Sunday, August 3, 2014

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, August 3rd, 2014


Sunday, August 3rd, 2014… And time again for my rant… There is a lot of things to talk about today, so bear with me while I do my best to touch on some very important subjects…

First, as I stated just the other day, I am in no way trying to "whip up a frenzy" by my stance on the Ebola virus scare that has now gripped most of the major news outlets from around the planet.  I laid it out clearly during the week that there is definitely something funny going on when you have a so called "research" facility in the nation of Sierra Leone doing work on the Ebola virus.   Warning bells should also be going off everywhere when you see the facts that this so called "research" facility has been fully funded by the criminal that I call "Dr Evil", George Soros himself (just take a look at recent pictures of him and you can see a clear resemblance to the "Dr Evil" character from the Austin Powers movies),  and the so called Bill and Belinda Gates "foundation".   These people have never ever been for the betterment of mankind, but are definitely part of the group that is searching for methods of human extermination.  That alone has had warning bells go off in my own head and tells me that something is definitely amiss here….

This particular strain of Ebola that has been killing thousands of people across western Africa is extremely potent and much stronger than previous strains of the virus that was kept in check due to its poor inability to survive out of its jungle environment..  That alone points to a possible "mutation" of this strain or blatant manipulation of the virus itself…. I am leaning on the latter which again points towards criminal organizations and the US Government itself working on this virus as a means of weaponizing it and using it for a world wide pandemic.   People do need to understand that the agenda for population control as laid out in the 1974 UN protocols is very real and that the plan has always been in place for as much as 90% of the world's population to be wiped out…. This is the so called "new world order" agenda, and again it is very real!

Now that the virus has spread across Sierra Leone, Guinea, and even to Nigeria, we have the reports of several victims of this virus outbreak being flown to Atlanta Georgia in the United States for what is claimed to be "further research"….. I found very little news about this horrific action by the US Government and the World Health Organization and especially from the American public as a whole.  If this strain of Ebola does "escape" from Atlanta, it could definitely spread across the state of Georgian then across the entire United States.  Not only would there be panic across America, but the US Government would have its "pandemic" excuse to impose martial law across the United States… I honestly have been looking at all the excuses that have been used to transport a victim of this Ebola outbreak to the continental US and nothing that has been stated is rational enough to make sense.  It would have been better to keep these patients isolated and treatment to take place in west Africa.

We are also seeing a deluge of information and false information about "treatments" for Ebola… I have been reading the reports about the use of "colloidal silver" as a possible cure for Ebola, and I agree with those that are not sold on this as a 'cure'… Yes, I have been reading about "colloidal silver" and its applications for a wide variety of diseases, but there is nothing that shows that it would work on Ebola.  However, there is something intriguing that I have been reading over at Jim Stone's site ( that is more logical that the usage of "colloidal silver" and that is simple Vitamin C…. I decided to take the time and look again into Vitamin C and viruses as a whole, and what I found is exactly what Jim states in that Ebola and other viruses do strip the human body of Vitamin C and thus weaken the body's ability to fight off their attack…  I have always been a proponent of the use of both Vitamin C and Vitamin D instead of "vaccines" or other chemicals for fighting diseases, as shown in many of my previous articles…. Therefore when it comes to Ebola and other related diseases, I would say to everyone to stockpile Vitamin C and to up their daily doses if a fear of an outbreak does occur.

The bottom line from this Ebola fear is that at the moment it is exactly that….Fear…. Yes, there have been reports of its spread into other nations, but as Jon Rappoport has stated in one of my previous articles, there is a strong possibility that the criminals in our own governments are using the psychological effect of the fear of this outbreak turning into a pandemic to try to impose their much needed martial law to take away both the rights of the people as well as their weapons as defense against the criminals running our governments.    They have indeed done this before with the "swine flu" outbreak fear of a few years back, and it is wait and see when it comes to this latest "Ebola" pandemic fear.

OK, enough of the "Ebola outbreak" fear,  for the Israeli slaughter of innocent lives in Gaza continues… Just the other day the ultra psychotic criminal Prime Minister of the terrorist state of Israel, Benyamin Miliewkowsky (Netanyahu) and his equally psycho cronies supposedly started a partial withdrawal from the embattled Gaza Strip itself.   I do wonder if this withdrawal does mean that the Israelis will now call in their airforce bombers and start carpet bombing of the cities of Gaza.   It is indeed madness and we will continue to see an escalation of the number of dead innocent people from this Israeli genocide that definitely is in the tens of thousands.

