Sunday, November 2, 2014

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, November 2nd, 2014


Yes, it is Sunday, November 2nd, and time for my weekly rant… After spending a week of coughing and almost hacking up a lung, it is good to be back and tearing up the Jew spew media to shreds as usual….

Honestly, I do hate being sick… I really did not enjoy sitting laid up in a bed and not able to access a computer for several days due to my personal doctor's orders (she is a darling though)…..I left it up to Whitewraithe and others to cover what the hell was going on in my absence.  Being finally able to get online as of today, I found that nothing has changed, and indeed the world is still going to heck….

Lets get down to it…. The "Ebola virus" scare is still going strong, but again I am siding with people like Jim Stone and others on this one in calling it a fraud…. I again only need to point out the fact that massive amounts of American and European Union military forces are now moving into west Africa that clearly shows that this "Ebola scare" is not as it seems…. I have asked the question again and again to everyone to just use some common sense here to see we are being duped.   You do NOT send large amount of military forces into Ebola plagued countries that are NOT equipped with proper gear and equipment to fight the virus itself.   The vast majority of the forces being sent into countries such as Sierra Leone and Liberia are combat troops without the necessary Hazmet uniforms and protection from the Ebola virus…. Those forces have had little or no training for "fighting" Ebola itself, and I again have to ask the same questions that I have asked in previous rants…"How can you fight an Ebola virus using an M-16 rifle?  Is the Ebola virus suddenly susceptible to M-16 rifle rounds???".

What I see happening in west Africa is an open invasion of those nations that have this "Ebola virus outbreak" NOT to "fight" Ebola, but to basically put down the population there that have now refused to work as slaves for criminal interests for their mineral wealth… Few people still do not know that Sierra Leone itself is actually quite mineral rich, especially in diamonds.   Right now, the people of Sierra Leone have had enough of working and toiling for the Jewish slave masters who control their country's diamond mines, and have been paid less than pennies a day… These people have rightfully revolted and have been fighting in not only taking their nations back from outside interests (the United States and the European Union primarily) but want their nations wealth rightfully for themselves…. What it boils down to me is simply the Jews demanding their slave nations invade and destroy some more African nations to bring them back under their control and using the fraud of this "Ebola outbreak" as a ploy to convince the world that forces are needed in those nations to bring this "virus" under control… The use of military forces instead of medical teams is the dead give-away that this is all a massive fraud and what it really is in actuality is an invasion of the nations of west Africa….

Again, I am not sold on the idea of what ever is now affecting people everywhere around the world, and especially in the United States, as actually being "Ebola"…..  There have been very few deaths that have been supposedly reported, and all we see is the Jew spew media hyping this as being an "epidemic".    I am again stating that I see this as a scam for our criminal governments to use the propaganda and psychological effect of fear to convince people that they should line up like gullible sheep, roll up their arms, and take the real cause of an epidemic into their bodies, meaning of course the so called "vaccines" that are now being developed….. This entire episode indeed stinks of being a repeat of the famous "swine flu" epidemic of a few years back that did not happen.  But this time, the criminals may have learned from their mistakes of the fraud "swine flu pandemic" and are now hoping the gullible public is ill prepared to stop them with this latest fraud pandemic.

OK, enough of this "Ebola scare" that the liars in the Jew spew media are still harping every chance they can get…. I see that there was another school shooting over at Marysville in Washington state that shows again when a fake shooting is necessary to again promote the anti-gun agenda, one seems to happen right on cue….  Honestly, I have not had much time to look into this shooting at all, but thanks to the due diligence of my friend, Greg, who happens to live in the Seattle area and has been looking into this latest shooting with great interest, it appears we are indeed dealing with another fraud.  He has been sending me periodic updates of great information, and I possibly will delve deeper into this latest apparent hoax in an upcoming article….Stay tuned….

