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The Continuing Israeli Genocide Of Gaza: Further Proof That Hamas "Rockets" Are A Hoax!

The Israelis are back shooting their missiles at targets in the largest open air prison camp known as the Gaz Strip today, and again it does seem that Israel will again escalate the "conflict" with their ultimate goal still being the destruction of the entire Gaza Strip and the wiping out of its 1.8 million Palestinian inhabitants.  It is indeed genocide, and sadly the world is still brainwashed by the Jew spew media into the false notion that it is a "war".

Today, I had to spend a bit of time in a dentist's office this morning, and during my wait I happened to open up the so called local "newspaper" and lo and behold the major headline in the so called "international news" section was "Hamas firing missiles into Israel again"…. I actually read the entire propaganda piece and threw the paper down on the table in disgust… How in the hell can anyone read such garbage, I thought… And how in the hell can anyone actually believe such drivel without realizing that these so called "newspapers" are completely controlled by Jews and they of course want to make sure the dumb ass Gentiles are brainwashed into believing what they print… I knew that we still have our work cut out for us in getting the real truths about Gaza out to everyone…

For several articles now, I have harped on the fact that Hamas could absolutely NOT be launching so called "rockets" into Israel… The Gaza Strip itself has been on lockdown for around 8 years straight and everyone in that prison has been under close scrutiny and constant surveillance by the Israeli military.  Then we have the fact that the so called "tunnels" into Gaza are a fabricated lie by the criminal Israelis themselves, and therefore the materials for making such "rockets" is unavailable to anyone living in that hell hole…. Therefore the entire Hamas "rockets" myth is exactly that… A myth!

For this article, I want to turn to a fellow researcher, Aangirfan, who of course puts out a fabulous website, "Aangirfan" at  His most recent work is entitled: "Hamas Rockets Hoax" and puts forward the facts that Hamas absolutely does not have the "rockets" that the liars in Israel, our governments, and our Jew spew press, continue to harp….. I have that article right here for everyone to view for themselves, and my own further thoughts and comments to follow:

Saturday, 9 August 2014


The Israelis claim that they have been hit by rockets fired by Hamas.

The Israelis claim that this baby (above) was injured in a rocket attack back in 2012.

Dr Motty Scheffer, an Israeli scientist and security expert, has called the Iron Dome missile defence system "the biggest hoax the world has seen", Addustour news website has reported.

Israeli expert says Iron Dome defence is a hoax - Middle East Monitor

According to Dr Motty Scheffer, "Today, there is no missile which can intercept other missiles or rocket-propelled grenades...

"In fact, all the explosions that we have seen in the atmosphere are self-destruction. 

"The Iron Dome did not launch any rocket that could intercept at least one missile fired from Gaza."


According to The Paulstal Service:

"The few Hamas missiles actually ever launched (Hamas is a group created by and controlled by the state of Israel) do not in fact even have warheads, and are basically hollow pipes and fireworks...

Iron Dome Fake.

According to The Paulstal Service:

"Israeli Dr. Motti Sheffer says ... the Iron Dome rockets are ... not intercepting anything.

A group of Israeli skeptics asked the Israeli government to see the thermal imaging proof that the rockets were in fact intercepting other rockets, and they were denied...

The only "Hamas Rockets" that ever make it into Israel ... are essentially smoke bombs, and... hollow metal tubes...

There don't appear to be any warheads...

Why would Israel do this? Well, the answer is obvious:

The reason for the fake Hamas "missile attacks" and the phony Iron dome system is to keep the Israeli population in fear ...

It is to make them hate the Palestinians...

It is also to guarantee billions of dollars of US funding "protecting Israel", and to make the American people feel Israel is in fact under attack, and to make the American people the money we are sending them (the Israelis) to protect themselves from the non-existent Hamas rocket threat is being well spent."

NTS Notes:  Again, when the hell will everyone finally wake up and realize that this "Hamas rockets" scam is being done purposely by the Israelis to again try to fool the entire world that "Poor Little Israel" is somehow under attack by a big bad enemy!