What has really irked me for the last while is the incessant lies coming from the media and our own governments about the lame excuse that Israel is destroying Gaza and wiping out the entire population there due to Israel's right to "defend itself" from "rockets launched" from Gaza.   I have put up many reports at this blog over the last few years that definitely show these Palestinian "rockets" to be a complete fraud and fairy tale.   People need to logically just sit down and look at Gaza itself.  We are talking about a heavily populated strip of land that has for at least 7 years been entirely shut down from outside sources of raw materials and especially materials necessary to actually build such "missiles".   Then we have the horrific surveillance infrastructure in place by the Israelis that watch every single move the people of Gaza make.  I seriously doubt that any "rockets" could even be constructed in Gaza under the ever watching eyes of the Israeli prison guards, and if you take into account the fact that the materials to construct such weapons are nonexistent in Gaza, you can also come to the conclusion that these "missiles" are a fraud.  The fact is simple here; Israel needs excuse after excuse to brutalize and murder the people of Gaza and they decided first to run with the equally fraudulent "3 Israeli teens murdered" phoney story, and now have relied on the phoney "Gaza rockets" ploy.   It has worked wonders though, because night after night we have the Jew spew media everywhere continue to harp the false claim that Palestinians have Israel under "constant rocket bombardment" from Gaza itself.   It is so ridiculous that people swallow these lies and continue to blindly support Israeli genocide against innocent people.

There are some may still say: "Then what exactly are these "rockets" that we hear about and see on our Talmudvisions every night?"  The answer is simple and I laid it out for years.. Israel has been using their Mossad operatives to go into south Lebanon, the West Bank, and now Gaza to build small launching platforms and fire off a few "bottle rockets" back into Israel itself.  The real giveaway is how these "bottle rockets" never ever hit anything of any importance in Israel and ALWAYS seem to land in unpopulated areas.  I asked before if these "rockets" were so real, then why in the hell are the Palestinians such poor shots?   The answer is very obvious that we are dealing with a fraud here….  And the other kicker is the constant wailing of Israeli early warning sirens that seem to go off right on cue on all of our Jew spew media outlets, and are primarily used to create the false notion that Israel is under "constant rocket bombardment" for the international audiences.   This phoney wailing siren ploy has indeed worked wonders and has been used to create the psychological impression in the world wide audience that "poor little Israel" is always under attack!

Yes, it does seem that the phoney "3 Israeli youths murdered" and the "rocket attacks" scams used by Israel to justify their mass murder of Palestinians was not enough and they have run their course.. Now the Israelis attempted the same scam they used when they attacked Lebanon back in 2006 by claiming that Hamas "captured" one Israeli soldier and are holding him as hostage… To me, this is such incredible BS and just another in the long list of lies concocted by these monsters to justify genocide.   There has been absolutely no proof that this ONE single Israeli soldier was ever captured, and more evidence that he is either another Jewish lie, or that if he is missing is probably dead under so much of the rubble in Gaza that Israel itself has created.  The madness of these psychos and their excuses will only continue…

I do really hate to harp again and again the true facts about what is happening in Gaza, but I will state it again here…. Israel created Hamas as a method of keeping the Palestinians divided decades ago.  But years later Hamas has turned against their Israeli masters and has now worked with other factions in the West Bank and Gaza Strip towards a new unity government to have the Palestinians stand as one people and one nation against Israeli brutality.  The criminal Israeli government definitely does not want a united Palestinian front, and the decision was therefore made again to attack and brutalize Gaza so as to have Hamas basically surrender and give up their push for Palestinian unity.    People need to understand the sickness of Israel and its insanity called "Zionism".   Zionism itself calls for the Jews to control ALL of Palestine with no room for any other people period.  Under that madness the Palestinians are to be permanently exiled and/or exterminated as a people.   Under these circumstances the Palestinian people are given absolutely no choice but to fight for their very existence and their rights to their own land.   Given the choices of either to fight or be exterminated, I again state that I know which one I would choose in a heartbeat.

