Sunday, October 5, 2014

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, October 5, 2014


Sunday … And time again for my weekly rant….

First, I want to say that this weekend is "Yom Kippur" for the criminal Jewish cult… Last Friday was of course their "Day Of Atonement" when they go into their synagogues of evil, and stand up and pray to their god "Yahweh" that all of their crimes, especially against the Gentiles, are somehow absolved for the upcoming year… It is their way of somehow making all of their crimes against  humanity somehow be forgiven and gives them their "out" to lie, cheat, and steal, for at least a whole year…. To me this is one of the most ludicrously ridiculous and disgusting aspects of Judaism as a whole… It is bad enough that we are dealing with a group bent on world domination and the enslavement of the rest of humanity, but to somehow say that their crimes are "absolved" in the eyes of their "god" is beyond disgusting….

I also received a comment this last week where the laughable commentator again accused me of being "antisemitic" for my articles and views…. I can only laugh at these fools that cannot see the truth that "antisemitism" is a ridiculous ploy being used by a cult whose membership is not even Semitic.   I and others have tried for years to explain that most of these criminal "chosen ones" are actually Khazars who originated from the central steppes of Russia and do NOT have one single drop of "semitic" blood in their whole lot.    The fact is simple here.. These criminals need some of these falsehoods such as "antisemitism" to hang on their opponents to try to prevent them from exposing their criminality.   They have used the fraud of "antisemitism" to scare their opponents into submission while they continue their criminal activities and their pursuit of world domination… The truly ironic thing about "antisemitism" is that the only real "semites" are the Palestinians that they are right now brutally murdering just to steal the land of Palestine for themselves… Therefore to be called an "anti-Semite" is to claim that I and others are against the true Semites, the Palestinians!  Bottom line here; It shows how these criminals are truly the deceivers of mankind that they have been able to use "antisemitism" falsely as a weapon against their enemies….

I have long tried to figure out why we, as human beings, have allowed such evil to take hold on the planet, and I have wondered if it has to do with the human psyche itself… I have studied so much of human history and basic human psychology over the years, and it seems that we as human beings have never grown out of some of our primal instincts and the need for control, want, lust, greed, selfishness, etc…. It seems also that human beings are much like other animals and are still extremely territorial…Also these primal instincts have done great damage to human beings with the rise of parasitism… We see the result of how we have allowed parasites to come into being with cultish "religions" such as Judaism take hold which of course feed off of the rest of humanity with their selfishness, greed, and a want for power over everyone else….The result today is a world torn apart and reeling on the edge of self destruction… The conclusion that many may reach is that human beings as a whole are not civilized at all, but are creatures bent on their own destruction.   Sometimes I do wonder if these people are actually right….

Anyways, on to the real news at hand… The Ebola "outbreak" in America is spreading, supposedly, with reports coming out everywhere now across the United States of new patients that are showing signs of "Ebola" symptoms…. But I am perturbed about several aspects of this "outbreak" that I have come across over the last few days that show that we may be dealing not only with a totally different virus other than "Ebola" and that again this may be all part of a very sinister false flag…

Jim Stone over at just came out with an interesting article the other day that exposes the so called "Patient Zero", Eric Duncan, that has afflicted Dallas and parts of Texas with this new "strain" of "Ebola", as a possible operative and scam artist… This "Eric Duncan" rather than a poor victim of this "Ebola Outbreak" was actually a former director of the US "Peace Corps" as well as  former Vice President of Bank of America for 15 years supposedly before moving into the position of head of the "Peace Corps".   This flies in the face of all the so called Jew spew media reports about this man being a "poor victim" of this so called "Ebola outbreak" that unsuspectingly (?) transported the "virus" to America from Liberia…. From the material that Jim Stone and others have dug  up about this "victim", I am seriously suspecting that we are dealing with a ruse and a planned false flag on America..

And again, we look at how the CDC and other so called "Health Organizations" in the United States has indeed handled the "outbreak" to this point… We find so many conflicting reports from the CDC that anyone can conclude quickly that they are flat out lying about everything that concerns this "outbreak"… And of course we find the reports, videos, and pictures, of so called CDC biohazard workers wearing absolutely NO protective clothing at all that would prevent them from exposure to the "virus" itself.  This is ridiculous enough, but we find the reports of Hazardous Material, or "HazMat" teams cleaning up suspected Ebola material not using any protective clothing and in one case actually flushing Ebola laden "vomit" down the drain using nothing more than conventional hoses.  All this and more makes sense if this is NOT a real "outbreak" as the Jew spew media and our criminal governments report, but something else equally as sinister….

