Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Canada Is Jewish Occupied Territory: Canadian Government Obeys Their Jewish Masters And Commits Canada Now To The Fraud War Against Mossad/CIA "ISIS"

I knew it was coming... For the longest time I have said that Canada's so called "elected government" in Ottawa is nothing more than a group of shills and would do anything to please their Jewish masters.... I have seen absolutely nothing lately that has changed my perspective...

Now it seems again that I am right.. For according to this newest article that just came out today from the National Post website at, it appears that the Jewish controlled Canadian federal government in Ottawa has just voted, although very narrowly, to now commit Canada to the fraud war against the fraud "ISIS/ISIL" so called "terrorist" group, which is nothing more than a war against the innocent and peaceful nation of Syria!   I have that National Post article right here for everyone to see for themselves, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Canada at war: Vote to launch combat mission against ISIS passes 157-134 in House of Commons

Postmedia News and Lee Berthiaume, Stephanie Levitz, Canadian Press
Tuesday, Oct. 7, 2014

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper rises in the House of Commons on Parliament Hill to vote for an air combat mission against ISIS on Tuesday, Oct. 7, 2014. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Justin Tang

Canada is again at war.

One by one, Conservative MPs in the House of Commons led by Prime Minister Stephen Harper voted late Tuesday to join the war in Iraq, passing a controversial motion that clears the way for Canadian CF-18s to embark on airstrikes in the Middle East.

After two days of debate, the motion to launch a combat mission against the militants of the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS) passed 157-134.

Some 155 Conservatives voted in favour of the motion, with the help of Independent MP Brent Rathgeber and Green MP Bruce Hyer, while the NDP and the Liberals were opposed. Liberal MP Irwin Cotler abstained from the vote.

“We do not take this step lightly,” Harper said in a statement following the vote.

“It is imperative that we act with our allies to halt ISIL’s spread in the region and reduce its capacity to launch terrorist attacks outside the region, including against Canada.

“Our government has a duty to protect Canadians and to shoulder our burden in efforts to combat threats such as ISIL. We must do our part.”

Combat missions do not ordinarily require Commons approval, but Harper himself promised any combat mission, including airstrikes, would be subject to a debate and a vote.

In a statement of his own after the vote, NDP Leader Tom Mulcair accused the Conservatives of “plunging Canada into a prolonged war without a credible plan,” and said the motion which expressly permits airstrikes in Syria, too, with Syrian approval exposes Canada to a bloody civil war in that country.

“Time and again, Conservatives have refused to answer clear questions and been evasive on critical details of this mission,” Mulcair said.

“It is impossible to have confidence in the judgment of a prime minister who sends Canada into an unclear mission for an unspecified period, in an undefined area, with uncertain utility.”

Canadian military officials in the region will now be tasked with ironing out the final details with allies so the first of up to six CF-18s, two surveillance aircraft, a refuelling plane and about 600 Canadian Forces personnel begin to arrive in the region.

A senior government official said those discussions are expected to take about three weeks, and include figuring out where the Canadian aircraft will be based and how they will be integrated into the overall bombing campaign.

Canada joins Britain, France, Denmark, the Netherlands and Australia as well as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan and Bahrain in launching air strikes against ISIS.

The U.S. military is co-ordinating the allied effort, but Canadian officers will be responsible for running Canada’s mission, all the way up to defence chief Gen. Tom Lawson.

The U.S. has faced criticism for targeting not only ISIS forces, but also destroying such infrastructure as gas plants, power stations and grain silos. An unknown number of civilians have also been killed in the airstrikes.

The CF-18s are expected to come from CFB Cold Lake in Alberta and the Polaris refuelling aircraft from CFB Trenton. The two Aurora surveillance aircraft could come from either CFB Comox on Vancouver Island, or CFB Greenwood in Nova Scotia.

Postmedia News is reporting that Canadian military officials are in discussions with Kuwait to base the CF-18s and other aircraft there. Kuwait served as a staging area for Canadian military operations in Afghanistan during the latter years of Canada’s involvement there.

The mission will initially run up to six months and be limited to bombing targets in Iraq. However, Prime Minister Stephen Harper has said the mission could be extended and expanded into Syria if the Syrian government gives its permission.

With Tuesday’s vote in the House of Commons, Canada is sending its military into its third combat mission in less than a decade. The Canadian military fought the Taliban in Afghanistan between 2005-2011, and participated in a NATO-led bombing campaign in Libya in 2011.

Canada’s combat mission to Iraq will include CF-18 Hornet fighter jets, surveillance planes and support personnel for up to six months. Matthew McGregor/Canadian Forces

The mission has become a lightning rod for political debate, with the NDP and Liberals accusing the Conservative government of dragging the country into an ill-advised war with no easy exit.

