Sunday, August 31, 2014

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, August 31st, 2014


Yes, it is Sunday again and time for my usual weekly rant…

I was a bit "under the weather" the last few days… Finally today I am feeling much better… Stress from my day job got to me, and even Whitewraithe noticed that I was not my usual "chipper" self…. But I am indeed stubborn and will not miss doing these rants….

Yes, we did a special "Turbulent Times" podcast over Delcroix's "Outside Radio" network ( and I will be putting the link to that show up here at this blog shortly.   I was able to get my good friend, Gregg, who has a great wealth of videos under his Youtube channel: "Pt1gard", on the show as a special guest as well as Charles Giuliani…. We decided to have a discussion about Gregg's and my favourite subject, NASA's faking of the Apollo missions to the moon between 1968-1972.    The show started off with some surprising technical glitches with Skype, but once everything was fixed within the first few minutes, it went over pretty good.   I was able to put some major questions out there to everyone on the panel and we touched on many aspects about the faking of the missions, including how they were able to deceive the people living in America as well as around the world, and where we stand today in trying to reach the populace about the fraud…. Wraithe told me before the show that she was not up on the technical aspects of entire fraud, but I made sure that she was an important part of the panel discussion and I threw a few questions her way about the human aspects of the fraud.   Gregg touched on some of the findings in his book and I went over some of the technological and scientific impossibilities of the missions…… Charles added in some of his own findings and thoughts and it made for a most interesting 2 hours and I do recommend that people take the time to at least take a listen…. If you are still a "believer" in the fraud of Apollo putting men on the "moon", hopefully the information will at least have you think "Hey, wait a minute…"……

There are still a few things to work out for future Turbulent Times shows, especially trying to get a permanent regular spot.   With my busy work schedule and Whitewraithe's as well, we are basically "winging" it for now and will try to get shows on the air when we have the time and when we can get guests lined up….. Delcroix has already told us that we can do them when we and he are available, and we will of course do our best to alert everyone ahead of time when they occur…..

OK, Onto matters at hand…. The fraud of the entire "ISIS" debacle is still making headlines world wide, and to me it is disgusting to see that so many suckers are being taken in by this latest and "greatest" fraud creation of the US CIA and Israeli Mossad.    I have said in previous articles and rants that this ridiculous "terrorist" group was created for the sole purpose of being the ultimate excuse for an Israeli/American assault on the innocent and peaceful nation of Syria.   People need to wake the hell up and see that I was absolutely right in my assertions that the criminals in the American and Israeli governments had not given up their sick dream of having Bashar al-Assad removed from power in Syria, even with their dismal failures in the so called "civil war" as well as the ridiculous accusations of Assad "gassing his own people" from last year.   These criminals have recreated their Syrian mercenary "rebels" into this "ISIS" fraud "terrorist" group and are now definitely using that as their latest and greatest excuse to bomb Syria to "destroy" their "ISIS" entity…. Sadly, their dirty work is going according to plan with the reports this last week of this "ISIS" group now in control of a major Syrian air base in central Syria itself, and that "terrorist" group able to seize major weapons at that base including intermediate range missiles.   The criminals in the US government and the Jew spew media are ramping up the threat of this phoney "ISIS" and are attempting to brainwash the American people with the idea that Syria must be bombed…. The eventual destruction of Syria is back on the table, definitely…

However, the Syrians are not playing the game that the Americans and Israelis have laid out, and the Syrian government has come to the international community late last week with asking for help for the removal of the ISIS "threat".   Many people may think that this is the wrong move by Bashar al-Assad, but to me this is a stroke of genius.  By openly asking for assistance for removal of this threat to Syria, the Syrian government may yet expose this fraud "ISIS" for what they are, for we shall see if the Americans are now stuck with the notion of having to bomb and destroy their own creation…..If the US suddenly attacks the Syrian government forces after that same government goes to the international community for help, then they will have lost the war on peoples' minds around the world, and the entire world may finally wake up to the truth about US and Israeli intentions in Syria… My concern will be how the spin doctors in the US and the criminal state of Israel try to turn this ISIS "threat" to Syria into a need to have the nation of Syria itself destroyed.    Lets hope the entire world is not fooled….

