Sunday, August 17, 2014

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, August 17th, 2014


Another week, another weekend rant…. Again we are watching the planet go to heck, and again it is time for my own two cents worth about what is really going on….

First, I am again getting a deluge of insulting comments and slurs from who are obviously Hasbara/JIDF agents.   I never ever publish such trash and drivel, and always put them into my ever increasing spam list.   It also seems that the reason why these comments do increase is because I am right "over the target" when I post some material.    But the real question that I have always pondered is this:  If these clowns and misfits know that I never read or post their material, then why the hell do they keep sending it?  To me this is a waste of their time and mine, but shows that we are indeed dealing with complete morons…..

The war by Israel against the innocent people of Gaza has entered another day of a very shaky  "ceasefire"….. It  has been very disturbing and almost laughable that the criminal and psychotic state of Israel has had the nerve to call their WAR against innocent and mostly unarmed people an operation for "security" reasons and not a war.   These criminals are definitely trying to change the meaning of the very word "war" to prevent any repercussions from their brutal actions in Gaza.  But this one sided conflict is definitely a war by every definition of the word, and when everything is over, and thousands more of innocent Palestinians living in Gaza are dead, these psychos should be facing international war crimes for their insane actions.   People must remember that when Israel committed acts of genocide in their Operation "Cast Lead" 5 years ago against Gaza there was the subsequent reporting of their obvious war crimes against innocent people that luckily for them never went far enough.  Lets hope that this time the international criminal courts get it right…..

There have been reports that during this temporary "lull" in the fighting in Gaza, that many Palestinians have been slowly returning to what is left of their homes that have been flattened by the criminal Israeli forces.  I have watched the reports and looked at the pictures from Gaza, and I like everyone else am deeply saddened.  There are no homes left for most of these people that are truly living in hell, and I do wonder what can be done when this one sided "fighting" is finally over.   I suspect that the Israeli plan has always been to either slaughter the entire Palestinian population in the strip or to flatten and destroy all of the infrastructure to make rebuilding impossible.  By destroying everything, they will make it impossible for Gaza to rebuild and will force the Palestinians out of the strip and into permanent exile, which has always been the Israeli plan "B" for eliminating Gaza all together.  Once the people of Gaza are forced out, then the Israelis will simply use their US sucker taxpayer money to clean up the mess and voila, Gaza is theirs.

One other aspect of this WAR against Gaza that I have covered over the last while has been the fraud of the so called Gaza "rockets" as well as the more expensive fraud of the "Iron Dome" defense system that again the suckers living in America have provided for their masters living in Isra-Hell…… We still find the liars in the Jew spew media continue parroting their lies that Israel continues to live under the constant "bombardment" of "missiles" fired from Gaza.   I have one question for the clowns in the media.. Considering that Israel has just finished one entire month of bombing the crap out of the Gaza strip and it has been impossible to get supplies into Gaza during that entire month including materials for making more of these "rockets", then how in the hell can the Palestinians be even building any more rockets?   The first salvo of these "rockets" that were most definitely launched by Israeli Mossad agents back into Israel were expended within the first few days of the Israeli assault on Gaza, so where would any more of these "rockets" come from?   For the strangest reason people around the world are gullible enough and stupid enough to actually think that the Palestinians have an inexhaustible amount of these "missiles" that they are magically producing out of nowhere.

Of course the entire "Iron Dome" defense system that the idiots in America have been supplying to the psychos in Israel is a massive fraud.  In my previous report on the Iron Dome fake, I stated that these interceptor missiles were around "$200,000" a pop, but further evidence has since come my way that the actual cost of each of these severely overpriced "missiles" is around "$400,000" each.    It really does appear that the criminals in "Rafael Advanced Defense Systems", the so called manufacturers of this "Iron Dome" system, are making out like bandits and selling the entire world on the false idea that these "missiles" are protecting Israel from truly non-existent Hamas "rockets"….  The real truth is of course that "Iron Dome" does not work, period.   Intercepting and shooting down missiles has always been nearly impossible and even with today's technological advancement and better computers for tracking and interception, it is still nearly impossible.  Therefore what we have been watching over all of the so called media outlets with their reports coming in from Isra-Hell showing "Iron Dome missiles" intercepting and blowing up Hamas "rockets" in the skies over Isra-Hell is just an overblown fireworks display.    All evidence concludes that these "Iron Dome" missiles at $400,000 a pop to American sucker taxpayers are being launched absolutely randomly and exploding in the atmosphere in nothing more than a massively expensive fireworks display.  (I watched one video and I counted at least some 100 explosions during that 3 minute video which means $40 million in US taxpayer money going up in smoke during that short time alone!)  But the psychological effect on the psychos living in Israel has been enormous because they actually do believe that "Iron Dome" is protecting them!

