Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Israeli Genocide Of Gaza Continues: Why Is THIS Not A War Crime? - Israel AGAIN Targets A UN Run School In Gaza!

I am so sick by what I am still seeing happening in Gaza... On the first inaugural Turbulent Times show, I laid it out clearly that the so called "official" number of deaths from this Israeli massacre of innocent and unarmed civilians in the Gaza Strip is absolutely greater than the reported "2100+" as of today.  It is simple logic because some 1.8 million people are locked up in an open air concentration camp that is barely the size of Manhattan Island in New York City..... And considering that part of that land has to be used for agriculture and other parts are taken up by the Gazan airport as well as other small areas for other purposes, the actual area that this 1.8 million people live in is about 60% or so of that entire area... Squeezing that many people into such a small area has forced the Gazans to build upwards to house their people... Therefore the majority that live in the very densely populated cities live in high rise apartments that in most cases are at least 8-10 stories tall...... With all that as fact, we can clearly see that when the psychos in Israel launch rockets and missiles into these densely populated buildings forcing their destruction, the death toll is easily at least hundreds in each case.   The bottom line here is that the actual death toll of Palestinians from the ruthless and genocidal Israeli assault is not the reported '2100' as the known liars in the media continue to promote, but is easily some 20-50 times that amount.  Whitewraithe came forward on our show and stated that the real death toll is easily 100,000+ and sadly I do agree........ This assault on Gaza is pure genocide, plain and simple....

But one major problem has always irked me about this senseless slaughter by the Israelis against innocent people, and that is the reports that these maniacs have been purposely targeting UN schools that have been used as refugee camps.... Even today, I came across the following report that comes from Ognir's Wake Up From Your Slumber website, at www.wakeupfromyourslumber.com where the psychotic state of Israel has indeed just launched an attack on another UN school/ refugee facility in Gaza.  Here is that report for everyone to see for themselves and I do have further comments to follow:

Israel launches attack on UN-run school in Gaza

In another gruesome act against Palestinians, the Israeli regime has attacked a UN school sheltering displaced and defenseless people against the Israeli offensive in the besieged Gaza Strip.

According to Palestinian media reports on Monday, several people were injured in the attack on the school in Jabalia, north of Gaza City.

Several UN-run schools have been hit since Israel launched its deadly offensive on the blockaded area.

Dozens of Palestinians have been killed in Israeli attacks on UN schools in the blockaded territory.

Israel shelled Abu Hussein School in Jabalia, located 4 kilometers north of Gaza City on July 30.

According to Gaza's Health Ministry officials, at least 17 Palestinians were killed by Israeli shelling against the UN-run school.

Scores of people also suffered injuries in the deadly attack on the UN-run school.

Source and full story: Press TV, 25 August 2014

NTS Notes:  OK, again, as I have said before.. WHY is this not a war crime? And why the hell has the UN not fully condemned the psychos in Israel for outright murdering refugees?   According to every international law, refugees are absolutely not supposed to be targeted, and here we have these maniacs slaughtering them with absolutely no moral thought..... It shows how psychopathic these monsters truly are.

But sadly again, we all know by now who controls the UN, and if there is any condemnation, then the Israelis would simply call on their US  puppets to VETO any resolution.   It is beyond criminal in my honest opinion...

Yes, Israel is indeed wanting every human being in Gaza to be slaughtered.  These maniacs want Gaza "ethnically cleansed" and they care not that their attacks harm helpless civilians and even refugees in ridiculous UN controlled shelters that are supposed to be there to protect them from harm.

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Gerry said...

I finally found somewhere that has some common sense of what is really going on!
I was in emergency services in Toronto.I was a police officer and noticed the news reports not even close to being accurate and some were right lies(I knew as I was the investigator)Sometimes I would GIVE a statement to the press and it was edited to death or edited out.Many other areas were also misguiding.
Finally asking some questions of others(superiors)I noticed I was being put on the outside of some circles.They wanted to push paper not investigate.I left to the Fire dept to help people as I had hoped to do with the police.
During a couple of decades of satisfyingly helping the public I noticed many things that I never noticed as a cop(mainly I had no exposure). The medical calls we attended were many and you attend with EMS and learned a lot.
I soon realized the pharmaceutical scam was huge!The bigger the bag of pills you had the sicker people seemed.I saw the inside of many trauma rooms to watch many useless doctors stand and freeze basically to let Nurses take over.(I have not gone to a medical doctor in almost 17 Years(Idon't need any pills)Now retired I have looked many truth sites and your site has hit a nerve(Which is good!)
Listened to your radio show which I thought was great.Good advise on the Vitamin c.I take 1000mg a day and did on the job as we always came into contact with the sick.I also take colloidal silver(make it)and use that for almost everything.
Thank you and the lady down south for you work,Gerry

P.S Keep up the common sense:)

RickB said...

It is not a war crime because there is no one to condemn it as such... because jews are doing it... stupid shabbas goyim, who are the great majority of gentiles search their souls for some justification for it because jews are doing it... it must be OK... somehow... because jews are doing it.

Shabbas goyim, who are the great majority of gentiles, who are cognizant of the injustice of zionism will plead along with their nice zionist jewish friends: please, please lets have nice zionism and all get along. You Hamas terrorists, be nice water carriers, stop the suicide bombing and terrorism so we can have a nice jewish state... so we can have finally have nice zionism.

Anonymous said...

Hi Northern, seriously the question needs to be asked now with the situation in Syria...how come Hezbollah was able to kick the crap out of the psycho khazar Jew freaks totally funded and armed by the USA, UK etc in a few months in 2006, but in Syria the Khazar freaks that are armed by the USA, UK etc and SYria this time have Russia on their side can't kick the crap out of these Jew funded inbreds?