One other factor about this situation in Gaza that continues to irk me is the fact that the US puppet regime in Washington DC continues to blindly and slavishly support their Jewish masters and again and again has voted "unanimously" for full support of the terrorist state of Israel.   Here we have 537 representatives of the people of the United States sitting in their federal government that do absolutely nothing except suck Jewish dick.  (sorry for being blatant, but it is true).    It is so sad to see how a supposedly great nation such as the United States has allowed itself to answer only to a criminal foreign power.   And I am always wondering where in the hell are the American people that actually voted these criminals into power?  Why the hell have Americans allowed these TRAITORS to the American republic to sit in government and do nothing more than bow to Jewish interests exclusively?   It is sad that even this last week the American government voted in an "emergency" bill to send some $200+ million dollars in American weaponry to Israel to continue to kill innocent people while at the same time allowing Americans to live on the streets in that once great nation in poverty, and to even allow a city such as Detroit Michigan to not even have water for its citizens!  Madness is an understatement.

Of course we have the same US Government continue to promote the massive lies of what actually happened with "flight MH17" over Ukraine.   But try as they might, the American public are no longer fooled and many see that as an obvious shoot down by the Ukrainians themselves as part of a new false flag operation to be falsely blamed on Russia.   I stated in my previous rant that this false flag was definitely done to try to start a new cold war against Russia due to the fact that Russia and other nations are now moving rapidly away from using the US dollar as their reserve currency.  The US government with its hundreds of trillions of dollars in debt load cannot survive without maintaining the US dollar hegemony across the world, and the Russian move away from the almighty dollar has forced them to attempt this false flag.   The goal was to have this "Russian attack" herald in sanctions and even a possible trade embargo with Russia that would force nations to continue to use the US dollar instead of the Russian Ruble or Chinese Yuan for international trade.   Luckily the plan has fallen apart thanks to efforts from researchers and of course sleuths over the Internet.

And about MH17 itself… What we have here is definitely and without any shadow of a doubt the long "missing" MH370 flight.    As I stated before, these monsters flew MH370 out of Malaysian airspace at the end of March and purposely flew the aircraft to the US base at Diego Garcia.   There after murdering all 239 people on board that aircraft, they moved the aircraft quickly to the United States itself and first attempted a new "false flag" by using the aircraft against the Iranian nuclear meetings in The Hague, Netherlands back in April.   That first attempt at a new false flag would have worked if not for the Dutch airforce intercepting the aircraft with its transponders "mysteriously" turned off and guiding it out (?) of Dutch airspace.   But the whereabouts of this aircraft and where it landed in Europe was strangely (purposely) kept out of the news, and these criminals knew that they still had that aircraft ready and sitting in Europe for another false flag attempt….. The US government and its lackeys sitting in the Ukrainian regime in Kiev then concocted a plan to have a passenger plane "blown out of the sky" over Ukraine by the Russians as their means of getting a new war on Russia started.   And at the same time, they looked at using the aircraft as a means of finally disposing of all the evidence, including the long dead bodies, from the MH370 flight….. They took the MH370 bodies out of "cold storage", reloaded them on this plane, and had it take off as flight MH17 on its way to Malaysia and purposely flying over Ukraine.   But of course their best laid plans fell to pieces and the plane was definitely blown out of the sky over Ukraine by Ukrainian fighter aircraft.    Sadly for the families of victims of the original MH370 flight, they still have no peace, for the first investigators at the MH17 crash site in eastern Ukraine complained openly about the smell coming from their rotting bodies, which points to the fact that these passengers from this "MH17" flight were indeed the long dead corpses from the "missing" MH370 flight!   Again, this shows how truly evil these criminals are and what they are capable of doing.

But the coverup from the MH17/MH370 fiasco continues, due to the US/Ukraine now trying desperately to cover up the fact that they are responsible for this failed false flag by making sure that real investigators cannot even get close to the crash site… They obviously want to make sure that their own people are on the ground and getting rid of all of the evidence of their criminality, and to strangely try to still convince the world that the Russians are to blame for this fiasco.  It has been madness to watch the Jew spew media everywhere continue to harp the BS propaganda lie that Russia is responsible even in the face of all the glaring evidence that it was a false flag operation gone wrong….