Meanwhile.. Over in Ukraine, the war by the American puppets in Kiev against their fellow Ukrainians living in the eastern region bordering Russia continues unabated.   We are again be led by the fools in the Jew spew media to falsely believe that these people living in eastern Ukraine who did nothing more than vote legally to separate from the rest of Ukraine are somehow "terrorists" and that the Ukrainian puppet regime is somehow justified in their senseless slaughter…. And of course the liars in the media continue to spin the Ukrainian fiasco by harping constantly that the Russians somehow have "stolen" the Crimean peninsula away from Ukraine, when again Russia did absolutely nothing of the sort… The people of Crimea voted legally by every sense of international law in a referendum to separate from Ukraine, which they had every right to do, and to rejoin the Russian Federation.  It is indeed troubling that people everywhere are harping the media lie that Crimea "belongs" to Ukraine and that the Russians are "illegally occupying" the peninsula!

In the last two days, I watched the unfolding reports of the Russian aid convoy that contained nothing more than food and medical supplies finally make its way to the Ukrainian border only to be held up for what is now the third day in a  row by Ukrainian officials from entering Ukraine and supplying the eastern Ukrainians with much needed food and medicine.   BUT as I stated in my last article, the Ukrainian regime and their American masters did appear to hatch a new scheme and a new "false flag" attempt by purposely disguising some disused and obsolete former Soviet weaponry to look like a military "convoy" that was to take the place of the real humanitarian Russian convoy…. Luckily their twisted plans went awry simply because the real Russian convoy absolutely did not enter Ukraine proper and instead when the Ukrainian idiot government reported over the last few days that they "destroyed" the Russian convoy, they in actuality destroyed their own decoy convoy instead.

Surprisingly the Ukrainian government had the gall to send out reports to the international liars in the media that they had destroyed the "Russian convoy" as a carefully laid plan to have all "evidence" come out that the Russian humanitarian aid convoy was a "military convoy".  

It was now too late for these clowns in the US and Ukraine, and they have been caught in their own lies again… Even the US state department is now trying to spin their way out of any involvement by claiming that they "can't confirm" that Kiev blew up the Russian convoy.  The spin doctors are now trying to cover up their mistakes in this latest false flag attempt, but thanks to many over the Internet, including myself, we will not let this story become buried like so many others… The truth is that the US and Ukraine after their MH17/MH370 fiasco just attempted another false flag to be blamed on Russia, but just as all previous ones, this one has blown up in their faces!

Yes, the US is still searching for any method they can to get a nice little war against a well nuclear armed Russian Federation.   They are now desperate to save their criminal US dollar as the world's only reserve currency in light of the fact that Russia and other members of the so called BRICS nations are now absolutely moving all of their trade and commerce away from the US dollar, and instead using their own currencies.   This move is now forcing the world away from the US dollar, which will start to cause the rising hyperinflation across the United States itself that many have rightfully predicted very soon.   The criminals in the US government are now into absolute desperation to protect their very necks from the wraith of the American people, who are unaware of how bad their US dollar and their own economy truly is,  and are trying every criminal method to somehow convince the world that Russia is the new "enemy" and hopefully in their twisted logic force sanctions against Russia itself and a halt to the BRICS initiative.   But they are failing miserably and it appears that nothing short of open war against Russia itself will halt the demise of the US dollar.   Yes, these psychos are actually contemplating a war against nuclear Russia to protect the US dollar ponzi scheme, and nobody wants this war simply because it could spell the end of humanity itself.   Sadly, we see on a daily basis the Jew spew media spew their venomous lies that Russia is the new "evil" on the planet, and I am now  of the opinion that if there ever is a war against Russia, it will be fuelled and driven by the liars in our own media!

