Sunday, August 24, 2014

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, August 24th 2014


Yes, another Sunday, and of course another rant… It has indeed been an amazing and troubling week around the world, so lets get right to it…

I have again been under attack for putting up the post this last week where I came out and called the "beheading" of Journalist James Wright Foley a massive hoax.   It does seem that every time I post factual evidence that goes against the so called Jew spew media and what our crooked governments state, I come under attack by fools that rather than debate the issue at hand just use ad-hominems and other slurs…. I laugh at these "critics" and it shows that I am indeed 'right over the target' with my reports…..  Over time I have also learned the pattern of the JIDF/Hasbara agents that frequent this site, and their belittlement and insults to my character is always the same.  It does seem that they need to go back to their controllers and try another method of attack because their present methods are both boring and moronic.  Laughable is an understatement….

OK, I need not go into great detail here about the laughable and ridiculous Foley "beheading" because anyone with 1/2 a brain and by just using a touch of critical thinking can see that it is a very poorly done fake.   The major problem that is so obvious is the lack of any blood from the laughable knife being used by the equally laughable "terrorist" as it slices into Foley's neck.  You see absolutely no blood at all, which would be impossible if the neck was being severed.  The arteries on both sides of the neck that are used to feed the brain are pressurized and when cut do indeed spew out a shower of blood.   Yet we see no such shower in the initial "cut" which automatically makes the entire episode a massive fraud.

The other points of fakery on the Foley video were also covered in great detail in my previous article, and many commentators have come forward and given their own two cents worth about other anomalies that they found…. One major anomaly goes back to the blood problem.  After the video cuts out and suddenly we see the ridiculous "severed head" sitting on top of the torso, it can be noted that there is still NO blood anywhere on the desert area around the body.  Granted they did pour some fake blood on the desert area above the neck area and some on the "dummy's" orange suit, but there is still no blood anywhere on the adjoining desert area when there definitely should be a lot.   Someone should definitely have told the idiots responsible for this scam that a human body contains some 5 pints of blood, and that any "beheading" would cause the spillage of the majority of that amount.  Hence in a real beheading, there is indeed a bloody mess with blood spilled everywhere.  Yet again in this laughable fraud video we see ridiculously very little, and therefore the entire episode is again a fake.

After my initial report on the Foley beheading fakery, I did take the time to examine the so called "press conference" with Foley's supposed "parents" and I could not help but laugh.   These two clowns that were obviously fake "crisis actors" spoke as though they were reading from a script and did not show the emotions that any parents that just had their son "murdered"would have spilled out.   The "father" alone was almost robotic, and rather than show real emotion periodically was smiling and almost laughing… It was almost a repeat of the infamous fraud "Robbie Parker" scam from the equally fraudulent Sandy Hook operation where that fraud worked himself into character before approaching the cameras to shed phoney tears for his "dead daughter"… Disgusting is one way of putting it mildly…

It has been through the diligent work of others that more facts about this James Wright Foley have come out that point to him being a "spook" or a government operative… We find that this "Journalist" was first sent to report from the "rebel" side during the civil war in Syria back in 2012, and then was "captured" by the Syrian government forces.  Strangely, he somehow was able to get away from Assad's forces and shortly afterwards was "captured" by "rebel" forces sometime around May 213.. This alone does not make sense, because if this Foley clown was anti-Assad, then WHY would the so called "rebels" want to imprison him?   Then everything gets cloudy and for the next year at least this "Foley" falls off the face of the map (no reports anywhere in the "media" about this spook) and voila, he suddenly reappears in August of 2014 with this phoney "beheading" fiasco?   Is it just me, or are we dealing with a CIA operative masquerading as a "Journalist"?   Everything just does not add up and what I am again saying is this is a complete fake being done for very diabolical purposes…

The entire ISIS, or IS, or Islamic State fiasco is so fake, and yet we have millions of gullible people from all around the world being mesmerized by their criminal governments and their corrupt and BS media into believing that they are the latest and greatest "terrorist" group.  This fraud is exactly what the maniacs in both Israel and the United States have ordered for their latest attempt at ramping up their equally phoney "war on terror"…. It is remarkable that very few people cannot see through this latest charade, that is obviously being used to scare the crap out the dumbed-down and brain-dead American public…err..sheep……

We find now the compliant Jew spew media spewing their lies on a daily basis that this "ISIS" group to further strike fear into their audiences.   The latest BS is that this ISIS group now has their operatives all over America, and some reports have even come out and said that ISIS has the capability of blowing up an American city (Why does nobody remember those stolen South African nukes that are definitely being held by Mossad and almost certainly are right now in America?)…  We also have the criminal government of the United States going on the media and also trying to scare the crap out of the American people… Just like the big bad boogeyman before it known as "Al Qaeda", we now have the latest  US government BS group known as "ISIS" and sadly people in the US are again being taken as fools…..

