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What The HELL Is Going On In Iraq? ISIS Looming Iraq Victory Is Fruit Of Decade Of Failed US Policy!

I have been watching all the reports over the last few days about the so called "ISIS" (Islamic State of Iraq in Syria) "army" that has already conquered most of northern Iraq, and is presently bearing down on the Iraqi capital of Baghdad as I write this report.... It is startling to see how quickly this army of "insurgents" has seized so much of Iraq, and may very quickly take full control of Iraq away from the US puppet regime in Baghdad itself.

I first want everyone that needs a better understanding of what has really been happening so far in northern Iraq to turn to some amazing articles by my good friend, Whitewraithe... You can read those articles here, and here....  But for right now, I want to turn to a pretty good article that comes from Richard Silverstein, through his website at  This article is entitled: "ISIS Looming Iraq Victory Is Fruit Of Decade Of Failed US Policy", and I have it right here for everyone to read for themselves.. It may be a view from an Israeli writer, but even at times, they too can tell the truth.  I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

ISIS Looming Iraq Victory is Fruit of Decade of Failed U.S. Policy

ISIS fighters parade
ISIS fighters on the march (Yaser al Khodor/Reuters)

The shocking blitzkrieg of ISIS forces through Iraq, which finds them only 70 miles from the capital, Bagdhad, is the end-result of twelve years of failure of U.S. Middle East policy.  It all began with George Bush’s burst of irrational exuberance after 9/11, when he and Dick Cheney decided they were going to take advantage of the lemon offered them and make lemonade. So they invaded Afghanistan and toppled the Taliban.  Then the invaded Iraq and toppled Saddam.  ‘Bring it on’–remember that?  They were sittin’ on top of the world.  ‘Mission Accomplished’ and all that.

I hate to say I told you so, but there were many of us who knew this couldn’t work.  It was only a question of how it would go to pieces and how long that would take.  I don’t know what will happen in the current disastrous situation.  I don’t know if ISIS will be stopped or whether it will take over all of Sunni Iraq and declare its trans-national Islamic state in Syria and Iraq.  I don’t know if the U.S. will intervene to stop the Islamist offensive; or if Iran will intervene to protect the Iraqi Shiites.

But whatever happens, it proves that the Bush-Cheney policy of muscular interventionism was a house of cards built on faulty premises of U.S. omnipotence and infallibility.  Though I have little good to say about Barack Obama, who’s continued the former president’s counter-terror policies in far too many ways–I don’t envy Obama.  What choices does he have?  Stay out of a war he never wanted and watch as the region falls into Islamic sectarian madness?  Get sucked back into a war he never wanted?  And to what effect?  More U.S. boys killed in a war we thought we’d left behind?

The ISIS offensive proves our policy of building an Iraqi military deterrent was an abject failure.  Iraq’s military can no more defend its country than the Dutchman’s finger can stop the powers of the sea from overflowing the dike.  The Iraqi government is corrupt and hopelessly divided along ethnic lines.  Dysfunction doesn’t even begin to describe it.  And this is the quagmire Bush got us into.

Let’s not neglect Afghanistan.  After all, that’s how we got into this thing back in 2002 when Bush overthrew the Taliban.  Our plan for withdrawal seems to have been modeled on what we did in Iraq.  Given our success lately, we might want to rethink that.  Do we really believe any Afghan army can withstand the Taliban over any extended period of time without a continuing U.S. military presence there?  It’s a given that we don’t want to be there.  But if we’re not and everything goes to hell, then what?  The whole thing sucks and it’s the guy in the flack jacket’s fault.

Now a few broader issues.  Remember back last September when we were a hair’s breadth from attacking Assad?  Remember when he was the Butcher of Homs?  Well, he certainly was those things.  But it quickly became apparent that the rebels were no angels either.  Just about now, after watching ISIS crucify and behead unarmed civilians in Syria, Assad is starting to look a whole lot more–well, if not statesmanlike–then at least palatable.  And even if you turn up your nose in disgust, what’s the alternative?  Do you prefer an Alawite butcher or a Sunni butcher?