It is so amazing that a full week and a half after the Ottawa "shooting" that the Jew spew media up here in Jewish occupied Canada are still throwing the bull crap of this "shooter" being a "crazed Muslim extremist".    What I see is obviously a false flag conducted by the criminal Harper government for the two fold purpose of both galvanizing Canadian public opinion in favour of their war against the fraud "ISIS" in Iraq and Syria, AND also to push for taking away the personal freedoms and rights that many Canadians enjoy under the false guise of "more security".   I do suspect that the criminal Harper regime is now going to push for the same type of criminal surveillance system that the American people obviously do enjoy, and to have the Canadian people accept the same type of great freedom protecting rights that the Americans have with the passage of the so called "Patriot acts"…..If it appears I am being sarcastic here, then be warned my fellow Canadians, for it is coming.    I just hope most Canuckleheads here are not as stupid as the Americans have been….

I did go out last Monday, when I should not have knowing full well I was coming down hard with a cold, to meet up with a great fellow Canadian truth seeker and true patriot named Lonnie…. We spent 3.5 hours discussing a wide variety of subjects and like I said in my last rant, his thoughts are much the same as mine… Lonnie does take it one step further though in stating that this is a war and that it will eventually come down to either "them" meaning the Jews, or "us".    I do agree with his aspects that many who call themselves "Jew wise" cannot go to that extreme and call for the extermination of these criminals…. I personally have always thought that as a  human being, we always can seek alternatives and to me the solution has always been to have them removed from any positions of power and authority and banned from positions of finance, teaching, or law.  However, I have found that with the true evil intentions of Jews is to have all of US exterminated or made as permanent slaves, it saddens me to come to the realization that the time will come that it will come down to it being Us or Them for our very survival…

Lonnie did also discuss one major fraud that I and most people are not aware of, and that is the ongoing "We Day" concerts and fraud fund raisers that are right now taking place in most cities… I do remember one fellow Canadian, Henry Makow, put out an article (link here) a while back that exposed this "We Day" concerts as being used to manipulate our children's' minds, considering that the ones who have been asked to attend these concerts have been specifically young pre-adolescent children…. It does puzzle me that most parents are not even aware of the serious and sinister implications of these "We Day" concerts and other phoney fund raisers, and how they are absolutely nothing more than brainwashing of our children's' minds…Lonnie told me about the individuals responsible for this fraud "We Day" fundraiser, especially how that ultra criminal mastermind behind the fraud "Global warming" scheme, Al Gore, is directly involved….  When he told me that fraud "Saint Al of the Gore" was involved, I knew right away that these "We Day" fundraisers were indeed a sham… This is a warning to all parents to be weary of these and other fund raising scams….We must do our utmost at all times to protect our children from these sinister criminals.

Has anyone else noticed that the war against "ISIS" seems to be going nowhere fast?   Gee, I do wonder why?   I have long said that this war against that fraud "ISIS" is nothing more than an elaborate plan and excuse to invade and destroy Syria, and there has been absolutely nothing that I have seen that has shown me differently… Exactly as I expected the US and the other "coalition" of slave nations to Israel have been launching and extending their so called "air strikes' in northern Syria to now include more and more of the nation of Syria's own infrastructure… I have to ask when people will finally get it through their heads that this is exactly what the criminals in the US and Israel want, which is to weaken Syria economically by wrecking its infrastructure and therefore making it ripe for a full invasion…. And from what I have been seeing again for the last week, the so called "air war" against so called "ISIS" targets has been a complete dud… But honestly, what do you expect?  Does anyone honestly think the US/Israel would go out and kill their own CIA/Mossad agents that make up the entire rank and file of the so called "ISIS terrorist" group?

I see the criminal and psychotic state of Israel is at it again by announcing even more illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank.   I do hate being right about this, but it does appear that everyone needs another important truth about Israel… These criminals do not want Peace at all with the Palestinians.  All these greedy and selfish SOBS want is territory and they want it all… There is no room for the Palestinians at all in the Jewish sick mentality of having all of Palestine for themselves, and the only choice the Palestinians have always had is to fight back against these monsters… It is indeed a situation where it is either fight or die, and if I had only those two choices to make, I know which one I would choose in a heartbeat.

