Sunday, November 16, 2014

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, November 16th, 2014


Sunday, November 16th, and time again for my weekly rant…

Yes, it is mid November up here in central Canada, and the outside air temperatures have been falling like a stone over the last week to almost unseasonably cold conditions… I for one am really sick of the liars and misfits who continue to harp the lie of "Global Warming" and have the audacity to actually call this period of unusually cold conditions a "lull" in the march towards this world heating up uncontrollably.   I am sick of those lies and have continued to try to reach the dumb asses that actually believe the Global Warming crap with some basic truths that this planet is indeed entering a natural cycle of cold and that we are not going to "overheat"….

I see the Sandy Hook operation is finally unravelling with the revelations this last week that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in the United States have finally had enough of the lies and have come out with their reports that state clearly that it was indeed an operation where NOBODY got killed.   This is a victory for  those who have true critical thinking skills and at the same time a major defeat for those out there that have been now fully exposed as agents of deception…. I said in my article last week that I would not be naming names, but again everyone knows exactly who these idiots that have infiltrated this "truth movement" with their deceptions are…. The clowns over at the "TUT-enkamen" website are some of the biggest trolls as far as I am concerned, and it is fitting that their ringleader himself, who went out of his way over 20 months back to try to destroy both Whitewraithe and myself, has finally been made the fool by the exposure of the fraud of Sandy Hook….These fools are now strangely silent and I noticed not one peep out of the lot about the FBI reports.   What we have here, readers, due to their silence and unwillingness to admit to their own guilt, is a group of misfits and trolls that should not be in this fight at all.   The sooner they disappear the better for the rest of us as far as I am concerned….It is so sad that so many others in the laughable "truth seeking" community fell for these agents of deception when it comes to Sandy Hook, and were so quick to jump on their ridiculous "bandwagon"….To them I again say that unless they are willing to apologize to the rest of us for their antics and actions towards those who truly saw the truth, then they should also disappear.

It does appear that the book on the Sandy Hook deception should not be closed just yet, simply because the US government under that scoundrel Barry Soetoro/Davis/Obama should definitely be brought up on charges of purposely lying to the American people and having the nerve to carry on with the deception to this date almost 2 years since the operation took place.   Every single US official from their criminal US President down who took part in the Sandy Hook operation and deception should either step down or be put up to trial for a criminal act against the American people… Sadly, we will probably not see that day happen any time soon due to the fact the Jew spew media in America is still passing Sandy Hook off as being "real"!   I seriously doubt if most Americans will ever wake up to the fact they have been lied to again with Sandy Hook as much as they have always been lied to about the attacks of 9-11!

The situation in Ukraine took a strange turn this last week with a report that came out just yesterday claiming they had "photographic" evidence from a "spy satellite" of the actual shoot down of that Malaysian flight MH17…. When I saw the picture myself, I knew there was something wrong right off the bat… The "MH17" plane and the "Ukrainian fighter" in the picture were TOO BIG for it to be an aerial or spacial photo considering their aspect and size in accordance to the ground below them… The planes are basically much too big!….Then there was some further work by other sleuths including Michael Rivero over at WRH that shows the photo to be a FAKE….. I do suspect that this "photo" is one fabulous photoshop job and one that was put out there to "poison the well" when it comes to all the talk about Russia "shooting down" that passenger plane.   I personally was not convinced by this photo right off the bat and knew I would hold off from putting it up here at this site and proclaiming it as real…. Hindsight is always 20/20 and it does appear that my hunches were right…. Basically someone made that picture and to me it was done to try to discredit independent researchers and sites such as this one that see the MH17 shoot down for what it really was… A false flag attack to try to vilify Russia!

