Thursday, November 20, 2014

Further On Criminal Nations Agreement To Steal Everyone's Savings Accounts: Important Video Discusses Financial Crisis And Bank "Bail Ins"

As I stated in a previous report, the G20 "summit" in Brisbane Australia last weekend was a complete farce... The criminal leaders of the G20 nations used their bashing of Vladimir Putin as a cover and smokescreen for their REAL agenda which was of course to sign off on a very criminal agreement to basically steal everyone's savings account monies if their Jewish banking lords and masters ever declare a state of financial collapse!   People everywhere MUST be alerted to this travesty and absolutely move right now in getting every cent in their savings accounts out immediately...

I have long been reporting on the present financial situation which to me is a complete debacle... The reports coming out of America right now are still LYING in stating that the economy is "recovering" when in reality the entire world's financial system is about to have a major "correction" which in reality is a full reset and/or collapse!   The result will be catastrophic for most nations, and at that point our criminal leaders will enforce the new "regulations" agreed to at this recent G20 "summit" and call for bank "bail ins" which is nothing more than outright theft of everyone's hard earned savings!

To help explain in some detail the facts about the present financial crisis and the lies of bank "bail ins", I want to turn to a very good video that has just been released by Youtube user "The Money GPS - Author Exposing The Truth", that is entitled: "Quadrillions In QE Will Happen & G20 Prepares Global BAIL IN Strategy"..... It is a must see by everyone who is concerned about their savings in criminal banks, and I have it right here for everyone to view for themselves... I have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  Well, there you have it.... These criminals are definitely going to fleece the general public of their hard earned savings when their lords and masters, the Jewish criminal banksters, finally come calling and demand the money to save their asses!

It is indeed significant that this criminal group, known as the "G20" nations, met and decided to bring forward this policy... And the criminal liars in the Jew spew media absolutely refused to report on this at all!

I again must state to everyone... Get your money out of any savings accounts NOW!   It is safer to leave the money at home in a secure spot rather than allow these crooks to grab it for their own criminal needs....

Again, the financial collapse is indeed coming... There is no other possible explanation for this move by the crooks at the G20 summit.... Be prepared, everyone...

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