I for one am now leaning over to the strong possibility with all of the damning evidence presented of this being indeed a "false flag" attack on America that will indeed bring about the long sought martial law plans by the criminal US President into play.  Many people living in the United States just do not understand that there is a law that will be activated if and when a "pandemic" is announced that will strip away the rights of American people, allow the government to take away their guns, and even go as far as to start rounding up suspected "victims" of the "pandemic" into FEMA camps… Yes, this is a very strong possibility of happening very soon, and everyone must be aware of the real circumstances and what is really going on here before they allow themselves to be subjected to martial law and be rounded up…..

The other factor that comes into play with this "Ebola" scare that the Jew spew media is using as a weapon of propaganda on the American (and Canadian as well) people is of course the plans for an "Ebola Vaccine" that the criminal Pharmaceutical Industry is just frothing at the mouth to get into everyones' bodies…. These vaccines of course do NOT work at all, and will only be used to further turn victims into dumbed down brain dead zombies through the poisonous chemicals and Mercury they will contain.  The damage from these 'vaccines' will indeed be horrific and again many people will just be too stupefied by the machinations of the propaganda to realize this "cure" is much much worse than the disease itself!

Of course, I am still a proponent of the usage of supplements and vitamins to PREVENT this strain of "Ebola" or what ever else it truly is, from taking hold in our bodies… Vitamin C is still the best product out there that will prevent this "virus" from taking hold and doing its damage to the tissues of the lungs. This virus has indeed similar traits to other Hemorrhagic Fevers, such as Scurvy, that subject humans to massive blood loss through the weakening of lung tissue.  And as with the treatment of Scurvy by massive amounts of Ascorbic Acid aka Vitamin C introduced in the body, the same will work to combat this "Ebola" virus as well…. Yes, I have been reading a lot of reports about the usage of "colloidal silver" for combating this "outbreak", but Colloidal Silver is used against Bacterial infections and in most cases is useless against Viruses which are very different from Bacteria itself…. Vitamin C supplements are therefore to me still the best and cheapest most readily available choices to make if and when the criminal government announces that this "outbreak" has turned into a "pandemic"….

While this "Ebola outbreak" has taken up most of our Jew spew media reports this last week, there are still other crises all over the planet…. The fraud "ISIS/ISIL" so called "terrorist" group has continued to do their dirty work in convincing more and more governments to join with the criminal Americans in their fight against "terrorism"… The criminals who run the government in my own country, Canada, are now pushing hard to commit Canada as a full partner in this fraud "war on terror".   The criminal Harper regime in this once free nation is actually debating the issue of Canada joining in the American "coalition" against the fraud "ISIS/ISIL threat" and Canadians will find out as early as this coming week if this nation will join the other suckers in a war that has always been aimed at the peaceful nation of Syria… Disgusting is putting it mildly….

Yes, this fraud "ISIS/ISIL threat" has always been about regime change in Syria and Israeli hegemony over the entire Middle East as laid out carefully in the most evil "Securing The Realm" documents of the 1990's.… The US and Israel have now been carefully placing more and more military forces around Syria itself, and have continued their fraud "bombing" operations in Syria that have absolutely not been targeting any of their fraud "ISIS/ISIL terrorists" but have been aimed at Syria's infrastructure instead… I have already said for the last few weeks since the bombings in Syria began that there would be absolutely NO dead "ISIS/ISIL terrorists" reported (I have yet to see any) and in fact the real casualties would be Syrian government forces or Syrian civilians (dozens of civilians killed so far) and of course the Syrian infrastructure (oil refineries and granaries?).   The bombing campaign has been a sham and a farce, and even now the US and its "allies" are calling for a "no fly zone" over Syria as the guaranteed lead up to an actual ground offensive into Syria itself… It is coming, everyone.