Yes, the Jew spew news media and the trolls in western Jewish controlled governments are still out there trying their best to vilify Russia and somehow ridiculously blame Russia for not only the shooting down of MH17, but some have had the gall to try to say that Russia has right now INVADED Ukraine itself.   The so called leaders are right now meeting at the G20 "summit" in Australia, where many have been trying to use the summit as a platform for more Russia bashing… My last report for example showed how the idiot clown college reject Prime Minister of Canada, that fool Stephen Harper, actually had the gall to try to tell Putin at that summit to "Get out of Ukraine"…. Ridiculous coming from Harper considering that Russia is absolutely not even in Ukraine at all……. Putin of course is not going to stay at a summit where the fools who call themselves world leaders are on a witch hunt, and there have been reports that he has already left the summit….. Again, Russia is not the villain here, and all that this summit has turned into is another circus where these fools have gathered only to please their Jewish masters with more Russia bashing…

And of course we finally have seen this last week the Jew spew media admit that the fraud war on "ISIS" has been absolutely for the planned invasion and destruction of Syria itself… I really did not like being proven correct about this, and it seems that in spite of the real reasons for the US sending troops into Iraq for the buildup for the planned invasion of Syria, the dumbed down American people are still refusing to act against their own criminal government!  Here we have another innocent nation that will shortly be attacked and destroyed by the US on behalf of their masters in Israel and the American people will do absolutely nothing to stop it…..It does appear that the use of chemicals in the diets of Americans and the brainwashing effect of the Jew spew media has been successful after all, and more innocent lives will be spilled as well as more American men and women going off to fight and die for the glory of Israel…. A travesty is putting it mildly…

One thing that the Jew spew media has been avoiding and should be on everyones' lips is the declining price of Petroleum on world markets and the death of the Petro-Dollar scam as a result… THIS is devastating to the criminals in the US Government, for it means that the US dollar will indeed be in steep decline very soon with hyper inflation as a result…. The Saudis themselves have been the ones behind the decline in the price of Oil and it has been done purposely… They have been flooding the world with cheap oil as a method of putting oil shale and oil fracking development in the United States out of business.  They are hoping that with these competitors put out of business they can put the world at their mercy for their own petroleum…. And quietly the Saudis have begun to move their own trading in oil away from the US dollar and into foreign currencies, primarily the Chinese Yuan…. This has also accelerated the push of other nations to end their need for US dollar reserves for trading in Petroleum which means of course more US dollars flooding back to America itself…. What is startling is the lack of concern or even knowledge in the general American public about these moves that could spell the end of the US economy itself… Few Americans even realize that with America a shell of itself with almost zero manufacturing or agricultural products needed elsewhere on the planet. their nation may shortly collapse.  Once that happens, many Americans will indeed wake up destitute and wondering what the hell just happened… By that point it will be too late and America will disappear and become a third world nation if not worse….THIS is one of the reasons why the insane American leadership has been seeking methods of getting a nice little war started, and they have again singled out Russia as their target…. As I stated many times, they care not that such a war could devastate the planet, when all they care about is saving their own necks.

I got a bit of criticism for not even mentioning in last week's rant that last week marked the anniversary of the end of the first World War, as well as Veteran's day in America… But knowing what I do know about war through real history, I cannot honour such anniversaries… The fact is that many soldiers did go off and fight and die in these wars thinking they were for noble causes.  But the truths are now out there and need to be told that all of these wars were wars for Jewish bankers and for destruction of innocent nations…. Many brave soldiers fought for all the wrong causes and in most cases on the wrong sides….. To me, to truly honour those who gave their lives would be for everyone to finally see the truth and eventually to have people united against the true evil on the planet….. Only then would those who have fought and died, not have died in vain….

Back in mid April I did release an article about that US Aegis class frigate, the USS Donald Cook, that was sent into the Black Sea in early April where it got a very rude awakening from a Russian fighter plane that was able to switch off its electronic systems and then do simulated bomb runs with impunity…. It has been only in the last week that other real truth seekers have finally put up that same article, and all I can say its about time!…. I stated in my own follow up article a few days back that from what I do know about electronics, telecommunications, and other technologies, the Russians are no fools and they indeed have developed sophisticated systems that can indeed blind American electronic systems on ships…..I am not fooled or made gullible by the lies of "American superiority" at all, knowing full well it is a facade and nothing more than pure propaganda and bullshit…. The Russians are indeed very much equal and if not better in so many aspects especially when it comes to military technology, and they are indeed very far ahead of America in so many fields such as radar technology….. I stated before and I will state it again… If the American insane leadership is that crazy and is contemplating war against Russia, then they are in for a rude awakening…. Russia is no push over and a war with Russia could ruin America permanently…..