Of course this MH17/MH370 false flag fiasco is not the only major news coming out of Ukraine.. There is still the matter of the Ukrainian government attacks on the innocent people of the Donets region of eastern Ukraine.   These attacks have killed thousands of innocent people whose only crime was to rightfully vote in legal referendums to secede from the mess that is Ukraine itself.   These people who are primarily Russian speaking have long seen no future with the Ukrainian puppet regime in Kiev and know that their future lies in either independence or joining up with the Russian Federation.   But the Kiev regime is still spewing the lies that these people are "separatists" and even "terrorists" and has turned the Ukrainian army against them.   Some truths have come out in spite of the US Jew spew media lies that show that many in the Ukrainian army have refused to kill their fellow Ukrainians, and many fighting in the Ukrainian army have either deserted or joined up with these "separatists".    The fact is that Ukraine itself is a horrific mess and that the original coup from this spring has failed.   The Ukrainian economy has already collapsed in spite of the lies promoted through the Jew spew media, which could spell doom for the US backed regime itself.    It does make me wonder if this latest MH17/MH370 fiasco was indeed part of a sick plan to not only vilify Russia, but to use this false flag to somehow prop up Ukraine itself.

Well, I do believe that is enough of the major news over the last week for now….As usual, I will close this rant with my "last minute tidbits" to cover other important news events……Will someone please explain to me how the deliberate targeting of UN schools, refugee camps, and hospitals in Gaza by the criminally psychotic Israelis is not a war crime?  I am all ears…… The Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan is still going strong in spite of the strange media blackouts.  Those three failed melted down reactors are still out of control and continue to spew their deadly toxins into the atmosphere and the Pacific Ocean.  It is sad that with all the news diverted elsewhere that this still life on Earth threatening condition persists.  But as usual, wars for Israel take precedence………The economy is an unmitigated mess with full collapse still staring everyone in their faces.  What else is new?………The war in Syria against the murderous US/Israeli bought and paid for mercenaries is still going on, but has not been much in the Jew spew media due to the fact that these rebels have all but lost this war.  The Jew spew media cannot make their precious Israel and their puppets in the US look like losers, obviously…….Notice how the media harped first about the phoney "Boko Harem" crisis in Nigeria, and more recently the US/Israeli "ISIS" crisis in Iraq, and now these phoney "terrorist" groups are no longer in the news?.   Blatant evidence of the liars in our media using the propaganda of fear to keep the sheep in line and shows again how the entire "war on terror" is a fraud……..Will someone please explain to me WHY the US government has a patent on the Ebola virus?   And people think I am crazy for stating that we are dealing with monsters out to weaponize this virus for a possible global pandemic……….Coldest summer up here and in other parts of the world, and yet the Global Warming nuts are still out there spewing their lies and the need for "carbon taxation".  Why do we continue to put up with these idiots???……Yes, I did watch the World Cup Soccer final during my first day on vacation in case anyone wants to know.  I am waiting for the new season of Barkley's Premier League to start up, which is very soon.  Go Arsenal.  (Did I mention that I do love soccer?)…… Things are finally looking up for my friend, Whitewraithe, and it does seem that she may finally have a decent job lined up.  It has been a rough last few years for her, and I am crossing my fingers that she does get some good news for a change……I did see how that criminal facade known as "Facebook" has not allowed any messages that criticize Israel for its genocide against Gaza.  Figures, considering "Face-crook" is owned and controlled by that slimy Jew Mark Zuckerberg, and knowing that "Face-crook" is an Israeli data mining operation, this does not surprise me.   I again have to ask why the HELL anyone is gullible enough to own a "Face-crook" account at all?  Suckers are indeed born every minute…….And finally, what everyone tunes in each Sunday for, my weekly rip at the most disgusting Americans imaginable (other than Prez Barry), the Kardashian group of trolls, trollops, and misfits.  It seems that the "entertainment" news this week has gone gaga over Kim showing pictures of herself and    Kanye West in bed.   Honestly, not only is this ludicrously disgusting, but to think that this is news while people are being slaughtered in Gaza?  Oh how far America has indeed fallen….

Again, let us all show our support for the people of Gaza against murderous criminals.   If you do have any upcoming rallies in your town or city for these brave Palestinians, please try to attend.

More to come



passionatepragmatist said...

Wonderful rant, Brian! Don't ever say that your work is better than mine, it isn't. You get straight to the point and lay it for everyone to understand - you do this extraordinarily well.

My youngest grandson's 4th birthday is today so I'm tied up but will be republishing this rant later today for my readers.

I'm so grateful that I can celebrate his birthday, but I've cried rivers of tears for the children of Gaza that will never again see another birthday. May the great Creator of all things hold these tiny innocent children in his loving care.

RickB said...

