Saturday, August 23, 2014

ISIS Is A Fake US/Israeli Created "Terrorist" Group: Government Fear Factory - "ISIS Is In The United States" Just In Time For Another 9-11 Anniversary!

Lets get the facts straight here for everyone…. This "ISIS", or "IS" , or "Islamic State" group of "terrorists" is as PHONEY as a 3 dollar bill.    This latest and greatest creation by the criminals in the US and the psychotic state of Israel was created and is right now doing its dirty work in trying to scare the hell out of the gullible American public and to make the American sheep wrongly believe that an "invasion" of SYRIA is required to squash this phoney-balognie "Terrorist" group.    Sadly, again, most Americans are now nothing more than dumb-ass mutton brained sheep and will obey their evil government dictate and go to war against the innocent nation of Syria!   It is plain and simple madness!

I came across a most interesting video just yesterday, and I want to share it with all of my own readers here…. It comes from Youtube user, "TRUTHstreammedia" and is entitled: "Government Fear Factory: Isis Is In The United States - Just In Time For Another 9-11 Anniversary".  In this video, you will again see how the government of the United States is using their phoney "ISIS" group to whip up near panic in America, and the fact that the real "terrorists" in all this is the government themselves!  I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  A pretty good video, but still misses the point that this "ISIS" group is in fact a total fraud and is composed of American and Israeli agents, as well as those bought and paid for "rebels" that did so well in Syria that they have now been ordered to wreck havoc across Iraq and use the propaganda of fear against America itself….

The fact is simple… The American people need to wake the hell up and understand that criminals in their own government, as well as the clowns shown in this video, are working towards the imposition of martial law in America and the enslavement of the American people themselves…. All they need is a  new, and just as phoney as the last one, "9-11" style attack on an American city and they will get their passage of laws to strip the last vestiges of freedom away from the American people.. And that attack is now most definitely coming…

And the bullseye of this latest "terrorist" scam is indeed Syria… Even as this video was produced, the American criminal government has started the ramping up towards war with Syria again, and preaching falsely that Syria "must be attacked" to end this fraud "ISIS" threat.   It shows again that I have been right all along that the road to war on Syria goes through this fraud "ISIS"creation.

The other note that must be repeated here is that the original attacks of September 11th, 2001 were most definitely the work of Israeli Mossad operatives in America.   They were able to get away with that act of cold blooded murder of American citizens now almost 13 years ago, and considering how gullible the American people are now, will definitely try again and hopefully get much the same results as the first attack….  Watch for it, America because it is coming..

Yes the real terrorists in all this are our own government officials…. It is up to the American public now to wake up from their long slumber and do something to save their nation from such tyranny.

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Anonymous said...

NTS, "Isis" is not the only fake concept being floated by this regime.

This regime is using broad spectrum deception on several levels towards manipulating not only the behavior of the "man on the street" but also legislators.

We are seeing faked events ranging from the 911 controlled building demolitions sold as "terrorism" to Sandy Hook Nose - another in a series of manipulated manufactured narratives.

It is clear that this regime thinks it's just fine to employ massive deception tactics against the population to achieve its goals.

This regime is using broadcast media transmitted deception to destroy civil liberties and to wage international conflicts.

To combat this, we must recognize that this regime is operating against the best interests of the people and is therefore illegitimate.

We can prove that this regime is using crass deception to manipulate the public. Deception tactics transmitted over the public airwaves in direct contravention of the best interests of the people should be made illegal. At present, there are no laws restricting this practice.

Finally, the people must DEMAND the deconstruction of this regime. This is not a call to deconstruct "government". It is a call to deconstruct the "Shadow Government" that is operating for its own benefit.

Education on deception and counter deception is necessary.

Please not who in the alternative media denies that deception is being used. Note who supports the official Sandy Hook Nose narrative. Note who supports the fake Isis narrative.

Those are Controlled Opposition traitors.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the truth is even more obvious and blatantly hiding in plain site.

Anonymous said...

Totally. ISIS is another Zionist funded and created false enemy to justify further destruction of civil liberties and the constitution. Its the classic DIVIDE AND RULE POLICY BY FEAR AND CONTROL which is predictably apparent to all but the dumbed down sheeple that buy their propaganda. I spoke to someone at work that believes that Snowden's whistleblowing is a threat to security and lives. Yes its a threat to the security of the fascists in power and their lives! Not our lives which they deem expendable.