One other note before I go into my usual last minute tidbits… I have been in communication with Whitewraithe and she is in real dire straits… That lady has had it hard and miserable the last few years and has had one heck of a time finding decent work in America….. It has gotten so bad that she is now thinking about quitting doing her own site, Pragmatic Witness, permanently….. I have long been trying to convince her to keep up the fight and not give into depression, but I can see the strain in her and it is not pretty….. I have never ever asked anybody for anything, but if anyone can see to sending her some help, please do….. Check out her Pragmatic Witness site at if you are interested…..

Well, I do guess that is enough for now… As usual, I will close this rant with my last minute "tidbits", so here goes nothing……Here is a real scary thought that has reared its ugly head this last week, President Hillary Clinton.  All I can say is: YIKES!!"……..OK, What has happened to this "Ebola Pandemic" that a few weeks ago was on every Jew spew news service out there?  Again, it appears we were dealing with "swine flu" part II as many have suspected…… I missed it last week where another western African nation just had a "coup" and the government was "overthrown". That nation is Burkina Faso and by just looking at a map and seeing where that nation is, I suspect another nation soon to be "invaded" by the US for its natural resources……Yes, I saw the video with so called "Syrian boy" and right away I saw propaganda and deception at work.  Guess what?  I and others were right about this one.  But the criminals trying to ramp up a war on Syria will not stop with this type of propaganda…..Less than 6 weeks until Christmas here and it sure does not feel like Christmas at all.  Am I missing something here?  I went into local shopping mall the other day and I saw many stores with sales but few people buying.  Yes, there is no economic recovery and this will indeed be a bad season for retailers……I see the so called P5+1 "talks" with Iran over Iran's non-existent nuclear weapons program is failing as expected.  The US and Israel making impossible demands on Iran and Iran is walking away as I and others have long stated would happen.  The criminals want Iran destroyed, definitely, but it may have to wait until they have Syria destroyed first……I see President Barry and his entourage are still trying to create a new race war over the Ferguson Missouri incident.  I hope the American public is not that stupid………NASA probe Rosetta intercepts comet this last week.  But considering all the lies that we know constantly come out of NASA, I am a skeptic of the probe and its "findings"……..British Premiere League soccer is taking another hiatus this week, and I am going through withdrawals of not being able to watch a game.  Someone said I should maybe take another look at the NFL instead, or maybe the NHL seeing that I am a Canucklehead…….Israel banning inspections and investigations of their nice little genocide in Gaza I see.  I guess these criminals do not want the world to discover that they actually slaughtered tens of thousands and not the "2100" that has been falsely reported by the Jew spew media……Nothing new coming out of Fukushima Japan.  Just the same old same old with 3 reactors still spewing their poison into the atmosphere and the Pacific Ocean.  According to the liars in the media its "nothing to see here, move along, move along"……….And finally, I saw this last week that magazine article where I appears that Kim Kardashian posed nude for the world to see.  Sorry, but one glimpse of that trollop and I would definitely go blind!  But I guess most Americans have already gone blind, deaf, and dumb by the antics of her and her entourage.  Yes, America just loves their Kardashians…..

More to come



Anonymous said...

Norwegian director admits to faking the Syrian boy footage.

"Millions of YouTube viewers have been captivated by the 'Syrian hero boy' who manages to rescue a little girl while under gunfire. Now a group of Norwegian filmmakers have told BBC Trending they are behind it. They say it was filmed on location in Malta this summer with the intention of being presented as real.

"Lars Klevberg, a 34-year-old film director based in Oslo, wrote a script after watching news coverage of the conflict in Syria. He says he deliberately presented the film as reality in order to generate a discussion about children in conflict zones."

More on site.

Also, Newtown Bee reports on SH Advisory Meeting last week where the fake "parents" outline their concerns. They will go to the ends of the earth to keep the deception (money) rolling in.

Their concerns seem to mostly involve money.

Quote from article: One by one, the parents ticked off observations and concerns about:

*charities using the names and images of their loved ones for fund raising without permission or authorization;

*questionable or unknown avenues of distribution for charity funds raised;

*the experience, qualifications, and skill sets of clergy and mental health responders who converged on the scene in the hours, days and months following the shootings;

*the status of private, state and federal grant money - some or most that was reportedly earmarked for the immediate victims' families needs, as well as for scholarships for surviving siblings;

*the lack of basic protocols for sequestering and communicating with victims' families as they arrived on scene and waited for news of their loved ones;

*protecting victims' families from overzealous reporters and camera crews who initially invaded the immediate triage areas, and later the homes, yards and neighborhoods of survivors.