The NDP, in particular, has pointed to the current situations in Afghanistan and Libya, as well as the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq, as proof western military intervention has actually contributed to instability.

Following Tuesday night’s vote, NDP leader Tom Mulcair issued a statement that claimed the Conservative government was “plunging Canada into a prolonged war without a credible plan to help victims of ISIS terror.”

“They have also opened the door to Canadian involvement in Syria’s bloody civil war,” Mulcair added.
Both the NDP and Liberals have suggested Canada’s focus should be on humanitarian aid, though they differ on whether any Canadian military mission is required.

Mulcair had tabled an amendment to the government’s plan that would take combat operations off the table, and instead emphasize humanitarian aid, investigation of ISIS war crimes and the transport of weapons to Iraq. It was defeated Tuesday night despite support from the Liberals, Bloc Quebecois and Green Party leader Elizabeth May.

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair is applauded in the House of Commons on Friday. Adrian Wyld/The Canadian Press

The Liberals have supported the deployment of 69 special forces troops to northern Iraq to provide advice and training to Iraqi and Kurdish forces fighting ISIS, and Liberal leader Justin Trudeau has left open the possibility of his party supporting a combat mission in the future.

“We will see what will be required in the coming months,” Trudeau told reporters before the vote Tuesday. “But now, for this vote tonight, the prime minister has failed to demonstrate transparency and accountability for sending Canada into war.”

With U.S. officials warning the war against ISIS could take years, the conflict now becomes a significant political issue for all three major parties as the country heads towards a federal election next year.

Putting an initial six-month limit on the combat mission means Canada can pull out if the airstrikes either do their job and eliminate ISIS as a threat, or are found to be ineffective against the group.

But it also gives the Conservative government an out if popular opinion turns against the effort. Several polls in recent weeks have suggested the majority of Canadians support airstrikes against ISIS, but all three parties know those sentiments could change before the election.

Tuesday’s vote came after the Conservative government limited debate on the mission by invoking what is called closure, or time allocation. Government House Leader Peter Van Loan said in an email the move was necessary to prevent the debate from dragging out indefinitely.

But opposition parties accused the Conservative government of abusing its power to limit debate by invoking closure a record number of times over the years. The government has limited debate on everything from budget bills to free-trade agreements.

Opposition parties also said the move raised fresh questions about the Conservative government’s commitment to transparency when it comes to sending Canadian military personnel into war against ISIS.

Just before the vote, Liberal MP Irwin Cotler announced he would be abstaining, saying he supported the need for an international response to the threat posed by ISIS under the auspices of the Responsibility to Protect, but that the government did not provide enough detail of its plan for him to support it.

Independent MP Brent Rathgeber and Green Party MP Bruce Hyer voted with the Conservatives in supporting the government’s plan for sending Canadian forces into combat in Iraq.

Postmedia News and The Canadian Press

NTS Notes: Well, so much for Canada being a nation of peace and one that usually is always involved in UN peace keeping missions...

It is sad that the Harper Conservatives show again exactly who they answer to by voting all unanimously as their Jewish masters command...The fact that almost the entire opposition voted against this call to war shows that there is some voice of dissent....And yet the motion was carried.... Canada sadly is going to war...

I am not shocked by the wording of this National Post article at all... The National Post here in Canada is controlled totally by Jewish interests and the slanting of this article towards supporting this criminal move by the criminal Harper government in Ottawa is very apparent....

The Jew controlled Harper government in Ottawa has done exactly what I expected them to do, and obey their orders to get Canada into this fraud "war on terror" against the PHANTOM and very fraudulent "terrorist group" called "ISIS/ISIL" that is absolutely nothing more than CIA/Mossad operatives... Now the die is cast and Canada has committed itself to this fraud war that is nothing more than a war on Syria itself as directed by the criminal and psychotic state of Israel to have Syria destroyed...

Yes, Canada is showing itself again as being nothing more than Israel's poodle again... This nation and its government should be committed exclusively and only to the needs of Canada itself, and not to a foreign power.. But again we all know by now who these criminals that are supposed to be our "elected representatives" actually answer to...

I am so disgusted now, and I am ashamed to call myself a Canadian.... This war is not about the fraud "ISIS/ISIL group" as these criminals  proclaim, but is for the destruction of Syria.  I hope that more people read this article and others by real truth seekers and wake up to that fact quickly....

And I am letting the people of Syria know, who are the true victims of this crime, that I have never supported this and will continue to dissent against this horrific crime against humanity committed by these criminals in Ottawa....

More to come



Anonymous said...

Fucking ZOG run hell hole. The police state is closing home. its time to go back to our European homelands my brother and sisters. Canada has done nothing to help anyone and its only going to get worse.

Anonymous said...

These genocidal racist psychopaths will never have enough innocent blood.

I can no longer sympathize with anyone who wants to continue enabling these traitor terrorist freaks.

Stephan said...

German Editor Confirms Mass Media is Controlled

Here is the video:

▶ Dr Udo Ulfkotte, journalist and author, on RT - YouTube

Anonymous said...

NTS, as usual, you are 100% correct on this. Canada has definitely fallen foul of the Zio-motherf***kers.

Now I know that Canadian elections, on any level, are hardly breathtaking events, but WHERE THE HELL were the Canadian people last two times around? How THE HELL did these bunch of fundy, hick, sodomites get elected?

The old adage that people get the government they deserve is not true in this instance. Canadians deserve much, much better than this bunch of 'israel'-first shills.

Their (patently false) lament that 'new anti-semitism' is on the rise in Canada is just a canard. What's rising around the world is anti-Zionism, disgust at the behaviour of that entity they call 'israel'. and a legitimate questioning of its so-called 'right to exist'. (It has none.)

Anti-Zionism is a human duty, as Zionism IS everything which humanity has come to despise over the millennia; hatred, supremacism, racism, torture, theft, discrimination, cruelty, lies, cheating....and the list goes on and on.

Zionism is every evil possible, all rolled up into one thing: 'israel'. It truly is a cancer that needs to be cut out, and dumped in the medical waste garbage heap of history as a very, very failed experiment, never to be repeated.

Keep up the great work, and stay clear of the RCMP Thought Squad!

Northerntruthseeker said...

Sadly, you are right....

I used to be proud to be a Canadian.. Now I really do not want to let people know that I come from this nation that has fallen under the Jewish yoke of tyranny.

Anonymous said...

Here's my comments I added when I printed it off, (some parts cut out due to character limit)

Briefly, this absurd "ISIS" was only invented because the first attempt to import foreign terrorists ("Syrian Rebels" according to media prostitutes, despite the fact that they aren't Syrian or "rebels") into Syria to overthrow the government or atleast stir up enough trouble to "justify" America bombing it into dust to "save it", because they did not betray their population and put them all down as perpetual tax slaves to a completely unneccessary fraudulently created IMF/BIS loan created from thin air that by design can only increase, failed and was immediately recognized for what it was by the few members of the population who do not have a delusional religious belief in media lies and have the common sense to research and form their own conclusions, instead of being fed them by prostitutes who don't know or care about them.

The formation of this "Al Qaeda 2.0" Boogeyman was a forgone conclusion because the genocide and enslavement of every country on the planet who did not betray their population to criminal fraudulent private banks who are behind every war by ordering it of the countries they have taken over to assimilate the only free ones left is set in stone, just as every other war since 2001 was set in stone decades in advance, and even published as such prior to 2001 by the Project For A New American Century group who were undemocratically appointed to the White House after publishing their genocidal corporate private banking conspiracy, and even had the "chutzpah"to admit they would need a "Pearl Harbor" event to sucker people into fighting these wars for the Bank of International Settlements/International Monetary Fund private central banking cartel's fraudulent profit and world monopoly on labor and wealth for absolutely nothing other than paper and ink that no country needs from them, never once publicly stating the actual reason for these wars.

Knowing it was a lie and why it was invented the second the ISIS lie was fed to the public, imagine my incredible "shock" to discover that the "leader" of "ISIS" is a Jewish Mossad agent.

The Mossad, whose motto is " by deception thou shalt do war" and are such effective shit shovelers that they have millions of people "sympathetic" for Israel as they butcher countless innocent defenseless Palestinians abandoned by the world boxed into a concentration camp, genocided for the "crime" of being a different race.

And the same lunatic Israelis who are absolutely thrilled with every picture of a child whose face has been blown off for being Palestinian see absolutely nothing "wrong" with their monstrous racism, but will not hesitate to cry "anti-semite" if you for instance mention the fact that the Israeli Air Force and Navy machine gunned, napalmed, and torpedoed the defenseless allied crew of the USS Liberty for nearly an entire day,with orders to not leave any survivors, because you are dealing with an institutionalized hate cult whose religion is psychopathy and hypocrisy.

What a surprise to learn that it is Israeli Mossad posing as the "evil muslim ISIS", just as on September 11th, 2001 when "Muslims" were immediately announced as the perpetrators, case closed by the Zionist media, when that day the NYPD arrested 5 Israeli Mossad Agents filming the towers exploding and cheering, who admitted to the FBI they were "sent in advance to document the event", and that "the event" was "good for Israel", sentiments echoed by Israeli PM and head terrorist Netanyahu.

With "allies" like Israel, who needs enemies?

"Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruits. ...A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit."

Anonymous said...

We see who Harper really serves here:

and here:

Look at the body language in the photo. Harper can now send Canadians in to die for Israel and his buddies clap and cheer.

Absolutely horrible.