As I stated in my last rant, the Ukrainian government and the Russian government have finally agreed to a new "gas deal" and therefore it appears that the Ukrainians will not freeze to death this winter… This of course flies in the face of the criminal US government that has wanted their puppet regime in Kiev to stand firm and never accept a deal with the Russians… It does appear that the Kiev government finally went against their US masters and brokered this deal, but what choice did they have?  It was indeed a situation where they had to accept Russia's terms or allow their people to freeze to death.  I can  guarantee that knowing that the Ukrainian people would have obviously revolted if they did not get the gas required for their survival had much to do with this decision….

It does appear that for the moment any thought of the US trying to get a nice little war against Russia via Ukraine has failed miserably…. But as I said before, the US will still try to find a way in getting a hot war going against Russia, and even China, due to the fact that it is either now war or have the entire US economy collapse….. Russia and China and other nations are now moving away from the US dollar as their reserve currency, and the criminals in the US are desperate to halt that movement by any means necessary, including war……  It has always saddened me that we have such insanity on our planet that such criminals actually would consider the deaths of billions of people just to save their own necks……

Yes, it is good to be back to my usual self, and I am glad to see that Whitewraithe has been back to fine form with many articles over at her Pragmatic Witness site (    It has still puzzled me as to how our "Turbulent Times" shows came to such an abrupt ending over at the Outside Radio network, but after receiving no explanations from that network's producer, I decided to stop giving it another thought… We will continue with our Turbulent Times shows, totally uncensored of course, for the near future ourselves….Hopefully somewhere down the line get onto another network.   I will post our shows here at this site when we make them available, so again.. Stay tuned…

Well, I do guess that is enough for right now…. I still have some catching up to do from missing so much over the last few days…. In the meantime, I will close this rant with my usual "last minute tidbits" to hopefully cover some major subjects I may have missed… US Congressional and Senatorial midterm elections this week, I see.   Honestly, how can any American actually vote knowing that both the "Republicans" and "Democrats" selected will be nothing more than Jewish butt kissers?  And just watch what that criminal US President will do after these midterm elections are over!  Can anyone say: "Carbon Taxation"?…..I see Sweden finally recognized the Palestinian State.  I wonder what the criminal Jews will now do to Sweden's government in retaliation for defying their Jewish masters?……Saw article that states that the real "debt" in the United States stands at some 200 TRILLION dollars.  Here is a great idea for the American government.  Why not just simply cancel that debt?  It is a fraud to begin with, so why the hell not?  Wishful thinking though, considering the total Jewish control over the American government…….Heavy snow falls all over the United States and Canada this last week, and here I thought snow was supposed to be a "thing of the past" according to the numbskulls behind the Global Warming fraud?  Where is Al Gore when we need him? (Oh yes, he is out there promoting the fraud "We Day" fundraisers!)…….I still get a lot of flack for stating that all religion is a fraud.  Hey you crazy Christian Identity clown college rejects, if you cannot stand the truth, then you can leave anytime.  I hear there are still plenty of websites where you can feel right at home.  Obviously not here…..I see Al Jazeera went ahead and put out a video about the truth about the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty on June 8th, 1967 for everyone to see.  I can only say its about freaking time, and everyone does deserve to see the truth about the criminality of the psycho state of Israel……I also see that the puzzle about the disappearance of Amelia Earhart back in 1937 may have finally been solved by researchers finally proving that her aircraft crashed at Nikumaroro atoll.  A fragment found there in 1991 has now been finally identified as being part of her aircraft.   But the mystery of what happened to her after that crash landing is still up for speculation including her possibly being picked up by the Japanese to be finally executed at Saipan.  There is still more to come about this part of our history that we are not being told….. I see that Arsenal is finally on a winning track by beating up Burnlea yesterday 3-0 at Emirites Stadium.  Still a long way to go for the Gunners though…….. And finally, yes, my shot at the great American family, the Kardashians.  It appears that at least one person may have finally gained a brain and broken away from that family of misfits, skanks, and trollops.  Bruce Jenner supposedly has finally signed the divorce papers and is supposedly free of what he claims is a control freak, aka, Kris Jenner.  Heck, maybe this is just a thought, but maybe the whole human race can finally divorce itself from these freaks?  Its just an idea, but hey, I can dream…..

More to come


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