Thursday, October 23, 2014

Ottawa Parliament Hill False Flag Shooting: Even More Evidence Of This Being A Set Up!

I am continuing to pour over material today concerning that "shooting" that took place in Ottawa yesterday, and the more I read and sift through all the articles, coming both from the liars over at the Jew spew media as well as the alternative media, the more I smell a rat... Everything about this shooting does not make any sense, and we now have the Canadian criminal Harper government using this shooting as a major weapon to convince the skeptical Canuckleheads here in Jewish occupied Canada to support his fraud war on the fraud "ISIS" in the Middle East!

I want to share with everyone the following very important article that comes from 21st Century Wire, at It is entitled: "Canada Shooter Media Hoax: FOX News Says "Its Terrorism, Its ISIS", and even from the title, anyone with common sense will also start calling this thing a set up!  I have the link to that 21st Century Wire article right here:

OK, for anyone with at least 1/2 a brain, they should know by now how much truth comes out of "FOX news" and for them to run that type of reporting should be a dead giveaway that we are dealing with another false flag operation...

Then we see from the evidence presented by 21st Century that many of the so called security forces were ALREADY IN PLACE when this "shooting" took place which alone means this was indeed a set up from the beginning...

Then we have the following from the Reactor Breach forum at, that is entitled: "Mossad Does Ottawa" that also calls this shooting a hoax and a set up, and even questions the need for a guard at a War Memorial! (Yes, why do we need a guard at a stone memorial at all?)... I have that link here:

NTS Notes:  The more I look into this shooting, the more I see an operation for the goal of scaring the Canuckleheads here that they must run to support the criminal Harper regime's fraud war on that fraud and "evil ISIS" in the Middle East...

The Canadian Jew run media has again also conveniently labeled this "lone gunman" as a "crazed and evil Muslim" supporter as well as a follower of "ISIS"........Considering the fact that "ISIS" is indeed a fraud and nothing more than a Mossad/CIA front, how much more convincing do people need that we are again being played as suckers?

There is still much much more about this "shooting" that I have not covered, and I will try to bring as many interesting and truthful reports forward here in the coming days... Stay tuned...

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Anonymous said...

Robert Fox being returned [DEPORTED]
to Canada was just a coincidence..

....could you check up on Robert,

as a "Journalist"...?

there's a lot more to the story..




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RickB said...

Canadians and Americans will respond 100% of the time as the manipulators of events expect them to respond.

Not so the Spanierds with the train bombs in Madrid that were meant to have Spanierds vote for Aznar and join the Iraq war alliance.

Immediately after the bombings, people all throughout Spain poured out into the streets with "Don't Lie to Us" signs... and Aznar was soundly defeated in the election. Bravo, Spanierds!

Of course our jewish MSM depicted the Spanieards as cowardly.