Monday, October 27, 2014

Ottawa Parliament Hill False Flag Shooting: BOMBSHELL! - RCMP Forces At Parliament Hill And In Place BEFORE Shooter Arrives

It is surprising that now a full 5 days after the "shooting" on Parliament Hill in Ottawa Ontario Canada that the Jew spew media up here in Jewish occupied Canada is still going hog wild with reports about that shooting and the alleged "Muslim Extremist ISIS Supporting" gunman..... I find it disturbing that the Jew spew media and all media outlets, especially the Talmudvision, continues to ram this constant message into Canadian brains that our country is now "under attack" by the FRAUD "ISIS" group, and that we as Canadians must now support the criminal Harper regime in their fraud war on terror....

I always knew there was something wrong with the shooting on Parliament Hill last Wednesday, October 22nd, at approximately 955am in the morning EDT..... There are just too many holes in the "official" report and I and others have smelled a rat from the very beginning....

Well, brace yourselves, for here comes some definitive proof that this "shooting" was a set up from the word go... For according to the following very important report that comes from the Max Resistance website, at, apparently the RCMP was ALREADY IN PLACE a full 15-20 minutes before the shooter arrived at Parliament Hill.... First, here is the link to that Max Resistance report, that I want everyone to read fully... I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  What we have here, readers, is the smoking gun that shows that this shooting was indeed a set up.... There can be no excuse for the amount of RCMP personnel on the scene before the shooter even arrives on the scene other than to be in place for the operation that was about to unfold...

All we have to do is look at the pictures taken by the Parliament Legislative Assistance at the link above to see that something was definitely up... There can be no other logical conclusion...

I have long said that the criminal Harper regime would be working nefariously in a drawn up plan to not only commit Canada to the fraud war on the fraud group "ISIS", but they would also be planning such an operation to use the propaganda of fear to have Canadians surrender some of their freedoms for the illusion of security... Apparently the operation of October 22nd on Parliament Hill was part of the plan!

Pass this important information around for everyone to see for themselves... We are all being led astray by evil criminal governments that absolutely want to suppress our freedoms... They must be stopped or we will all be soon put into permanent tyranny...

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Penny said...

Hey North

I would love it if you would have a read of this post

Gladio style operation? hell Ya!

Seems canada's counter terror operatives were on the scene in Ottawa, that day, as that took place

But, that's not all!

JTF-2 was in Libya in 2011, so was the father/stepfather of the shooter- he was on the NATO take down team- same as JTF-2 was and who else was in Libya?
The shooter!

What are the odds North?
JTF-2 in Libya
The shooter in Libya
The shooters father in Libya
in 2011

All at once, working towards the same goal.
Coincidence? I think not.

Also, did you get a load of the gun this guy used. If he was going to cause max mayhem he had the entirely wrong weapon

Read about the gun here

This is such a psyop!
It has me freaked out because everywhere flags at half staff and endless blathering all over the place- sucking the masses in
traumatizing with terror- controlling with fear
no dam good North- no dam good!

Northerntruthseeker said...

Great information, Penny.. and more facts that show that this was a set up...

Anonymous said...

The video post from Zen I shared before is all one needs to see to understand it was a setup.

Cameras pre-positioned at crucial areas to film the false flag show. But the cameramen were caught.

Anonymous said...

No important truth that counters current lies and propaganda is being posted by Rivero at WRH. He avoids topics and bloggers that are exposing the official agendas of Jewmeristan with facts and evidence. WRH is now maybe 80% rubbish, but even the other 20% still doesn't include crucial facts from reputable, reliable sources that he gets paid to ridicule and deny. That is what membership fees do, at least partly.

Anonymous said...

Harper called both Bibi Netanyahu as well as Obama after the event