Sunday, November 30, 2014

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, November 30th, 2014


Sunday again.. And as usual, time for my weekly rant…

Yes, I have been MIA for the last few days… I decided to take a small "break" just to unwind and concentrate on some family and personal matters… Hey, I run this blog and I post articles when I am available or when time permits… There may be some out there that do not like the fact that I do not post articles from time to time on a regular basis, and honestly those people can bite me…. We ALL need a break once in a while, because knowing what I and others know and about how truly sad and sick our world really is can take a strain on anyone's mental health….

Yes, the situation in Ferguson Missouri spun way out of control, and to me that is not only sad but outright disturbing… Lets get the facts straight again that I am NOT racist and I am not prejudiced, especially against the black community… But what I saw shows the ignorance of the black community as a whole… There, I said it and I will call it for what it was….. The facts are simple and crystal clear here….Michael Brown was a HOODLUM and a criminal, period.  The Ferguson police officer, Darren Wilson, had absolutely every right to defend himself from a large hulking individual that was ATTACKING him.    Make no mistake because this was definitely a situation where extreme force was necessary for defense of an individual from someone that could have easily killed him….

I smelled agent provocateurs at work in Ferguson Missouri early on, and I have yet to see any evidence otherwise… The criminals in the Jew spew media and obvious agents working in the black community did their dirty work in whipping up hatred and anger to the point that riots were going to happen no matter what the Grand Jury verdict was…. What is sad to me is that most of those who fell for this trap were of course the illiterate and ignorant individuals that were under the false illusion, and constantly bombarded with the false propaganda, that it was them against the "evil white man"…. What we have here is of course false hatred, and placing blame elsewhere rather than working at solving their own social issues themselves…. Honestly, many of these rioters that we have seen only have themselves to blame for their woeful lifestyle, their lack of education, and their absolute ignorance…..They have been fed the false illusion that somehow attacking others will make themselves better?  I think not….

I have come under a tremendous amount of fire via very bad comments from the article that I put up earlier this week stating that "Justice has been served" in regards to the Darren Wilson/Michael Brown verdict.  To me, those commentators are themselves either ignoring the facts and evidence from that case and are jumping on the riot bandwagon and fomenting hatred and brutality, or are agent provocateurs themselves who know the truth but are out to try to sway the more gullible into accepting the ridiculous violence… I have read many articles and blogs and I have noticed the same pattern amongst many of the commentators… Agent provocateurs it seems are spewing their hatred everywhere and have tried to take over many sites' comment sections.…..

Personally, I have no qualms and am not a racist, no matter what the naysayers continue to claim… I have worked with many minorities in my field of work and many of them are actually disgusted by what they see in their own racial communities.. Many have told me that they themselves have come under terrible scrutiny and hate from their own race due to them working in the "white man's world"…Many that have worked with me have gone so far as to call their relatives and others within their own race nothing but lazy and good for nothing people that only want to live "off the dole" and not do things to better themselves!

Lets make it perfectly clear here… The criminals who are out to destroy the United States definitely want a full race war between both the blacks and hispanic communities on one side, and the whites on the other.   There should be no doubt in anyone's minds by now that the push by the criminals who control the US government to flood the United States with illegal immigrants is definitely aimed at destroying the white majority in that nation that has long been the builders of the once proud American society…. I only need to turn to the criminal Jewish Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion documentation that shows how the Jews would create a race war as a means of destroying societies so as to bring about their world government… It is a FACT that the Jews have long sought the destruction of the one people who they have always believed as being their number one enemy in their pursuit of world domination, which is in their twisted thinking to be the Caucasian race… They have long believed, and it is written in their Protocols, that by making Caucasians a minority in any nation that they occupy, they can more easily take over that nation…. THIS shows clear evidence that these criminals are the ones behind the frauds of "immigration reform" and "multiculturalism" because their only purpose is to water down and destroy their true enemy, which is the whites..…..Yes this may sound "racist" to many who are reading this and it may cause some of my readers to suddenly turn away in "disgust", but I am under no illusion and cannot stop the truth from being told….

