Monday, October 20, 2014

Turbulent Times Show Today At 6PM CDT (7PM For Those On The American East Coast)

Whitewraithe and I are going to do a Turbulent Times show tonight at 6PM Central Daylight Time…

The subject for tonight's show will be a discussion on this so called 'Truth Movement".  We will discuss who the real seekers of truth are in this so called "Truth Movement", and who exactly the shills and agents that have been out to ruin our efforts are...

It will be a LIVE broadcast, and is of course available over at Outside Radio at  

We will of course have our chat room open for those who want to discuss this topic and to ask questions… It is available at   Wraithe and I will be monitoring that room during our broadcast…Trolls will of course be booted!

You can also call in via Skype… Just follow the link at Outside Radio, or Skype "Delcroix2012" during the broadcast…..

Hope to see you there!

More to come


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Anonymous said...

This subject needs open disclosure by bloggers. It is much more important than arguing Hitler. These criminals of many wars include American leaders, Exposing those STILL living and in power, under the control of Israel and Jews:
Prisoners of War Betrayed
1919 US soldiers were sent to fight with White Russians against the Bolsheviks. 60 were captured and were left behind when the US military expedition failed. US declared them dead.
Thousands of US soldiers and Americans were imprisoned in Russian gulags during and after WW2. And left there to die.
Allies and Russia genocided thousands
Korean War
Viet Nam