And about this crazy "ISIS is going to attack America" craze that we see all over the fraud Jew spew lying "news" networks these days?   I wish that people everywhere would wake the hell up and stop being dumb ass sheep… I have repeated it many times, and all that anyone needs to do is to take a few minutes and do their own research.  They will quickly discover again that this "ISIS" group is a fraud and that the liars in the Jew spew media as well as the US government are ramping up the psychology of fear in the American public for a new "9-11" Israeli style attack on the United States itself.   The US government knows the nation is collapsing economically and the Jews in control want their martial law plan put in to motion to lock down the entire nation before the dumbed down American people finally wake the hell up and see who is behind their demise.   Therefore they will indeed attempt a new false flag attack on an American city, to further curtail American freedoms and bring their sick dream of martial law to that once free and great nation.   It is up to the American people to spread the word about the reality of this "ISIS threat" being as phoney as all previous "Al Qaeda" threats and to make sure the people are not played as suckers… WHEN that new false flag does occur, and it is coming, the people everywhere must stand up and point the finger directly at the true criminals behind the attack, which will definitely be their own government and the Mossad/CIA operatives in America.

One other note about ISIS is of course the fraud of the entire "James Wright Foley beheading"… I am shocked that the US Jew spew media is continuing to promote the lie that this "beheading" was real, considering that all other media outlets across the world have awakened to the truth of the fraud and are now promoting the idea put out by their own spin doctors that the video was a fake, but Foley was really "murdered"…. What is especially laughable is the videos that I came across and have shared at my own site about the criminals in our media and government calling on their usual "crisis actors" for this fairy tale… As I showed in my previous rant, the so called "parents" of this CIA operative James Foley were bad enough, but last week we had the reports that exposed the so called siblings of Foley as also being nothing but poor crisis actors…. Just watching the "brother and sister" of Foley in several videos from their appearance with that slithering snake, Katie Couric, made me laugh and made me realize that we are indeed seeing another replay of the same fraud used at Sandy Hook and other previous fraud shootings…. Even the "sister" of Foley herself appears to be the same crisis actor that played that fellow student of the phantom "Adam Lanza" from the Sandy Hook fraud.   Oh, how the American people are being played as gullible saps indeed!

Yes, the US definitely wants war against Russia…. This last week we saw the laughable reports about "Russian tanks" crossing the border into the US puppet nation of Ukraine.   In several previous articles that anyone can read at this blog, I showed how the Ukrainian government about 3 months back went out and purchased about 3 dozen Hungarian T-72 surplus tanks for scrap metal value.  These surplus and derelict tanks were sent by rail from Hungary to Ukraine, and were first used over a week ago in that laughable attempt to make the Russian humanitarian convoy look like a "military" convoy… There is even evidence that the Ukrainian puppet regime actually attacked and blew up several of these derelict tanks to make it look to the liars in the world wide MSM that Ukraine had just attacked a Russian "military convoy", and to use these fraud tanks as their evidence.  However that plan fell apart due to the fact that the real Russian humanitarian convoy had not even crossed into Ukraine yet at the time, and the spin doctors in the Jew spew media quickly buried that story.  But I and others picked it up and I said clearly that they would try again… And voila, we have these derelicts now being used by the Ukrainian regime as their "evidence" of a Russian "invasion" of Ukraine itself….. I have seen the pictures myself and even though it validates everything I have said previously about this latest scam, it is disheartening to realize that so many people are gullible enough to believe this latest lie….

I am sick by the liars in the media everywhere promoting this fairy tale that the Ukrainian government now has "proof" of a Russian invasion by their pictures of these phoney T-72 tanks that are nothing more than those scrap metal Hungarian T-72 tanks that Ukraine itself purchased a few months back.  It seems that the US is pushing hard now for war with Russia due to the fact that Russia is now openly doing all of its international trade in currency other than the US dollar.   This rapid move away from the US dollar in Russia and other nations spells an economic disaster for America itself, and it seems that the psychos in charge of the US are now definitely wanting WAR with nuclear armed Russia to save the dollar and the US from economic collapse.   It is psychotic to think that these arch criminals would select war and the death of billions rather than simply ending the fraud Jewish debt that has been crushing the American nation.  I do not want war, and I do not like the idea of seeing much of the world destroyed over the fraud ponzi scheme of Jewish criminal debt banking usury and the US dollar…..