The solution to me is of course for the blacks, whites, Asians, hispanics, etc to reach a common rapport and realize that we have a common enemy that wants us to destroy each other in stupid, and I do mean stupid, race wars….. The Jewish criminal "elite" have long sought the usage of "foot soldiers" in their lust for world dominion, and they know that right now those blacks and hispanics that do not know the real truth are the gullible saps to fit the bill….. What these fools who unwittingly serve as the foot soldiers for Jewish interests do not realize is that once these psychotic criminals achieve their goals and destroy their "enemy", then they will in turn destroy these useful idiots, their foot soldiers, themselves!

Yes, there is a war out there aimed at peoples' minds… We not only have "race wars" but "religious wars" as well…. Lets not forget that right now the ultra criminals who want world control would surely love to see the major world's religions, Christianity and Islam, go to war and destroy each other… It would be a dream of the Jewish elite to see the 2 billion Christians and 2 billion Muslims go head to head and wipe each other out.  Then they as the sole survivors would have the planet for themselves… It does seem ghastly, but is that not what we are witnessing right now especially with the Jew spew media whipping much of the Western nation's people into a frenzy with the fraud "ISIS terrorist" threat, and the constant bombardment of people's minds with the absurdity of the "evil Muslims out to kill everyone" fraud?

Of course, while racial tensions run rampant, especially in America, we have again witnessed the spectacle of "Black Friday" and the insane consumerism that it annually entails…. Yes, I have watched the videos and the Jew spew media reports of how ridiculous people have become the day after American Thanksgiving by swallowing the propaganda drilled into their minds that they must go out and spend, spend, spend, themselves into oblivion… It is sad that while most Americans, Canadians, and even now the British, are suffering by crushing personal debt loads, and yet they will go out and search for those "bargains" on "Black Friday" unwittingly only feeding the large corporations greed and lust for profits….. Personally, I do not partake in that madness and wonder if people for at least one day out of the year (Boxing Day used to be as bad here in Canada) have lost their minds?

OK, While much of our Jewish controlled media outlets constantly bombarded people's minds with the troubles in Ferguson, Missouri, there has been major news happening elsewhere… This last week marked the first anniversary of the "protests" in Ukraine that eventually led to the overthrow of the elected government in Kiev back in March earlier this year… Now a year later, Ukraine is a mess and yet the US puppet regime in Kiev is preparing for all out war against the "rebels" in the Don basin of Eastern Ukraine….. There has also been the usual BS reporting coming out of the Jew spew media that Russia is "preparing" for an "invasion" of Ukraine itself (crying wolf again?), which is of course an outright lie…. Russia has long known what is at stake and has not taken the bait in the trap set up by the United States and the European Union that would trigger a regional war and ultimately a full scale world war, by moving its armed forces anywhere near the Ukrainian border….Even now the Russians are instead planning another aid convoy (yes, the last one was an aid convoy) that would provide humanitarian relief for the people of the Don basin that are right now being brutalized by the Kiev government itself…. I do wonder if the Kiev government may again try to falsely claim this newest convoy to be a "military" convoy like they tried with the last one.  Wait and see…..

One other important issue that has not been told in the Jew spew media is the near collapse of the P5+1 talks that have been going on for well over a year to decide the fate of Iran's peaceful nuclear power program… The psychos in Israel along with their minions in the United States government have been trying every dirty trick they know to scuttle these talks and to have Iran walk away from the meetings.. Yes, these criminals want the entire world to believe that Iran would break off these talks under the false notion that Iran does not want a peaceful settlement but only to continue to build its non-existent "nuclear weapons"…. But again the truth is that Iran absolutely does not have any nuclear weapons, period, and has always agreed to have its nuclear materials under strict rules and regulations for their usage in nuclear power plants…. It does again need to be said here that the real criminals here are of course the Israelis with their large stockpile of hundreds of nuclear weapons with multiple delivery systems that nobody is ever allowed to talk about or to bring under scrutiny…..The hypocrisy is of course that the Israeli controlled puppets in the US Government continue to scream about the need to attack and destroy Iran while purposely overlooking the real danger in that entire region which is of course the criminal state of Israel with its nuclear weapon stockpile…. One good thing that has come about from these P5+1 talks is that in spite of not reaching an agreement, the talks will continue much to the chagrin of the criminals in the US and Israel that want them derailed permanently….