More on site.

Also in Newtown Bee, bids are being accepted to build a new Sandy Hook school.

Matt said...

For the sake of brevity I'm only going to respond to the point on the Sandy Hook shootings. At no point has any government official, agency or bureau made a claim that no murders were committed. The one report that you are (presumably, as you list no sources) referencing here lists crime by jurisdiction. The shootings were under state, rather than local jurisdiction and so they are not on that report.

There is no grand conspiracy. Government officials and local law enforcement are not capable of working together to retrieve doughnuts for a meeting, let alone stage an elaborate hoax requiring the silence of literally thousands of people.

Quit fostering this venomous lie at the expense of real grieving parents who are, even now being harassed by people gullible enough to believe this sort of thing.

Anonymous said...

oil barrel price in FRN's more
likely connected to the economic stress on Americans subsidizing the invasion of NON-EUROPEANS who have no interest in the heritage or
History of the Israelite "White" people who founded America with a zionist blood sucking leech attached via the MONEY definition
and "Religious" freedom excuse to
build "JEW" worshipping churches
and export "Democracy" which is
DE FACTO "Jew" worshipping
USURY as the facade/charade called the ZOG US must borrow
or raise their DEBT LIMIT...

stooopid will never change true
especially for "Americans" !!!

no one on Earth NEEDS a "JEW" blood sucking parasite on them

to live...FREE !

Northerntruthseeker said...

Yes, readers, there are people like "Matt" still out there.. Blinded by the false rhetoric ...

Hey, "Matt".. Have you even bothered to read the FBI reports? It seems that you are wrong and the entire mass "shooting" was indeed an escapade of deceit where nobody died....

I honestly wondered when the trolls would suddenly appear...

Sean D said...

Hey man, great site! New here. I think you are spot-on about everything so far! There are a great many people who have been disenfranchised by the fake alternative shills who have clearly identified themselves lately, just floating around looking for a place to get real info and viewpoints. Keep up the good work!
As for "Matt" some sites where you will feel more at home-
The Blaze
Fox News

Matt said...

Yes, I have. No assertion is made in any report that suggests a hoax. Why would such a thing exist? Why would the FBI publish such an admittance in a publicly available report, if indeed they had staged the event?

The fact is, your whole argument is based on incredibly thin pseudo facts and a mountain of conjecture.

Instead of referring nebulously to "reports" as evidence that I am wrong feel free to challenge my points directly by referencing facts.

Stephan said...

1. I only know the FBI list featuring a big fat 0 for zero violent deaths in Newtown in 2012, proving that no one died. But I cannot find a report written by the FBI, maybe it is blocked for searching from Germany.

2. The newest Isis FX show seems to be inspired by the seven dwarves going to work, see it in the feature film version where it starts at the 7:55 mark:

Northerntruthseeker said...

I have found it interesting that many reports have been blocked in other countries as well, Stephan..

I will not get into a ridiculous argument with "Matt" about Sandy Hook.. Too much time has already been wasted with people that continue to believe in that fraud...

Northerntruthseeker said...

Sean D...That is only a small part of the list of misinformation and disinformation sites...

But I will give Alex Jones credit this one time and one time only.. He suspected Sandy Hook as being a fraud from the beginning and now is full on going after the government for that lie...

Hey, even Alex has to have some truth out from time to time... Too bad the rest of his reports are full of crap....

Stephan said...

As for the FBI report, Alex Jones wrote:

"... Data from a recent FBI report shows zero murders occurred in Newtown..."

I think this rhetorics transformed the FBI data, actually a list, into an FBI report.

In other words, the FBI list looks like the FBI report. Using Google everyone should be able to find the 2012 crime statistics/report.

A small warning: when I saved the FBI's website I got a virus warning, (I use ClamXav 24/7), so I deleted the saved page, because I have no idea what would activate the virus (maybe opening the saved page?), and chose the print as pdf option.

RickB said...

One thing the Sandy Hook event made perfectly clear, hoax or not, is that the lil munchkin that wants to be king –Mark Glenn-- is a lil louse without any class. The ambitious lil mafioso is no better than the worst( i.e. jews, white supremacists, etc.) that he lambasts.