The US/Israeli bought and paid for "ISIS" forces are continuing their rampage across northern Iraq, and we have the reports over the Jew spew media that "ISIS" has now put "agents" into the United States itself and will be planning an attack against America soon.   It is remarkable that few people still do not understand that ISIS or as they call themselves now simply "IS" is a complete fraud and just another phoney "terrorist" group created by the US and Israel?   And here we have this latest and greatest "terrorist" group (just like Al-CIA-da before it) "threatening" to attack America itself.   With the 13th anniversary of the Israeli attack on America, 9-11, rapidly approaching it is no wonder that America is ripe for another round of attacks to scare the people into surrendering even more of their freedoms.  Yes, a new attack is definitely coming that will be again wrongly blamed on some phoney "arab terrorists", and this one may indeed make the 9-11 attack look primitive in comparison.

OK, many have been asking why I have not reported on the ongoing situation in Ferguson, Missouri.  I have indeed been reading many reports and looking for the real answers… One aspect of this that has been gnawing at me in the back of my mind is this… We all remember the Trayvon Martin fiasco of last year when the US government tried to use it to fuel race riots across America, and failed.  I stated then that these criminals would not stop trying to create the grounds for their much needed martial law across America, and lo and behold here comes Ferguson, Missouri and another racial tension right on cue…. What is also missing from many reports is the fact that the main focus of this tension in Ferguson is overlooked and that is that the "victim" of this entire fiasco, Michael Brown, was very much the robbery suspect at a convenience store shortly before he was halted by the Ferguson police.   So much of the real evidence and facts becomes clouded after his apprehension and the real circumstances behind his shooting, but we know for a fact that the liars in the Jew spew media are there spinning their web of lies and helping to fuel the racial tension.  I also do suspect that with all the reports of federal agent involvement suddenly in Ferguson that we are indeed seeing the Trayvon Martin fiasco all over again.   Hopefully the real truth does get out and that this tension and unrest does not spread as the criminals in the US government hope.   I have always had the opinion that the American people are not this stupid.

I am always asked about my personal opinion about race and especially my opinion of this "white" versus everyone else it seems…. I am not a "white supremacist" as the Jew liars have always claimed.  I do believe that the so called "racial tension" has always been artificially created by the criminal Jewish elite on purpose and as laid out in their own Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion (I wish more people would actually read that truthful document) as another method of keeping their opposition in check and subverted.  AND it clearly is part of the Jewish plan to have the Caucasian race destroyed because they have always known that the whites are their most dangerous opponents to their sick dream of world domination.   It is also a fact that Jews have always been the spearheads and financiers behind racial wars and have been purposely whipping up all the furor in other racial communities, especially the blacks, as a method of fuelling all racial tensions and riots….. The Jews have also been using many gullible blacks as their own "foot soldiers" in their continuing war on whites.   To me, their eventual plan is to indeed destroy the caucasian race all together.  Once that is done, they will eliminate their gullible foot soldiers and turn other races into their slaves in their sick and twisted world dominion.   This is why I personally have no qualms against other races and especially against blacks.  Again to me many in these communities do not understand that they are only being used as pawns by the true evil on the planet, the Jews themselves.   The sooner these people wake up and realize that they have been played as suckers the better it will be for the entire planet… The bottom line is that I am sick of this black versus white mentality and will continue to refuse to be drawn into such ridiculous arguments when the real enemy is obvious and staring us right in our faces…..

The Ebola virus scare is making more of the news these days, and again I am wondering if it is as overblown as the last great swine flu epidemic scare.   Everyone should be made aware by now that this form of Ebola is indeed nothing like other forms of Ebola before it.  Everything from its ability to survive longer, and its airborne capabilities, shows that it is a mutant "weaponized" form of Ebola.   We are also hearing about how the criminals in Big Pharma are now "racing" to come up with a new "vaccine" against this strain of Ebola.   Yes, the fear may be overhyped, and we may be seeing another swine flu fiasco where people were scared into lining up like dumb ass sheep to roll up their arms and have poisonous vaccines injected into their bodies.   I have always looked at alternatives to dangerous vaccines that do not work, and instead have been trying to get the message out that simple preventative measures such as taking Vitamin C supplements are necessary by everyone to ward off this Ebola if and when it is ever declared as a world wide "epidemic".    Preparation and prevention is still the way to go…..