These people don't think that the govt should disclose state secrets?? !! They actually think that they have the right to hide information from us for our own security??!!! Yes, this is what brainwashing is all about. You are brainwashed to love obedience and slavery. This is the idiotic I have nothing to hide generation. And they are terribly wrong!

I have a right to privacy and civil liberties. I have a right to demand transparency in govt. I have a right to know where my taxes are being spent and if thats to murder innocent people then i have a right to take up arms against the traitors in power, expose them for what they are and smash them down in a million pieces. Most importantly i have the right to open and honest govt for the people, by the people and of the people. The govt have state secrets because they are doing EVIL. BIG TIME EVIL. TREASON. THEY ARE THE ENEMY. HYPOCRITES.

This is not constitutional. This is not democracy.

A declaration of war is nothing more than an excuse for domestic tyranny.

Alexandr Solzhenitsyn.

Anonymous said...

I am amazed that i never heard of one statement against Israel from ISIS correct me please if i am wrong an super extrimist islamic state and not one threatening word to Isrsel i smell a rat

Unknown said...

It's so obvious that Isis is as real as Jesus Christ , Harry potter , thanos , or Tony Starks . it just proves that ppl will believe anything that's told to us by the media. If your over 10 years old and you believe what's on Fox ,CNN, ABC, CBS, and NBC you are a moron . when I first saw the media try to talk about Isis I was like . wtf am I watching archer ? These morons on tv try to scare ppl about this can make believe monster Arabs . what a joke. I felt like I was 8 and listening to one of my uncles tell a scary store around a camp fire. The sad thing is I was 8 and I knew he was full of it. Then you got all these educated fools who are scared to death of that same monster I knew was fake when I was 8.

Unknown said...

Well said

Anonymous said...

I have no doubt at all that ISIS is a bullshit organization created by the united states government to keep the American public afraid so that our country can 1.) Keep a military footprint in the middle east. 2.) Cultivate and gaurd Poppy fields for cultivation,sale
and dissemination in the states.(this is why doctors, and pharmaceutical companies pushed opioid's like ,Codeine
Hydrocodone (Vicodin, Hycodan)
Morphine (MS Contin, Kadian)
Oxycodone (Oxycontin, Percoset)
Hydromorphone (Dilaudid)
Fentanyl (Duragesic) so heavily for decades. The reason for this was to get millions of Americans hooked And then pass laws and threaten physicians(By striping them of their licenses to practice.) to cut their patients off of there pain meds. Now if you have never been addicted to opioid's think about the worst case of flu you have ever had and times it by ten.You feel burning up yet cold at the same time,you can't enjoy movies, or books,or conversation. you will literally shit diarrhea down your leg while walking. You will have anxiety so bad that everything scares you. It is HELL. This is why so many people turn to Heroin just to feel normal. This can happen to anyone only if you are rich doctors will keep writing you your script. It's the poor who get their scripts taken away and turn to Heroin. I firmly believe it is a way for the elite to try and kill off a large portion of the poor. Three years ago I was prescribed a synthetic opioid called Tramadol for a torn ACL ligament and meniscus tear in my knee. I had only taken pain meds once in my life prior to this at age 18. I didn't even finish the bottle. I was told Tramadol was not physically addictive by my doctor at the free clinic. BULLSHIT!! Two years later they passed some legislation to where I was cut off. I got sick as a dog and couldn't work so I called in to work and started asking people I know if they knew where I could buy pain pills and thats when the nightmare started. So I was never a drug addict until a doctor lied to me and made me one. I had two choices 1.)buy street drugs and keep my job,and keep a roof over my families heads, or 2.) Go thru the sickness lose my job and end up homeless. I had no sick leave time at work because my job doesn't offer benefits. (Thanks NAFTA!) I hustled and became a fucking street drug user. I am now on suboxone which helps,but it's just another drug being pushed by big pharma and so called medical doctor's. The whole ISIS and poppy field thing is reality. But most Americans have their heads shoved so far up their own asses they could check themselves for colon polyps.Just ask a soldier from Afghanistan,they will tell you. I also think there was involvement by the U.S. government in 9/11. When that tragedy happened my bullshit detector went apeshit. It was just way to convenient for the Bush administration. These assholes are banking on Americans being self absorbed and easily controlled by fear.

Anonymous said...

Nazi's used this tactic. Keep the population afraid and they will go along with anything the ruling class wants.