Thursday, October 23, 2014

Ottawa Parliament Hill False Flag Shooting: Making Sense Of Ottawa Shooting

I have been busy the last few days with a grueling work schedule and only now have I been able to pour over some of the so called Jew spew "media reports" about this shooting that just took place in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada yesterday, October 22nd, 2014..... What I have been seeing just absolutely does not make sense and I smell a rat..... The media up here in Canuckleheadistan (what I sometimes call Canada these days) has been going absolutely overboard with their ridiculous reports about this shooting... One man, supposedly now what these liars in the media are calling a "crazed Islamic extremist" shot to death an honor guard at the Canadian War Memorial (ok, why the heck there of all places?) and then supposedly entered the Parliament building in Ottawa with a rifle (And nobody noticed he was carrying a rifle?  Where the hell is the security detail?) and then fired off a few shots in the halls before being gunned down by one of the security personnel (An old guy with a hand gun?... Again where the heck is the building's security personnel with their high powered weapons?)... Since this tragic event, the Jew run media has been going nuts with pages and pages of reports in the Jew run so called "newspapers" as well as the Jew controlled Talmudvision here.... I for one see this as a set up and a way for the criminal government that controls Ottawa to say to the Canadian people that they must support the fraud "war on terror" as well as commit to the fight against Mossad/CIA controlled and operated ISIS in the Middle East!  Again, this "shooting" stinks to high heaven.....

I have been pouring through material for this article from other writers as well, and I came across a great one from a fellow Canadian, Henry Makow, through his website: Henry at, that calls into question this shooting and sees this "shooting" as a false flag operation as well... His article is entitled: "Making Sense Of Ottawa Shooting" and I have the link to that important article right here for everyone to view for themselves... I do have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  Many people would question why I have Henry Makow's article here, considering he is Jewish and at many times in his other works never ever mentions the criminality of the so called "chosen ones"... But this report is absolutely spot on, and again states exactly what I have been thinking... That this is absolutely a false flag operation to strike fear into the gullible Canadian sheep... The propaganda effect of this fear will be used to convince skeptical Canadians that they must support the fraud "war on terror" and against "radical Islam" and of course the laughably fraudulent "ISIS" in the Middle East...

The timing of this "attack" in Ottawa could not have been more perfect for the criminal Harper regime... They had just committed over the last few weeks Canada's involvement in the direct war against the phoney "ISIS" in Iraq, with his approval ratings at rock bottom... Then we have the skeptics and critics demanding reasons for Canada to get directly involved in a conflict that they have no business to be involved in... And voila, we have this "radicalized" and "crazed" gunman in Ottawa that conveniently is also a supporter of "ISIS" do this attack.... Now the criminal Harper regime can use this "attack" to inflame the Canadian public and have them be stupid enough to support Harper's folly in the Middle East!

And for those critics of me that would suddenly think that I am callous and wrong about this shooting... I say to them that I do feel for the soldier that was shot in front of the National War Memorial in Ottawa, and of course for his family... However, we cannot overlook the facts that this "attack" was so ridiculous and unusual in its aspects (Why that memorial? And considering the gunman carried a rifle into the Parliament Building, where was the Parliamentary security?) and I therefore am calling this exactly what it is... A false flag attack to swing Canadian public opinion into supporting the criminal Harper regime's fraud war on the fraud "ISIS".....

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Anonymous said...

Just wanted to note that Makow being born "a jew" isn't a reason to ignore him, he is an insider to the cult just as Jim Stone was former NSA.

If you are unfamiliar Makow has done many many many articles specifically on the criminal cult nature of zionist talmudic judaism, and has been labeled a "self-hating jew" by terrorist groups like the B'Nai brith (Guess "anti-semite" doesn't stick to a jew).

The fact that he is also a PHD helps to further explode the brain of most brainwashed people.

Check out the archive section of his website, look at his articles, not the ones from contributors that he posts, you will find lots on things like the USS Liberty etc

Keep up the goodwork shining the light on these terrorist cockroaches

Anonymous said...

As an example of what I said regarding Makow here is an article I have not printed off yet still adding my own comments but shows exactly what I said

Let's not give these shit eating cock sucking insane racist criminal worthless scumbag terrorist scum an excuse to pretend that anyone other than themselves are the racists.

Being born a "jew" doesn't make someone a racist, making the decision to choose to be a racist worthless piece of shit makes someone a racist.

Let's not give the cultists an excuse for them "not being responsible" for their decisions.

Anonymous said...

Here's a good example of a Makow article, tried to post it before no need to double post this if it was just delayed


Clearly, the Canadian Museum of Human Rights is there to advance the Illuminati Jewish (Zionist) agenda, which is to grant rights to some but not others. Racism for Israel. Multiculturalism and miscegenation for the goyim. Rights for homosexuals and transgendered people. No rights for heterosexuals, fathers and nuclear families. Rights for minorities. No rights for majorities. Rights for perverts, atheists and Satanists. No rights for Christians."