We are watching the acceleration of the criminal attacks on the peaceful nation of Syria, and still we have not seen much coming from Syria's ally, Russia.   I can guarantee that Russia is not going to sit idly by while the Americans destroy their ally, and another peaceful nation in the Middle East, just for their masters in Israel…And yet there has been little that Russia has done so far other than to warn the Americans about their limits of patience… It does seem that as the Americans continue to ramp up the attacks there will come a time when the threshold of "patience" may be breeched and Russia will come into this regional conflict on the side of Syria itself.   At that point, as I have stated before, the entire Middle East could erupt into war that will quickly spread from a regional to a global conflict.  To me, it appears the Americans are playing this dangerous game thinking that the Russians will not get involved directly knowing full well their involvement could trigger World War III.   It is a dangerous game and the consequences are indeed frightening.

While the Middle East is continuing to erupt, it appears that another case of American meddling is taking place over in Hong Kong, where there are so called "peaceful protests" going on calling for a change of government over the enclave.   These so called "Pro democracy protestors" are not "Peaceful demonstrators" as the Jew spew media presents but are definitely American paid operatives along the line of the American operatives who helped overthrow the Ukrainian government in Kiev back in February of this year.   The head group, called "Occupy Central" has created havoc in Hong Kong for the last few weeks and has basically brought Hong Kong itself to a standstill for the last week alone.  This to me is by design and again we find the United States now trying to create a new headache in Asia which is of course aimed at China itself…

Yes, the United States is trying to stir up trouble with China by using its proxy "protestors" in Hong Kong as well as meddling into other nations dealings in the region as well…. The logical reason is due to the fact that China is already moving rapidly away from the US dollar in international trade and is getting ready for implementing the BRICS initiatives for currency trading for January of 2015.  The US criminal government now sees the BRICS nations as their major threat to the US dollar's long rule as the world's only reserve currency, and know full well that when BRICS puts their own currencies into play this coming January, it could spell curtains for the US dollar with the resultant full economic collapse of the United States itself shortly afterwards…. Therefore the US regime is doing everything possible to stop China by creating havoc in Asia.   And yes, the US criminal government is even going so far as to consider WAR with China to prevent the BRICS initiative from taking hold….  It is sheer madness to think that the US is trying to stir up trouble with a nation of some 1.4 billion people, but remember that these criminals will do anything to have their ponzi US dollar ponzi scheme continue… And yes, they would even consider war as an alternative!

The Global Warming clown college graduates are at it again this last week, with first a report that came out that laughingly claims that this "ISIS/ISIL crisis" was created by Global Warming (!)… These clowns behind the Global Warming scam have the audacity to claim that these "ISIS/ISIL terrorists" were created due to changes in the climate in the Middle Eastern region that has forced many people into these groups as a matter of survival (?).   Reaching for any excuses is an understatement…. And yet that is not the worst one that came out of these liars, for later on in the week I saw a report that says that this latest "Ebola outbreak" is also caused by the "Global Warming" changes in climate!   Yes, I have seen so many long lists of things that have been caused by the fraud of "Global Warming" and yet these two latest ones are even whackier than the rest….

And about "Global Warming" itself…. We have been having snow flurries around this area these last few days, with reports of abnormally early snow falls in both central Canada and across the American north west.   The fact is again that this shows the planet is actually cooling and we are heading into another very long brutal winter this year.   But damn it… The clowns behind the Global Warming fantasy are saying that this abnormal cooling is also caused by "Global Warming" as well!… The madness never seems to end….

I do have some good news while the world is going to hell… It seems that Whitewraithe is finally a lot better, and she has landed another job…. BUT this new job will cause a bit of a disruption in our "Turbulent Times" show for this coming week, due to the fact that her daily job ends at 6PM on Mondays...   This Monday's time slot of 6PM for our show is therefore out of the question,  and I will let everyone know when the next show will take place….We will have to go back to doing some "specials" until a better time slot is sorted out…..