As the article shows.. The so called "Hamas rockets" never ever seem to hit anything of any importance and do absolutely little damage to any infrastructure in Israel.  But of course we have the Israeli "response" that does plenty of damage to Gaza and of course many dead Palestinians.

And as the article states, the entire "Iron Dome" system is a massive fraud… It cannot possibly even intercept Hamas "rockets" because even if Hamas actually did have such rockets, their launch and hit time is much too short for the "Iron Dome" system to properly track and then target the incoming rockets… To explain that as fact, I want to present the following consecutive reports from Jim Stone, at, that shows that "Iron Dome" is a massive swindle on the American taxpayers that have been suckered into funding it…. Here is that Jim Stone article:

August 9 2014

Why Iron Dome cannot work against launches from Gaza

The answer is simple - As stated by the ziopress, Hamas rockets have a range of less than 10 kilometers. This cuts the flight time to less than a minute. A significant portion of that flight time is below radar. Iron dome cannot alert, lock on, and launch that fast.However, I disagree with the Israeli military analyst who said Iron dome is fake because you cannot hit a missile with a missile, with explanation - YOU CAN hit a missile with a missile if the conditions are correct. The correct conditions involve a ballistic missile launch where the incoming missile originates 150 or more kilometers away at a MINIMUM and at least approaches the edge of space. This gives the tracking systems time to lock onto the incoming missile, calculate its rate of deceleration while incoming and accurately predict where that missile will be when the intercepting missile reaches it. That works, but NOT AGAINST GAZA, the Iron Dome light show is a HOAX.
First of all, much of the 10 KM distance a "Hamas missile" will cover AT A MAX is spent during the acceleration phase, which is completely impossible to calculate the resulting trajectory for because it will be unpredictable, no matter what missile is launched.Secondly, the so-called "hamas quassam" missiles never get out of the thick atmosphere that is low to the ground, which makes their deceleration also completely unpredictable because there is so much wind drag. Any anti ballistic missile system that actually works needs to have the approaching missile hit the edge of space or go into space, where air drag will not screw the calculations up, and actually hit the incoming missile before it gets back down to the thick atmosphere. Since nothing Hamas has can do this, THE IRON DOME SHOOT DOWNS ARE A HOAX, THAT IS ALL THERE IS TO IT.

A complete debunking of the Hamas missiles is referenced in the page below, and it is ACCURATE, like it or not, believe it or not. Israel really will spew a missile lie THAT BIG to justify leveling Gaza.

And I should not need to tell you this, but the Hamas leaders you see on TV are all Israeli intelligence, who may have a few stupid Palestinian dupes following them (but possibly not,) but I never said that here on this site because if you are aware of the overall conspiracy enough to find a site like this, I should not need to tell you this (that is conspiracy 101, this web site is at least a 400 level course)

August 8 2014

Today, August 8th, is the day the Israeli lies began to fall apart. Read it and, well, either laugh or weep.

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Israeli Military analyst: Iron dome is FAKE.

All missiles nothing but fireworks set to blow up in the sky to create a light show for the cameras, not a single piece of ANY Hamas missile has ever been found on the ground in Israel since this assault began.

And I called it first, with everyone saying I had to be nuts.
This came as a surprise to me, but it makes perfect sense. There has not been a single Israeli death from "hamas" rockets since this all began, and this ISRAELI military analyst is accusing israel of simply sending up rockets that self destruct in the air to make a show for the cameras. READ MORE HERE

And the best report about this is on, where they Dissect it all mercilessly and call it as it is

Original report from Middle East Monitor is HERE

The facts are simple here, readers… Israel wants Gaza destroyed and the Palestinians living there slaughtered… But of course they need their "excuses" to be able to carry out this horrendous act of genocide, and the decision was done to use the old "Hamas rockets" lie to fool the planet into supporting Israeli aggression.

And to those stupid enough in America to support their governments subservience to Israel and to support that criminal government giving billions to the fraud "Iron Dome" system…. This should be a wake up call to you all that you have indeed been played as suckers again..

More to come


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