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The Israeli Genocide Of Gaza Halted (For The Moment): This Is A Must See - Israel Caught Setting Up Rocket Launcher In Gaza!

I had to take yesterday off to take care of family and personal business... But it was an interesting day indeed, for it seems that the latest "ceasefire" by the criminal Israelis against the innocent people of Gaza seems to actually be holding, at least for the moment... That and the psychotic Israeli government did announce that it had pulled its murdering army out of the strip itself... Yes, the attacks have halted for the moment, but the cost to the innocent people of Gaza is frightening with some (reported) 1865 innocent lives lost as well as almost 1/3 of the strip flattened and reduced to rubble by the Israeli onslaught... It was again not a war, but a massacre...

I have been watching for the longest time the long list of excuses that Israel has been using for this slaughter in Gaza... As I showed in my last article, the latest lies of Gaza tunnels and the one Israeli "captured and missing" soldier were falling apart almost as quickly as the original lies of the three "Israeli youths murdered" by Hamas as well as the non-existent "Hamas rockets" that the criminal Israelis and their slave governments around the world continued to parrot.....

For this article, I want to concentrate on one of the worse lies perpetrated by these monsters as their long sought excuse for slaughtering Palestinians.. And that is of course their lie of Hamas "rockets" that they have always claimed were "raining down"on Israel and being launched from the very narrow Gaza strip.... I showed previously that these so called 'rockets' were indeed a fraud, and in EVERY single previous "firing" of these "rockets" it was easily provable that these rockets were actually launched by Israeli agent provocateur (Mossad agents) operating in the Gaza Strip itself....

Right now, I want to present the following article that comes from a fellow real truthseeker, Greg Bacon, who writes the blog "Goon Squad" at   The article is entitled: "Israeli Internal Security Team Caught Setting Up A Rocket Launcher In Gaza", and it is indeed a must read by everyone, and it backs up everything that I have said for years that these so called "rockets" being launched from Gaza are indeed being launched by Israeli Mossad operatives.  Here is that article, and I do have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Israeli Internal Security Team Caught Setting Up a Rocket Launcher in Gaza

What a pathetic piece of Israeli 'hasbara' this video is.

It shows NOTHING, just enough to let your Zionist infected mind to fill in the blanks. For starters, why are the faces blotted out? Because the Israelis are afraid someone will recognize one or more of their internal security agents.

The video is a compilation of several videos, crudely pieced together to show the clueless western MSM media that Hamas somehow setup, wired and launched this bottle rocket from a civilian location, inside a hotel courtyard, in a hotel filled with reporters and nobody called one of their IDF buddies to report this 'terrorist' act that started on August 4 and continues onto August 5, when something happened, can't tell what by looking at the video.

The mag running this story, "Business Insider" is run by a convicted con artist, Henry Blodget.
Blodget was born and raised on Manhattan's Upper East Side, the son of a commercial banker.

In 2002, then New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer published Merrill Lynch e-mails in which Blodget gave assessments about stocks which allegedly conflicted with what was publicly published. In 2003, he was charged with civil securities fraud by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. He agreed to a permanent ban from the securities industry and paid a $2 million fine plus a $2 million disgorgement.
What, Henry has no mother or was she too busy making matzo ball soup?

Here's part of what that "BI" piece said:
In the video, militants assemble a rocket launching system under a blue tent in a residential area on August 4. Three men made multiple trips into and out of the tent, connecting the device under the tarp with wires, before placing the launcher underneath a bush and some sand.
Which is total BULLSHIT. You can't see anything really, under that awning, and you damn sure can't see a 'rocket launcher.'

Damn, went back to the "BI" site to get the video and they've already taken it down. Shows how shitty that video was, that it can't pass a simple sniff test.

But found it on JEWtube:

'Bout as convincing as that FBI video released after 9/11 that they claim shows a 757 slamming into the Pentagon!

If the situation in Gaza wasn't so serious and tragic, this video would be a joke, but it does show you how desperate the Israelis are to deflect the growing cries for ICC involvement.

That's how crude this Israeli propaganda piece was, but let's wait and see until tomorrow, Wednesday and see if the totally worthless American MSM runs the video for brain-damaged Americans.

Here's a screen shot, see the Hamas mission control experts and the rocket gantry used to set it on the correct flight path? Sorry, couldn't resist being a smart-ass.

Gaza_Ham_RL_8.5.14 photo HRL_zps2706c506.png

Jim Stone has a good piece on this latest attempt by Israel to get the 'pity-party' going for that nation of Yid psychos, trying to avoid any war crimes indictments for their horridly brutal, savage and psychotic war against Gaza.
Purported "Hamas rocket launch video" shows neither a rocket nor a launch

If the purported "Hamas rocket" was real, the men could not have stood where they were and set it off, the back blast would have been too much. Greater caution is exercised with toy rockets, THE VIDEO IS A HOAX.

UPDATE: After seeing a few youtube vids of model rockets, I am calling it - the so-called "Hamas killer rockets" are nothing but toys with a total takeoff weight of less than two pounds, and the "launch video" makes it OBVIOUS, IF that video has a rocket at all.
If you wanted to front a rocket scam, THAT is how it would be done.