Love and appreciate your grandson today, Whitewraithe.

I had a wonderful time with my granddaughter and daughters [my older daughter goes to Spain for a year in a few days] at the state fair yesterday. It was our fourth year contiguous doing this. Considering all that is happening, at least we did this... we shared this moment... of appreciating each other... of love for each other.

Today I have the honor and privilege of photographing a Palestinian wedding. Financially, economically... I was hit with a major blow just a few days ago... and I wondered in anger and confusion, where was God. The Palestinians surely must be wondering the same... yet today they will be loving. That is their victory over the Devil's spawn. They can love and trust. The Devil's spawn can never do that.

I was glad about yesterday... having loved. I'm glad and honored to be able to be sharing in the love of the community on the bleeding edge of the conflict between good and evil today.

Thank you for giving me a voice via linking to your website, NTS. May truth and justice soon prevail, in our lifetime... we we see the Beast defeated.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely bang on, NTS!
Here's link to a wonderful speech, given by Senator David Norris on the floor of the Irish Senate last week: Makes me proud that SOMEbody in Ireland has a spine!

Anonymous said...


I have been reading your blog for a while and it is one of my favorites! But my only worry is that you haven't quite connected the dots regarding the spirituality/religious aspect of all of this. The Illuminati worship the devil (literally). I think I saw on one of your previous posts that you think religion just divides the world, and believe me I used to feel the same way. But this past year I have had several epiphanies, the biggest of which were that God is real and the Bible is His word. Its funny how all of this stuff is prophecied in the Bible. Unrest with Israel, the rise of an antichrist (Obama, perhaps?), the attempt at a one world religion... Oh yeah and regarding Jews, there are real Jews and fake Jews (satan's Zionists). They aren't all bad. I would do some more research regarding Bohemian Grove and satanic messages in the media (subliminal stuff in Disney movies, playing Beyonces songs backwards, etc.). At least for me, I had to realize that there was true evil (not just mental disorders/sociopathy) in the world to realize that there was also a loving God protecting His children. But more and more people are abandoning Him and that's why the world is so messed up. Luckily He gave us free will, so we can choose to either follow Him and have His protection, or do our own thing and be vulnerable to the evil forces around us. I do agree that SOME religion is brainwashing, or an attempt to lead people even deeper into Satan's control (Hinduism and other eastern religions). However, regardless of how many religions are out there, there is an absolute truth about the world and that truth is written in the Bible. I think it was most difficult for me to understand that people aren't crazy. They don't just blindly follow something that they haven't had any "success" with, whether that is a supernatural experience or whatever. Personally, I came from a very scientific background and always relied on "research studies" and "scientific research" to back up my beliefs. But that stuff is all nonsense anyway as most of the results are faked..... Anyway, I wasn't the type to just believe anything someone told me without doing my own experiments. And when a new friend told me God was real, I did just that. My entire life was flipped upside down. He has shown Himself to me many times, so no, my faith is not in fact blind. I just beg that you do the same. I hope your eyes will be opened as mine have been 😊

God bless

Anonymous said...

the enemies of the Children of Israel have always hated the truth

mostly on account of filthy lucre,
it is true that the children of Israel are very much like the "Infidel" {humanist, Atheist, etc}, mockers and scoffers and "blasphemers" which is much easier than actually studying the WHY...

Why do "Jews" have to hate "Jesus"...?

why did Jesus name their progenitor as the first liar and murderer..?

the stone of destiny is just an odd relic...not really important at all...just like the "Law" against Murder...unless one is a "Jew" or licensed "Jew" agent with the IRS, ATF, ADL/FBI or the Bolshevik Homeland Security..

there is way too much animus on the part of the "Jew" for the White Race for there to be nothing to the White People are Israel "side" of the story..

Too much enmity.

and 90% of so-called "Jews" are actually proselytes to Talmudic Judaism the gog & magog "Jews"..

you might as well call a jihad against cholestorol or something mundane...trans fatty acids. . .

In Hosea 1:11 where are the yiddish speaking "Jews"..?

you do know of course that the tribe of Ephraim {brti'ish} had trouble with the letter H...hence the shibboleth..story.

then there is the declaration of Abroath..

and Jefferson's Eulogy of Washington..

the thing about mocking and scoffing and blaspheming is that it doesn't make the truth go away..and still there is a talmudic terrorists STATE called Israel...with nukes.