Of course with the Ukrainian government putting the focus on this laughable T-72 Russian tank fiasco, they and the criminals in the US government are continuing their coverup of the evidence behind the Malaysian flight MH17 fiasco as well…. It has been surprising to me to read some major sites that have taken swipes at myself and others for showing the proof that MH17 was in actuality the long missing MH370 flight.   These laughable sites have called us all "kooks" and other usual ad hominems, but they themselves have shown nothing to back up the "official" reports that are obvious lies…. These sites have also refused to even look at all the evidence that proves MH17 was in fact MH370, but is this surprising?   The US government and the Ukrainian regime are still trying desperately to spin their way out of being fingered for that false flag attempt to frame Russia, and even now the US government has had the audacity to "classify" the entire MH17 crash site and all of its wreckage…. To classify means hands off, and the only reason for that is obvious; They do not want investigators to discover the truth that MH17 was indeed the robotically flown MH370 carrying the bodies of the passengers murdered on MH370 as well.    The people must know the truth that the MH17 false flag was truly diabolical and it points towards the fact that these monsters will definitely try such as sick plan again in the near future.

It definitely does appear that this Ebola "outbreak" in West Africa is the result of a weaponized and manufactured form of this disease.   Yes, I read the reports of new mutations and "strains" of this virus that are suddenly appearing in other regions of Africa, and those are definitely not due to chance.   It does appear that the US government, the WHO, and other criminal groups are still working on ways of unleashing this virus on the entire planet.  I am still not sold on a world wide pandemic and this may indeed be just another method of scaring people into taking mercury laden and immune system weakening "vaccines" into their bodies….. My recommendation about simply pumping up and strengthening your immune system by taking Vitamin C supplements still stands, and as far as I am concerned, so much better and safer than any vaccine.   Just do not be fooled and fall for the rhetoric if and when the WHO officially calls this a pandemic that the only method of treatment is vaccination.

Yes, the Israeli assault on Gaza is over, at least for the moment… But I am stunned by what I see in pictures of what is left of Gaza and the homes that the Palestinians are supposed to return to.   The psychos in Israeli have turned most of northern Gaza into a waste land, and considering that building materials to somehow "rebuild" the shattered cities is impossible in that open air prison camp, the people have nowhere to go.   I do believe this is part of the psychotic plan by the Israelis to force the Palestinians in Gaza to give up their land and to be placed in permanent exile in foreign countries.   The Israelis were indeed murderous genocidal monsters in their assault and the damage is beyond the scope of what the Gaza strip can absorb.   The people will have to move or face starvation or death by disease because the infrastructure is now gone…..  It is also remarkable that this latest act of cold blooded murder and genocide in Gaza has supposedly cost the criminal state of Israel some 5-10 billion dollars.  But watch as the Jews in Israel go and get their American slaves to both foot the bill for the genocide as well as ask for even more money to rearm and replenish their armaments; especially the fraudulent "Iron Dome" missile system that again is a phoney and never worked as stated!