Well, I guess that is enough for the moment with the major happenings of the last week… I will finish off this rant as usual with my last minute "tidbits" to hopefully cover some news that I may have missed…. Reports have come out this week that the planned "ice wall" at Fukushima to stop the spread of radiation from the melted reactors will not work and has been halted.  I said a long time ago that this plan was a laugher and will not work, and the only way to stop the continuing spread of radiation for Fukushima is for the world to stop their rush to wars and actually turn their attention to Japan.  But wars for Israel again come first and foremost……Weather all over North America is turning cold with autumn now showing itself at least one month earlier than in previous years.  Gosh darn that Global Warming!…….Meanwhile the main huckster behind the Global Warming sham, Saint Al of the Gore, has made news this week with his lawsuit against Al Jazeera TV over his and his business partner's sale of CurrentTV holdings for some, and get this, $500 MILLION dollars!   Gee, talk about getting filthy rich, and people still think Al is in the Global Warming swindle for all the right reasons??…….While the world's attention is focused elsewhere, the "civil war" in Syria itself is almost over with the so called "rebels" now eliminated or backed into little pockets of resistance.  This victory by the Syrian government will obviously not make the news because it does not fit with the Jewish program…… The US puppet government in Baghdad under Nuri al-Maliki has collapsed and Maliki is officially 'stepping down' as President of Iraq.  I am not surprised by this, simply because it appears that Maliki was the US's "man" to keep Iraq enslaved, until he started turning against his masters.  Now they want him out and another puppet in his place…Economic news is as bad as ever, with reports that a stock market collapse or as they call it, a "correction", is coming.   It is surprising to me that the criminal Jews behind the entire fiasco have been able to keep it afloat this long, but the end is coming and most of America, and in fact the entire world, is ill-prepared for its ramifications.   When the collapse comes, and it is coming, it will not be pretty……..On some good news, Barkley's Premiere League soccer, or as you Europeans call it "football" is back for another season, and my team the Arsenal Gunners have started off with a victory over Crystal Palace yesterday by the score of 2-1.  Yes, I do love soccer, and in spite of many who say that it is a Jew run scam, it is still entertainment to me……..Whitewraithe has informed me that she loves her new job and is finally getting her own self confidence back.  We have also discussed retrying our "Turbulent Times" show, and we may have a podcast network available for the show as well.  Patience everyone while we work out the details and times.  We are trying to work around our both very busy and hectic schedules……And finally after a very long rant, what everyone waits for, the weekly shot at America's favourite family, the Kardashian trollops and misfits.  It seems that Kim's other sister Khloe has a new man in her life (yes this makes entertainment "news") named French Montana.  I only advise to this man is to run, and run as fast as you can, before you get caught up in this family of misfits and losers.  Yes, America does love their Kardashians, which again shows the sad state of America itself….

More to come



Anonymous said...

" I have always had the opinion that the American people are not this stupid."
Even alternative news presenters are either stupid, gullible, or willing agents of disinformation for the purpose of fueling anarchy in Ferguson and other US cities. Racial anarchy is the government's doing. Eric Holder is in charge. It isn't just Jews using blacks, it is Jews controlling Whites to go with their program. The Jews victimize themselves, do harm to others, and whine for sympathy. So do blacks. Blacks are free to criticize and condemn white "power," but whites are villified by other whites for factually criticizing blacks. Web sites that link to, or associate with independent thinkers on racial subjects, apologize for it and are often themselves boycotted. That has to be Jewish manipulation to stifle free thought and expression of truth about black power and of theirs.
"The Jews have also been using many gullible blacks as their own "foot soldiers" in their continuing war on whites. "

The criminal US Government is behind almost all the misery going on everywhere in the world. Having the influence and the power to alleviate suffering and chaos, Jewmerica creates it. Even on Americans.

Anonymous said...

There is no PermaLink to this information. So just quotes included. Hope you will read it soon while it is up.
August 19 2014
Due to Furgeson turning into a Sandy Hook, it has been top posted.

He uses hood talk, but HAS THE MESSAGE, RED ALERT! if anyone can rip this off of facebook, it needs to be preserv "

"These protests are being organized, staged and planned by the radical leftist marxists in the WH and the Justice Dept. The bankers are of course behind the scenes allowing all of this. The goals are simple:

1. Racial division and class warfare
2. Acclimation of police state
3. Massive unrest, chaos and violence
4. TRIGGER Martial Law nationwide
5. Distract we the people away from Obama destroying the US
6. Distract away from the scandals
7. Rally the leftist base before the midterms
8. Start a race war"