Yes, Whitewraithe is still out there, and at least for the time being has decided not to quit.  It has been tough going for that lady and besides many other personal issues, she has been going through a family crisis the last while that has taken up much of her time…. I have done my best to send her some help and I again want to thank those who have also sent her a bit of relief themselves.…..We will try to relaunch our "Turbulent Times" shows soon by doing some podcasts via Skype recordings….. We are of course still out there looking for another network that may be willing to  broadcast our shows as well.

Well, I guess that is enough for right now….So much has not been touched in this rant, and for those articles that I have missed for this last week, I will of course take a shot at them in my closing "last minute tidbits"……The Jew spew media outlet CNN has claimed again that the economy is "recovering" and I do wonder what the reporters there continue to smoke?  Is it no wonder CNN and the other media liars out there have lost their audiences and are disappearing?……The US continues to launch "airstrikes" against their fraud CIA/Mossad "ISIS" forces and again we hear of no "ISIS" casualties, and only Syrian and Iraqi civilian casualties?  I wish that people would wake up and realize why……..Reports coming in from all over the world about people being injured and even dying after taking "vaccine" shots.   When will people finally realize that it is the vaccines that are the killers and not the 'diseases' they are supposed to fight?……..Just saw news the other day that the Malaysian government has been blocked from taking part in the MH17 shoot down investigation.  Is it just me, or is this just seem ludicrous?  Obviously more attempted coverup by the US and Ukraine who do not want the real truth about their false flag operation to be revealed……Amazing report came out about how scientists have digitized a worm's brain and put it inside a Lego robot.  OK, Why did I think of the worm like brains of politicians when I read this report?……..Man arrested for supposedly carrying and pointing a banana (yes, a banana) at a police officer in America this last week.  I really have to laugh, because this reminds me of the "Monty Python" skit where a man attacks another man with a 'loaded' banana.  Oh, how America has fallen……More nations in Europe are about to recognize the independent state of Palestine.  But this is a useless exercise, for Israel will just continue to ignore and depend on their puppets in the US to "veto" any resolutions against their criminal activities….. Extreme cold weather has settled over this part of central Canada with near record "wind chill" values overnight.  Gosh darn that global warming!   I do want the clowns behind that farce to explain this one…….Arsenal finally wins one, but just barely against West Bromwich Albion, by the score of 1-0.  The Gunners right now are not looking too good and are even having a tough time against lower Premiere League teams…. Interesting article just out by Jim Stone concerning how professional sports games can be fixed by using electromagnetic waves to basically fry the brains of players, and to "knock" players off their games.  To me, this is very possible, and should not be dismissed……. And finally, my look at the one great American family that has been frying the brains of Americans for the last half decade at least, the Kardashians.   The paparazzi are aghast that Kanye West skipped out this year on the Kardashian's Thanksgiving dinner.   I have a million ideas for a pun here, but I will leave it up to readers for their comments about this family of trollops and misfits, and this ridiculous turkey news….

More to come



RickB said...

Yes the Ferguson event is way out of control. I normally avoid jewish MSM coverage of things but yesterday I tuned into MSN just out of curiosity. I couldn't believe what I was seeing... turning a thug into Martin Luther King and Ghandi, comparing the protests... “IN HONOR OF BROWN” to the 60s civil rights battles... amazing. Brown apparently was a bully accustomed to intimidating his way around. Sadly, he provoked his own death. I'm sure the local hoodlums are very happy to protest behind a bogus noble cause, in order to have the law back off and have their way easier in crime. Comparing their plight to that of the Palestinians is ludicrous.

Jody Paulson said...

Interesting that everyone knows the name of Michael Brown, but no one knows the name of Orwa Hammad, a 14 year old American citizen cut down by the IDF because he was allegedly about to throw a molotov cocktail.

Anonymous said...

I did a post a few weeks back suggesting a celebration for the undead
at Sandy Hook - be made by the folk of Sandy Hook.
To demonstrate their delight at the outcome of the incident of 14th December 2012!.
This incident , at first , had all the makings of a major tragedy.
I suggest. That the folk concerned, attach star spangled ribbons to any
gatepost or tree exposed to the morning sun. And on a sunny morning as close to the 14th December observe the shadows direction and length.
If you have any original msm images from Dec14/2012 , compare!