Yes, it has been a "Turbulent time" across the entire world this last week, and I am on the road to recovery from what ever hit me the last few days…. I will again close out this rant with my usual last minute "tidbits" to hopefully cover some issues that I did not address above…… Yes, the US criminal President Barry Soetoro/Obama/Davis is out trying to sell his carbon taxation fraud on the American people, and I again ask how the American people can even allow this criminal to sign off on the UN Climate Change agenda without US congressional or senatorial approval?   Barry is definitely acting more and more like a dictator on a daily basis…….More reports this last week on the damage that Fukushima has done to the north Pacific.  It seems that we find reports ranging from no damage at all to some stating that the entire ocean is now dead.   I am not sold on either but Fukushima is indeed real and the damage to the Pacific from the constant and continuing outpouring of radiation even though not catastrophic is very alarming.   The real issue to me is the constant lack of reporting about the truth about this disaster from the liars in our government and media……..I see the Iranian nuclear "meetings" have broken down as I have long said would happen.  The US and their masters in Israel have made impossible demands on Iran for what is nothing more than their peaceful nuclear power program, and now the liars in the Jew spew media will again scream falsely that Iran "walked away" from the laughable "negotiations".   The US and Israel want war, and Iran has always been on the table as one of their major targets for conquest……..According to reports I read this last week the European economy is again in tatters, and the fraud of "austerity" measures imposed on many nations there have failed.  I am not surprised in the least bit, and I go back to my previous statements that the best outlook for the nations of Europe would be to free themselves from the enslavement of the Rothschild controlled "European Union", do what Iceland did and tell the banksters to take their debt and shove it up their asses, and go back to being independent.  This is far better than watching their nations crumble….Why am I not surprised by the exposure of a pedophile ring operation in Rotherham, England?  I do wonder if more investigations will show definitive links to British government officials and possibly the scumbag British Royalty as other pedophile rings in the UK have exposed.   Wait and see……..The Arsenal Gunners playing Leicester City this morning as I type this rant.  With Manchester City losing yesterday to Stoke at home, the Gunners can move up the table with a decisive win…… One other sport that I have taken interest in lately is Australian Rules Football.  It is an interesting sport, but will someone please explain to me the "behinds" and the waving of the flag?  Got to love a sport where they hit each other with no padding at all though, and especially the little guys who come out after a goal and point their fingers.  The "Grand Final" is coming up soon, and believe it or not, I may actually watch it…….Yes, I heard that Joan Molinsky, aka, Joan "Rivers" had a heart attack scare this last week.  To me, it serves that ugly psychotic Yenta right for her ridiculous tirade about how the people of Gaza "deserved" the slaughter they were enduring on behalf of the psychos in Israel…..And of course, what everyone waits for in closing, my usual shots at America's greatest family, the Kardashian clan of misfits, media hounds, and trollops.  The trolls in the media went gaga this last week with pictures of Kim Kardashians large butt.  Yes,  her behind made news this last week, which to me makes everyone that thinks this is real news while the world goes to heck look like real asses.  But, hey, as usual while America crumbles the American public loves their Kardashians.

More to come



Anonymous said...


Regarding the Apollo missions - I am curious about a few things - I wonder if you'd enlighten me...

1) Do you believe that humans have been in orbit around the earth? Is the ISS occupied?
2) Has any hardware at all been soft-landed on the moon?
3) Are the unmanned missions to Mars legit?
4) Are the deep space probes to the edge and beyond of the solar system legit?


Northerntruthseeker said...

1. There is new evidence that shows that the ISS is indeed unoccupied. There was a recent problem where an "astronaut" who was conducting a space walk suddenly sprung a leak ? And his suit started filling with water! How can that be in the vacuum of space? It leads us to the logical conclusion that the space walk was a fraud and conducted in a large water tank. The answer may yet come to the truth about the ISS yet, but I am leaning on it being unoccupied.

2. Hardware soft landing on the moon is a puzzle due to the fact that there has never ever been a successful testing of retrorockets landing anywhere and especially on Earth. Therefore we could be indeed witnessing another lie.

3. The missions to Mars are total and utter bullcrap when it comes to Viking and curiosity missions. These were landed by the use of conventional parachutes which would be impossible in a 0.004 BAR atmosphere. The others were landed using large bags of air which would be logical, but NASA again blew it by claiming Pathfinder was in communication with Earth for a continuous 24 hour period after landing. That is not possible without geosynchronous satellites in Martian orbit which were not there in 1997. Therefore we are indeed seeing another lie.

4. Deep space probes have always puzzled me considering the imagery they have sent back to Earth, and the fact that these images can be easily made right here on Earth itself in studios. We are stuck here with NASA/JPL information with absolutely no independent verification. Considering all of NASA's other lies it leads to speculation that ALL of NASA's other missions are lies as well.