Right from the beginning, the reporter KNOWS it is a rocket launch that is about to happen, despite the fact that at no point in the video was any rocket ever visible. It is only claimed that is what is going on under the tent. Then voila! the tent gets moved away, and we are supposed to believe a branch on the ground is concealing the rocket. (this branch is in the top picture to the left and is not visible at all in the frame that is supposed to show a concealed rocket) THEN THE LAUNCH HAPPENS, AND IT IS NOT ON VIDEO, the camera pans only to a smoke plume after launch and I call B.S. on that, CAPTURING A ROCKET LAUNCH ON VIDEO ALWAYS HAS A ROCKET IN IT, HOW DID THAT GET MISSED?
My final thoughts:

The USA, Britain and even Israel have spy satellites flying over that 'SLC' constantly, so where's the satellite photos showing Hamas launching those bottle rockets? Israel also has drones flying over head 24/7, and I ask again, where's the drone video showing Hamas rocket launchers?
I've seen a couple on FOX that were obviously staged by Israel to garner sympathy for their genocide of the Gazans.

Plus, that rocket--or rockets--that were launched towards Tel Aviv that made airlines shut down flights to Israel, stopped as soon as the airlines enacted the sensible boycott of the Tel Aviv airport. Since all it took was a few rockets launched at Tel Aviv to raise hell with the Israeli economy, why didn't Hamas keep shooting rockets in that direction?

Why? Because those rockets were launched by Israel to help frame Hamas and give the Zionist butchers the sympathy and pity of the world when they were committing war crimes.

UPDATE: Like the night follows the day, the NYT is running a story on this latest Israeli hasbara operation, but the Times is being crafty, not actually posting the video on the story page, just giving a link to the Youtube site.

To me, that means the Times even realizes this story is slop, poorly produced Zionist propaganda designed to infect and inflame gullible American minds, to rouse them off the couch and get them cheering lustily for Israel.

Sorry, you 'old grey lady, but enough Americans have awoken to the treacheries of Israel and realize that Apartheid nightmare is the main cause of trouble in the ME and much of the world, so they're not buying your smelly Bullshit.

P.S. NYT, why aren't you allowing 'COMMENTS' on that story? Afraid commenters will bust your story wide open?


This morning, FOX is going to be pushing this propaganda video Big Time. This is a repeat of the same spin they put on lies about Iraq before the invasion. The Zionist MSM would release a 'dodgy' piece of hasbara over in Europe, then the next morning, the NYT or WaPo would carry the same story, giving it a legit sheen.

Israel might be feeling some heat, since there's a movement in Italy, started by academics and other professionals, to bring not only Israel, but its military and leaders up on war crime charges. Here's a snippet of that story:
The document calls for Israel to face an international tribunal, a Nuremberg-like trial, for its war crimes and the “slow genocide” of the Palestinian people. Italian activists believe that not only the Israeli military and the government, but also the entire state of Israel and “its accomplices” should be brought to trial over current events, as well as those in the past and “the foreseeable future.”
Holy fucking shit, Batman, if this gets traction, Italy and her citizens will start getting attacked by 'al CIA Duh' or other Zionist fronts to scare those brave people.

If that doesn't take the steam out of that drive, Israel might go completely psychotic and exercise their SAMSON directive, which calls for Israel to use its nuclear weapons to destroy the entire planet.

Add in that the blonde bimbo sitting front and center today on FOX N*** has on a REALLY short skirt, which makes for prime-time viewing for sexually frustrated American males while the Zionist entity slips in propaganda at the sub-conscious level.

Then there's other Americans, like the one who left the below comment at this "The Samson Option - How Psychopathic Megalomaniacs Blackmail The World With Nuclear War," who don't need their brain washed, since it's completely gone around the bend.

"I am a Christian American who loves Israel and the Jewish people very much and will back them all the way. I also know God has his hands on Israel and will destroy anyone who comes against her. You will see God let America fall because Obama turns his back on Israel."

Hang on to your seats, it's going to be a bumpy ride!

NTS Notes: Jim Stone, over at, is continuing his own expose on the fraud of this entire report put out by the Israelis of a "Hamas rocket" team.   His latest findings show clearly that there is no way in hell that Hamas could even build and launch such a rocket as these criminal Israelis claim...

It must be noted that the entire Gaza Strip itself has been on lockdown for the last 7 years at least, and has been under brutal occupation and surveillance by the Israelis over that time... That means that Hamas could not possibly get any of the parts and fuel required for these rockets into the strip itself....

It must also be noted again that these Hamas "rockets" have never ever hit anything of any importance or actually killed any Israeli Jews... The few "casualties" that were reported by Israel from the latest "barrage" of Hamas rockets were a few Bedouin Arabs and one person that supposedly died from a heart attack when air raid sirens wailed in his Israeli town.....  And we can look at all previous so called 'rocket' attacks where in each case the rockets were small, carried a relatively poor payload of explosives, and in each case landed and exploded away from any Israeli settlements which leads to the question of whether the Palestinians are really poor shots or we are indeed dealing with agent provocateurs.  I would say the latter.....

The conclusion is therefore simple here... Israel has used this "rocket attack" excuse to fool the world into again trying to be sympathetic to their acts of genocide against innocent people.   But when you analyze all the evidence about these "rocket attacks", you swiftly come to the conclusion that it is just another of their long list of lies....

More to come


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