The true nature of this fraud "ISIS" should be apparent to everyone… This US/Israeli bought and paid for group was created in Syria and contains many of the so called mercenaries aka "rebels" that the good guys, the Assad government forces, have basically wiped out in the Syrian civil war…. The survivors of that failed US/Israeli war have moved to northern Iraq and are still being fully funded and armed by the US itself.   It is obvious that the US/Israel have not given up their sick twisted goal in having Syria destroyed, because the talking heads in the US State Department have all come out now and stated that "Syria needs to be bombed" to remove the ISIS 'bases' that they claim are still in Syria itself.   The fact is simple here, readers.  The US/Israel are obviously using this ISIS proxy as a blatant excuse to convince the gullible American people that Syria must be destroyed.   Watch what will happen over the next while when these maniacs actually do carry out another 9-11 attack on an American city and blame "ISIS" for the attack.   The government and the media will then be in lockstep and call on the invasion of SYRIA as revenge and to eliminate this "ISIS" threat.

This week the humanitarian aid convoy (yes the real one, and not the phoney one that the Ukrainian government "blew up") made it through the border crossing and did deliver the aid to some of the eastern Ukrainians being murdered by the criminals in Kiev.   It was definitely an aid convoy, and the Ukrainian border officials and other government officials went over the trucks and discovered that there were no "weapons" as the liars in the US government and the compliant Jew spew media continued to harp…. This convoy contained food, and medicine only!….. BUT as usual, the US government and the Jew spew media continued to lie and are still calling this humanitarian aid convoy a "military convoy"!   It is even so sad as of today that I glanced at the local Jew spew newspaper's editorial section here in Canada, and there is a huge picture at the top of the page showing "trojan horses with Russian flags" symbolizing this aid convoy.   Yes, the Jew spew media is indeed still harping pathetic lies just to vilify Russia again and hoping that gullible Canadians will swallow the bait.

With all the news this week diverted conveniently away from the situation in Gaza, the psychos in Israel have resumed their brutal assault on the innocent people locked up in that prison camp with nowhere to go.   The death toll from this blatant Israeli genocide has exceeded "2100" according to "official" reports, but again I suspect the toll to be much higher and in the 100,000 range.   Common sense should be used here, because most of the buildings in Gaza are high rise apartments to house the 1.8 million people crammed into an area basically the size of Manhattan Island.   Therefore when an American made and bought and paid for missile hits such as structure and it collapses, the death toll is not a "few" Palestinians as the Jew spew media and idiot government officials claim, but will be in the hundreds at least.  And that is only from ONE such structure.

Of course the lies coming from the criminal Israeli government continues with their usual "Israel has the right to defend itself from Hamas rockets" lie.    The fact is again that the so called "rockets" being fired from Gaza into Israel are nothing more than fireworks and always hit nothing of any importance.   It is so obvious when one looks at the pictures of what is in Israel that is right next to the border with Gaza.  We see heavy industry and fuel storage facilities everywhere dotting Israel and yet no one in Gaza has hit this infrastructure?  Again, either the Hamas "militants" are poor shots, or we are obviously dealing with Mossad agent provocateurs firing off these bottle rocket "missiles"..

So the slaughter of the innocent people of Gaza continues now unabated.  It is a travesty that the majority of the people around the world still cannot see what Israel intends for Gaza which is its entire elimination.  Then we have the fact that the 1.8 million people living in that hell hole will be left with their entire infrastructure destroyed and nowhere to go but into permanent exile.   I have long said that has been the plan of the Israelis all along, which is to reoccupy Gaza and have its residents eliminated.  Such is the sickness of Zionism and the so called religion known as Judaism that their followers have no moral values or any empathy for human life.

The "Ebola epidemic" has also at least momentarily been out of the news thanks to the media conveniently focusing in the fraud "ISIS" crisis.   But the death toll in western Africa continues to mount as the virus spreads almost unchecked.   Again, common sense here shows that this is not natural occurring Ebola which has long been restricted to a jungle environment.  Instead we are witnessing a new "strain" of the virus that most definitely was modified and weaponized in those "research" facilities in west Africa.   This super-virus with a much longer incubation period and more deadly means of delivery to any unsuspecting host, (evidence shows this new "strain" can be transmitted via air from patient to patient) can now survive outside of its previous environment and has been making its way into nations beyond Africa itself.   We may indeed be seeing the long planned pandemic that the so called "elite" have been working on for decades for the elimination of some 90% of the world's population.

