

Up here in central Canada I have been seeing the usual push for everyone to go to their local pharmacies and health clinics to line up like gullible sheep to take the annual "flu shot"…. Knowing what I do know about vaccines and how they are much much worse than the "flu" they are supposed to fight, I again have tried my damn best at trying to convince people to NOT take the vaccines… I always try my best to lay out the facts about vaccines and how they contain many deadly chemicals and Mercury that do more harm to the body than the diseases they are supposed to fight… But again, I feel my efforts fall on deaf ears, and in some cases some of the people I have talked to get irritated by my approach and statements….. Maybe it is time for me to give up on trying to reach these fools and chalk them up as lost causes???

Is it not remarkable that some 4+ months since the American/Ukrainian false flag known as the shooting down of Malaysian flight MH17, people still do not get it?   That planned false flag operation was carefully planned and orchestrated by the Ukrainian regime and the US government, and to this date these criminals are still trying desperately to cover up their crime…… Many people are still unaware that even now a proper forensic investigation team has not been allowed to that crash site in eastern Ukraine, and the US has been working with their slave nations in trying to block any independent team from going to that crash to launch a full investigation into exactly what happened…. They know that a proper team of experts would quickly conclude it was a shoot down and that Ukrainian fighter planes were involved….

Yes, the news service, Russia Today, did some excellent work in producing documentaries that expose most of the truth about the MH17 false flag operation, but they did miss one issue that the first people who arrived on the crash scene noted… The bodies of the "victims" were already in a rotting state which meant that the bodies were already dead even before the plane took off from Amsterdam the morning of July 17th, 2014….. The reality is that the long dead corpses means that MH17 was definitely an operation, which points to the speculation that I and others have been promoting that MH17 was actually the long "missing" MH370 flight that took off from Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia months before and had "disappeared" over the Indian Ocean….

OK, for those that need to be brought up to speed on how MH17 was actually MH370, here it is in a nutshell… The MH370 flight never "disappeared" but was purposely flown to the US military base at Diego Garcia.   After the passengers were "offloaded" from the plane (either already dead or soon to be killed), the plane was flown out of Diego Garcia along with other transports and eventually landed in the United States.   There the plane was flown towards The Netherlands as part of a false flag attack on the Iranian nuclear meetings that took place in The Hague, Netherlands in late March 2014.  Luckily, that false flag was thwarted by the Dutch airforce (see report here), and diverted out of Dutch air space and landing somewhere in Europe.   The criminals involved then came up with a new plan and decided to use the plane as part of a false flag operation to be conveniently blamed on Russia.   They also wanted to finally dispose of the bodies of the victims they murdered on MH370, so they took the bodies out of cold storage and reloaded them onto the plane that was then dubbed "MH17"….. And there you go, a nice little false flag that luckily never worked out according to plan…..Eventually the truth about MH17 being blown out of the sky by Ukrainian fighter planes will be told to the world… But not only will the truth that this flight was actually the long missing MH370 flight be suppressed, but by that time the spin doctors in the United States will probably have figured out a way to make sure they are not to blame or had anything to do with the entire operation….

I have had a few people ask me about what has happened to Whitewraithe this last week, and I can report she came down with a serious bout of sinus infection.    She lives in Tennessee and has long told me about how horrendous the air is in her part of that state and how the humidity just wrecks her sinuses….. I said to her a long time ago that she needs to get the hell out of Tennessee and possibly go to better environs such as somewhere out in the western United States, but with her family and her need  to take care of her ailing mother, she cannot go for the present time…. And yes, we are still working out trying to get Turbulent Times back on the air, and searching for a new network that might want to pick us up… In the meantime, we will be working on some shows and podcasts in the near future….

I have had a lot of comments about John Kaminski's last article that summarizes exactly what everyone who wants the truth about our sick world needs to know….. John is a prolific writer and the facts he presents are absolutely spot on…. Yes, he did miss several points, including the realities behind the fraud of Global Warming and about lies about vaccinations…..But as I commented back, the list that John presents is just a small part of the whole picture and we all could indeed add our own points to that list….. Personally, I have never had any qualms with John, and yes we do have our differences including our perspectives when it comes to the methane gas scare  as part of the Global Warming fiasco and fraud.  But we all have our differences and there never can be 100% consensus on everything we say or write… Hell, even now there are tons of readers who read this blog and this rant who probably either disagree with me and/or hate my guts….. We definitely cannot please everyone and criticisms do come with the territory!

Well, I figure that is enough for some of the key issues from last week…. Yes, there are many other topics that I have missed above, and hopefully I will touch on many of them right here in my usual "last minute tidbits"……..What have I not said already about the US economy about to go to hell?  All I can say now is that people should be prepared, because the result will be horrendous……..Same goes for the so called European Union that is falling apart as I speak.  Why the member nations just don't quit and go their own way is troubling, and I do suppose it is due to the intense Jewish control over each member state….. Catalonia is about to vote today on becoming independent from Spain.  If the people of Catalonia decide that they want to split from Spain, then they do have that right according to UN international charter.  However, we find the news that the Spanish government will intervene and there could be bloodshed……..Yes, I saw the report last week where Jew spew news out of Scotland is NOW saying that if Scotland NOW voted for independence, they would get it?  This just points again to the fact that the referendum of just over a month ago was indeed a massive fraud……..Israel doing more land "confiscation" in the occupied West Bank I see.  How many times must I parrot the truth that these criminals want ALL of Palestine for their greedy selves?  And in that sick dream of "Greater Israel" there is absolutely NO room for the Palestinians, period….. Evidence has surfaced that shows that a program of "vaccination" against Tetanus in Kenya was actually a plan to sterilize the populace.  I wish people would get it that THIS shows exactly what vaccinations are truly all about, and wake up to the reality that this may be part of the planning for the upcoming "Ebola vaccines" that the CDC is about to unleash on the gullible American people!……..Here is a laugher.  Jew spew in America is somehow promoting the lie that the Mossad/CIA "ISIS" group was created by Iran.  It seems that nothing else has worked to get the war on Iran going, so why not have them blamed for "ISIS"!…..Colder weather sweeping across much of North America this last week with record cold temperatures recorded in many cities.  Gosh darn that Global Warming!….. Now that the midterm selections are over in Jew occupied USA, I do wonder how soon the criminal President Obama/Soetoro/Davis pushes his long planned Carbon Taxes considering his Obama Care has been a bust?……….Arsenal just lost to Swansea City 2-1 in Premiere League action as I type this report.   With this loss, it is definitely an uphill battle for the Gunners in the league considering how strong Chelsea looks this year.  But I can dream, can't I?…….Yes, I saw the report about how that ultra-Jew, Haim Saban, raised some 34 million dollars in the United States for the murderous psychopaths in the Israeli Defense Forces.  Hey, if this criminal loves Israel so much, then have him surrender his US passport immediately, pack his bags, and have him shipped on the first flight out to Tel Aviv.  Americans do not need these traitors in their midst…..And thank goodness, there is nothing to report this week about the skanks and trollops that make up that great American family, the Kardashians.  But guaranteed they will be back to do their usual media hounding and grab the attention of Americans away from real issues that they should be concerned about.  And people wonder why I see America as a failed state and going to hell?

More to come


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