Hopefully I have covered most of the key issues that I see going on in the world right now… There are of course others that I have not talked about and hopefully I can touch on them here in my usual "Last Minute Tidbits".  So here we go………The crisis in Ukraine is still going strong with more reports this last week of further "economic hardship" being imposed on the Ukrainian people.  These criminals in Kiev are now hanging by a thread and I do wonder when a true "peaceful uprising" will occur to overthrow that US puppet regime.  Considering the US/EU grip on Ukraine right now, there is a fat chance of that happening soon….. The conflict between Russia and Ukraine over natural gas is going strong, with a very cold and brutal winter coming up rapidly.  The Ukrainian regime is trying desperately to get the natural gas cut off from Russian supplies going again, and assurances from the US and EU that they will supply the natural gas shortfall themselves so that the Ukrainian people will not freeze to death this coming winter have meant nothing.  I suspect we will be seeing some type of appeasement by the Kiev to Moscow happening as early as this coming week….. A reader sent me a comment that a US Rabbi in Atlanta Georgia by the name of Shalom Lewis just the other day called for the extermination of all Muslims.  It is so amazing that such hatred is allowed in the US by these criminal Jews, and yet if anyone calls for the "extermination" of them, they are criminalized and called the usual laughable lie of "antisemitic". Hypocrisy at its worse…..The Scottish Referendum is over and I guess its time to give that a rest.  The criminals won that battle with more referendums for independence elsewhere in Europe coming soon.  I hope the people of Catalonia in Spain are ready for their future as well to be stolen away from them…...The economy continues to go to hell, with so many people everywhere out of work.  The US government put out a report that somehow claims that the unemployment rate in the US has fallen to around "6%" over the last while, and I wonder what kind of drugs these clowns are taking?  The real unemployment rate in the US is in fact rising rapidly and is well beyond the 20% rate making the number of people actually out of work in America right now at a comparable rate to that during the Great Depression.   America is definitely a mess right now, and people are sick of their lies that "recovery" is at hand……I did read the Darkmoon article about Arthur Topham here in Canada that faces the Jew run criminal Kangaroo court system at the start of 2015 for charges of "hate crime".  Supposedly the only crime that Arthur committed was for publishing the most evil "Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion".   Heck, if that is a crime, then here is the link to the Protocols here (even better in audio form) for everyone of my own readers to read and listen for themselves…… Yes, I did watch a bit of the Aussie Rules Football "Grand Final" where the Hawthorn Power destroyed the Sydney Swans.  Interesting game with quirky rules indeed, but you got to love a sport where grown men smash into each other on a field of play with no padding, helmets, or protection…..Arsenal faces its biggest challenge today with a major game against the Chelsea Blues. Both teams are undefeated so far and this game will go far into seeing who is the cream of the top.  Go Gunners………In case anyone wants to know, Fukushima is still going strong.  3.5 years after the initial "meltdowns" of 3 reactors and the world is still turning a blind eye to the problem and actually trying to fix the mess.  But again, wars for Israel count first and foremost……And finally, my weekly look at what really concerns most Americans, even above and beyond the Ebola "outbreak", the fabulous Kardashian family of misfits and trollops.  It appears the media went gaga this last week with a report that skank Kim refused to get out of her car at a gas station in California to pump her own gas.  Gosh, such important news indeed.  And then to top it all off, other paparazzi went ballistic over photos of the size of her huge rear end.  Yes, America, this makes news in your dumbed down society!   And I does back up my recent article about the average IQ of people falling dramatically……

More to come



Anonymous said...

Ebola fear propaganda being hyped by alt-news sites are following the "official" reporting, but not including info that infers ebola is a US government operation. "Limited hangouts" and "gate-keepers" on the black ops payroll will only backtrack --maybe-- when the true state of affairs gets revealed. Put a flame to the seat of their pants for their willful deception by continuing to report every bit of exposed truth. Jim Stone is often ignored, but seems to be the most reliable for unearthing info.

Anonymous said...

Canada, the not so free. NTS, how can you know if you have been free to think, for sure?

MK-Ultra Writer Hits Invisible Wall
October 3, 2014

When Ann Diamond, left, told her story of being a child victim of brainwashing
experiments, she discovered that an invisible force, the Illuminati, controls discourse and publishing in Canada. "Successful people," often mind-control victims themselves, are collaborators. Art and entertainment are means of inducting society into this satanic cult which controls the world.

Stephan said...

Oh my, I followed Press TV's link to the Rabbi's hate sermon, and it seems to be twice as long as Netanyahu's recent hate speech.