Another “analyst” whose ideas are starting to stink from the head is Daniel Pipes.  Remember when he was rubbing his hands with glee (and video) at the prospect of Syrians and jihadis, all enemies of Israel, beating the crap out of each other?  That didn’t turn out so well, did it?  As soon as ISIS realized it couldn’t defeat Assad on the Syrian battlefield, it turned its sights east and saw there the exposed underbelly of Sunni Iraq.  It did a mental calculation: who would I rather fight?  Those Shitte assholes Hezbollah, who’ve been kicking the shit out of me for months; or Iraq’s Potemkin army?

There is only one silver-lining I can see in all this mess: the opening to Iran, which has been building for months in the midst of a nuclear negotiation, could prove a lifeline.  The U.S. and Iran have a great deal at stake in the fight to re-stabilize Iraq and stymie the ISIS menace.  If I were Obama and Rouhani I would get together immediately.  Whatever it is that’s still holding back a nuclear agreement, get over it.  Sign the sucker.  There are bigger fish to fry here.  Do you want an Al Qaeda state spanning thousands of miles of Syrian & Iraqi territory?

Turkey has a potential role to play in this as well.  Though the Kurds have proven an impacable enemy, Turkey has no interest in seeing ISIS invade Kurdistan and encroach on Turkey’s southern border.  Again, this means that the U.S. and Iran should have a great deal in common with Turkey at this moment in time.
So tell me just how important now does Israel seem amidst all this chaos?  Not very.  Though Israel may see this as an opportunity to mend fences with Turkey, I’m not sure it will see things the same way.

Israel enjoys when Muslims kill each other.  Because then they’re not killing Israelis.  At least, that’s the way Israel’s strategic planners see it.  And when the frontline Arab states, not to mention the U.S., are distracted from their dispute with Israel, then it can pursue policies it favors like expanding settlements and suppressing Palestinian rights.

NTS Notes:  Interesting article that gives a pro-Israel perspective.. But Silverstein is in fact very accurate on many key points in his report...

People have been asking for my own personal perspective on what has been happening right now in Iraq, and I figure I would lay it out right here...

Lets face the first fact that there is NO "Al Qaeda" and that "Al Qaeda" has always been a creation of the United States and Israel for their fraudulent "war on terror".   That is absolute fact, and I could easily pull up hundreds of articles and facts that show this to be true.

The United States is fully responsible for the creation of this phoney "ISIS" army in the first place.  They have been funding and providing weapons to these "terrorists" for the last decade at least in their effort to undermine and destroy Syria.   Now this same "army" of well funded and well armed with AMERICAN made weapons is turning on the US puppet regime in Baghdad and is very quickly overrunning Iraq itself.  

Yes, the US created this monster and now they are reaping its benefits....

The US government is now stuck in a quagmire... They have created this monster and are now looking for a way out of their own horrible mess.   They know that they will not get the support of the American public for another invasion of Iraq itself to fix their own mess, because the US is bankrupt and can no longer afford another Iraqi adventure...All that anyone has to consider is the fact that the 2003 invasion and occupation of that nation for the last decade has cost US taxpayers some 2 TRILLION dollars.  

This is why the Obama/Soetoro/Davis administration of criminals has to look for help elsewhere and may indeed have to turn to IRAN for help.   Iran is actually the only nation in the region that could come in and stabilize the situation in Iraq.   But in doing so, the Americans may have to change their tune on Iran, which of course their masters in Tel Aviv do not want.  Their Jewish masters will never allow their American slaves to bend to the idea that they will need Iran's assistance because Israel wants Iran destroyed. 

I do suspect that right now the US government is indeed in secretive meetings with Iran to discuss Iranian intervention.  That way, they can get Iran to fix their mess while still spinning the false illusion that Iran is a "terrorist" state seeking (non existent) "nuclear weapons". 

And what about the Iraqi people themselves? I guarantee most are cheering on this ISIS army as the ones that will indeed get rid of their much hated American occupiers that have ruined their nation.   But many may not like the result of an ISIS army running Iraq, simply because we have seen already how this murderous "ISIS" army has treated civilians so well in Syria!

The bottom line is the US has created this debacle and has no way of fixing it without admitting defeat.  Yes, this may be the ultimate result of over a decade of failed US policy in the entire region.

 That, readers is how I see this situation in Iraq as it stands today.   Yes, there are many holes still to fill in this story, and hopefully I will cover those in future articles... Stay tuned..

More to come



Steve said...

What is Al Queda was a US Saudi Mossad vehicle and the ISIS is just the latest model? