Thursday, October 2, 2014

Average IQ Going Down? (Well, This Explains Why So Many People Are Like Sheep Today!)

I have always been mystified as to why people just do not get it.... I and others in the so called real "truth movement" have for decades tried to reach people to get them to understand the true evil on this planet, and how every single one of us are basically being prepped for perpetual enslavement.... We try again and again to explain how truly evil and crooked our governments are, how the media is nothing but bold faced liars, and how a certain criminal group who call themselves "chosen ones" are the ones "behind the curtain" controlling so many aspects of our lives, and yet all we get in response is wild-eyed stares and total ignorance.... I have long thought that these people are nothing more than dumbed down sheep and I personally am at a loss at times to explain why.....

Right now, I want to present a recent article from Jim Stone over at, that may explain why most people are basically beyond hope and are basically nothing more than sheep... The article is entitled: "Average IQ Going Down?" and I have it right here for everyone to see for themselves.. I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Sep 30 2014

Average IQ going down?

Here is a little hard reset, throw away anything else you are being told on this topic.

I have seen numerous reports on this topic, saying IQ was 70 in Britain 50 years ago, that average IQ for people is 91, and many many other erroneous and fraudulent claims about what IQ scores really are.

Here is the cold hard answer - though there are many IQ tests out there, the most common baseline is 100. This means that the dead average IQ of people overall is 100. Yet the current generation of people under 20 now has an IQ of 91. Do you know what that means? I will give you an example. 

Iq is like the richter scale. For every 10 points it goes up, intellectual capacity is actually 10X more. This is why people like Tesla had inventions that appear godlike and understood it all, one Tesla could out think a city of a million easily. That is why only a few great people came up with practically everything we use now.

So what does a drop from an average of 100 to 91 in one generation represent? Vaccine damage. I am absolutely certain vaccines are the reason. Obviously in the scamming zio press they are saying people are devolving, but you cannot devolve by over 80 percent of total capacity in one generation alone naturally. And it is not too much Iphone use, it is not too much television, it is not anything of the sort, the reason has to be external to all of those factors, including nature, to be as severe as it is. And we have one obvious culprit - intentionally destructive vaccines, which is why we have had an enormous explosion of "autism" while the Amish remain the same as ever. If chem trails, Fukushima and other pollutants were to blame for autism, the Amish would have it, and they do not.

Vaccines have now been formulated to severely damage every child, to take away every (non Jewish) child's real potential, and those who take the hit the hardest develop autism. That is all there is to it.

And why do I say "non Jewish?" Because before publishing anything on the topic of autism, I looked up the autism rates in Israel, and in 2013 they were 1 in 20,000. After I published this, the wayback machine was updated and the web was reverse wiped, with bogus back dated articles that put autism in Israel at the same level it is in the U.S., and that is a bold faced lie. And if you hit the comment sections where shills abound, they are all full of scammers saying the Amish get vaccinated the same as the rest of us and that proves vaccines do not cause autism, ANOTHER LIE. 

And the now published "fact" that Iphones, too many computers, television, and genetic devolvement wiped the 0-20 crowd down to an average IQ of 91 is another lie, if you want the real reason for why we, as a species are "devolving" just look at vaccines and autism, and it makes me shudder to think that the end goal of the "elite" is to get the average underclass child vaccinated down to an intelligence of 72 as evidenced by what they are now claiming the very near future will be. You can drive a car with an IQ of 72, you can do super basic troll type work with an IQ of 72, but from that position you will look up at those who were not destroyed, those with an average IQ of 100 and see them as intellectual gods. That is the goal, to sub chimpify mankind down to a level where intellect will never again challenge the privileged few, remember, a chimpanzee flew in the first space ship, but what has a chimp ever invented?.

For the record, an IQ of 100 is, always was and was forever supposed to be AVERAGE. If we have a generation that is now sitting there with an IQ of 91, something major happened that was horrific beyond belief.

NTS Notes: Yes, this article explains a lot, and backs up what I and others have witnessed when we try to reach people with the real truth.....

I have long said that this generation of people, who are graduating from schools basically illiterate and do nothing but bury their heads into smartphones, will actually be a lot dumber than previous generations.. Jim Stone's findings back up that as fact...

Yes, the criminal Jewish elite have done their damn worst over the last few decades in basically making people less intelligent... They have been adding poisonous and brain numbing Fluoride into our drinking water, have been adding toxic Mercury and other chemicals into so called "vaccines" and have been using poisonous additives and "sugar substitutes" in our food.... The result has definitely seen a decline in average human IQ, and that is being done on purpose... A less intelligent slave is a more productive one in their evil minds!

More to come



Jody Paulson said...

Have you ever seen the movie, "Idiocracy?" It's funny but it's kind of scary too, because you can see how the kind of horrifying stupidity of the movie's imagined dystopian future is totally being encouraged by today's mainstream media.

BTW, I want to thank you for all the good work on your blog, NTS. So few ppl care about what's going on, have the intelligence to see it, and the courage to post it.

Northerntruthseeker said...

I watched that movie, and I saw that it was a reflection of what our own humanity may indeed become... I agree that it is scary..

Thanks, and BTW, maybe someday you might consider me good enough to be part of the blog list over at your site, Jody...

Anonymous said...

NTS, bang on! Just look at the 'governments' people have elected into power (not public service) around the world. IQ levels below boiling point for water is just one of the explanations. Sadly, people think they're choosing the lesser of two evils, but just look at Canada.....nobody (literally) in their right mind would have elected that cabal, you'd have to be dumbed down, and what better way to do it than by poisoning the water.

Great work as usual, NTS.

Anonymous said...

Its also apathy. You can raise your IQ through study, practice, and reading

Rebekah said...

But on a positive note... In my life, yes, I'm seeing lots of dumbed down humans, yet I'm also witnessing a lot of people who are suddenly 'awakening' to all this stuff. People who I never thought this would happen to. Sooo... sure it looks bleak, but beautiful flower buds can still be found growing amongst the ashes. <3 I choose to experience the amazingness that this physical realm still has to offer... and I try to share that amazingness with other souls, as much as possible. Sigh. Only so much we can do.