And of course we have our governments and media claiming that anything other than their prescribed "cures" or planned "vaccines" are quackery…. I and others are not fooled, and see that simple prevention is the answer to Ebola if and when it becomes an "epidemic".   Vitamin C is definitely the answer for prevention, and taking at least 1000 IU of Ascorbic Acid on a daily regimen would definitely help to prevent this super virus, and a wide variety of other ailments, from taking hold in our bodies…. Yet, we see the liars in our media say that our governments and our so called medical industry (Big Pharma) working on a new 'vaccine' for the prevention of Ebola.   But we have heard this song and dance before with the "swine flu" "epidemic" of a few years back that was used to get gullible suckers to line up, roll up their arms, and take mercury laden "vaccines" into their bodies.    The "swine flu" epidemic then was a dud and a complete lie, and the only result was Big Pharma making millions of dollars off of the gullibility of people.   This Ebola "epidemic" may lead to the same irrational rush for "vaccination" and again I do ask that everyone seek alternatives, simply because the so called "vaccines" never work and the damage they will cause could be much worse than Ebola itself.

Well, there we have it, and hopefully I have covered some of the major news events over the last week. But for those reports that some feel I should be at least touching on, I will do my best with my usual closing "last minute tidbits"…… The Ferguson Missouri racial tension is now beginning to fizzle out, or so it seems.  I have long said that the US government has been looking at a means of sparking a full race war across America and had hoped that Ferguson would have started the ball rolling.  Luckily it seems that most Americans again did not swallow the bait and the tension there is finally dying down…..The Global Warming clowns do not know when to quit, and yet they are stuck with laughable excuses for the "momentary lull" in the Earth's warming.  They are stuck with their lies and the excuses now are so blatantly silly.   Again, it is time to put them and their lies out of their misery……..Fukushima is still going strong, and sadly the north Pacific Ocean is showing all signs of dying due to the radiation release from the melted down reactors.   This should be alarming news and should be in every major headline around the planet.  And yet the Jew spew media continues with diverting peoples' attention elsewhere.  Again, wars for their beloved Israel come first and foremost…..I did see the report that came out claiming that world wide intelligence levels of human beings is on the decline.  No need for the report, because I have seen how stupid people are getting by just watching people on a daily basis.  People walking around with their faces planted squarely into their smartphones, and others looking and acting like brain dead zombies.   Yes, the IQ of people is definitely falling primarily due to chemicals in our diets and other factors such as the fraud of "social media", but little can be done without a radical change in our society.  The dumbing down of society is to me being done on purpose…..The Barbarbunga Volcano in Iceland has erupted, and will definitely spew millions of tons of ash into the atmosphere above northern Europe.  The result will be a very long and cold winter for much of Europe and particularly the United Kingdom.  This shows how climate really works and is affected by natural phenomena.  Gosh darn that Global Warming……..The spin of the lie of Malaysian flight MH17, which was actually MH370 flown robotically over Ukraine, continues.  Now the criminals have "classified" the crash findings and will not allow for proper independent investigators to get anywhere near the crash site.  What we have here is a blatant cover up and lends clearly to the fact that this was a false flag attempt gone wrong, and the criminals are trying their best now to cover up their mistake.  Too bad for the 239 people who lost their lives on MH370 and subsequently having those corpses flown on this MH17 fiasco……. Week 2 of Barkley's Premiere League, and Arsenal survives a major scare and ties Newcastle 2-2 in yesterday's game.  Still 36 games more in the season so it is a long way to go for the Gunners……Whitewraithe and I are finally going to give our Turbulent Times a shot with our first introductory show today.  Watch for the recording shortly at "A View From The Bog" at……I have been asked over the last few weeks about Robin Williams' "suicide" and honestly I never thought he was funny.  I tried to understand his "humour" for years, but to no avail.  Yes, the man was troubled and there are strange circumstances behind his demise, but I will just leave that subject alone…….And finally, what everyone always waits with tainted breath for, my shot at what truly has been dumbing down America, the fabulous Kardashian family of misfits and trollops.  The news in the USA is all gaga over trollop Kim's daughter  North (still trying to figure out the ridiculous choice of name here) taking her first baby steps.  Honestly, this is news to people?   We have Palestinians being slaughtered outright by criminals halfway around the world and yet this makes "news".   Again, definite evidence that the IQ of the average American has indeed fallen….

More to come



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Hi Northern, thanks for your blog, it's awesome. Have you seen the latest "crisis actors"? this time it's Foley's siblings interviewed, Either the PTB think we are totally brain dead or they are just insane. As with the so called parents, no emotions, smiling, laughing....check it out.....

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You are right on, nice read. Thanks

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Hey Northern, the Jew lame stream media are now admitting the beheading was a hoax...great work Northern in exposing this bullshit.....Foley execution footage 'may have been staged'------