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While The World Is Staying Focused On The Ebola "Crisis": Very Important World Economic News - Russia, China, And European Nations, Are Moving Rapidly Away From The US Dollar As Their Reserve Currencies!

Yes, the news everywhere around the world has continued to be about the Ebola "crisis"…. You cannot turn on any of the Jew spew media outlets these days and not watch the constant harping by the liars in our media with their constant scare mongering about this Ebola "outbreak" and calls for something to be done about this crisis, meaning the impending forced inoculation of the general public by big Pharma's poisonous vaccines…. I am still not convinced that we are dealing with a real "pandemic" and have continued to wonder if this fear mongering is being done purposely just to divert attention away from what is really happening elsewhere on the planet….

For this report, I want to concentrate on important news other than this "Ebola pandemic" fear mongering….  I came across a very startling report that just came out over at Blacklisted News at, that is ABSOLUTELY too important to overlook… The article is entitled: "Its Starting: Russians And Chinese Are Ditching The Dollar, And Europeans Are Using Renmindi In Their Reserves", and as the title states it appears the world is now moving away from the US dollar as their reserve currency which spells not only the end of the US dollar hegemony across the planet but could also see the full economic collapse of the United States itself…. I have that important article right here for everyone to see for themselves, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

October 17, 2014


At present, US dollar accounts for roughly 61% of the world's foreign exchange reserves.

It's still a safe bet for most, not because the currency is actually strong, but because so many others are already so reliant on it.

Between those with reserves in and pegs to the US dollar, many countries have given their allegiance, and now have a vested interest in the health of the currency.

Due to this common interest, a sort of unofficial, involuntary alliance has been formed between them all.

Together, they’re all playing along, pretending that everything is fine. If the dollar collapses, they're all screwed, so they've got to get each other’s backs.

From the throne of the world’s reserve currency, the Federal Reserve, with the power to print the US dollar, feels dangerously omnipotent.

They can get away with just about anything. For now.

The central bankers get to print dollars and spend them at current prices, before the stuff hits the wider market and diminishes its overall value.

And for the time being they don’t really face any consequences. The whole world just absorbs it. Other countries really have no other choice.

But they’re getting tired of putting up with this abuse, and the unrest is growing. New alliances are being made, this time to dethrone the dollar.

Just this week yet another currency swap agreement was made between the Chinese and Russian central banks. This time for 150 billion renminbi.

Trade volume between China and Russia will reach $100 billion (600 billion renminbi) next year, and is expected to reach $200 billion in 2020. This latest currency swap agreement will greatly reduce the need for dollars in their transactions.

Currently, 75% of trade between the two countries is settled in dollars. When they signed the agreement for the bilateral currency swap, Russian deputy Prime Ministers said this will “encourage companies from the two countries to settle trade in local currencies and avoid the use of a third country’s currency.”

Who do you think that was aimed at?

Threatened by the growing strength of China and Russia, the US is actively working to vilify the two. Between the headlines of war, both cyber and military, the government is unsubtly trying to bring back the days of yellow peril and the red scare.

However, it can't use the same tactics on its longstanding ally—Europe.

Even the European Central Bank has started discussions on the possibility of including the renminbi as one of its reserve currencies.

And the euro and the renminbi are already directly tradable as of this month.

On Tuesday the UK also became the first country besides China to issue a sovereign bond in renminbi.

This coincided with the issuing of 180 million renminbi of corporate bonds by China’s ICBC in South Korea. Another first. South Korea is firmly on the renminbi train as renminbi deposits in the country jumped 55-times in just one year.

It’s very clear where the trend is going. All these news items are pieces of the same puzzle. The US dollar’s throne is shaking as it’s losing its importance and status as the preeminent currency in the world. Renminbi is on the way up.

The whole existing order of a single ruling currency is currently being challenged.

A new financial era is coming.


NTS Notes:  I have long said that the Jew spew media in America may be using this "Ebola crisis" as a means of diverting the short attention spans of the average American citizen away from what should really concern them, which is of course the collapse of the US dollar and total collapse of their own nation's fragile economy.

It is also no coincidence that nations are now moving away from the US dollar in their reserves, because the implementation of the BRICS nations initiative for a full independent trading block away from the United States and the US dollar, with full adaptation of their own currency for trade, takes effect as of January 1st, 2015.   This move could indeed spell disaster for the United States and the US dollar...

It does appear that the end of the US dollar as the world's reserve currency is finally at hand.. The rapid move by nations now away from the US dollar as their reserve currency could indeed explain the actions of the criminal United States government in their seeking of war against nations such as Russia and China… These insane lunatics would rather risk a world war than see the ponzi scheme of the US dollar finally come to an end…

Yes, the Ebola "crisis" is indeed of deep concern to everyone, whether it be legitimate or not, and its consequences could see the deaths of millions of Americans… But the collapse of the entire US economy should be just as much a concern, because its dire consequences could also see millions of Americans perish as well….

It is good to finally look at what else is happening around the world rather than concentrate and focus so much attention to the Ebola "crisis"…. Again, there is so much happening around the world other than this pandemic fear, and I will continue to put up those reports for everyone to see for themselves.. Stay tuned..

More to come


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Anonymous said...

As I have shared with WW, the jig is up. I have seen too many mistakes made by the players (actors), including the first "patient" who was brought to America, had no suit or protective gear on and saw him (sick with Ebola) jump up and run.

Then, just in the past few days, a CDC handler was captured on video running with 4 or 5 suit protected people taking a "patient" to an airplane. The handler had nothing to protect him except a clip board.

The rationale given was that they had to sacrifice a person's life because the others could not see very well with those suits on, so one had to have unobstructed vision.

Sorry, Dude (no offense to you NTS) you're dead.

Well, except for that miraculous Ebola protecting clip board, he'd be dead.

The whole thing is a sham, as far as Ebola goes.

Will these crazy bastards mass kill us with something else?

Nothing would surprise me.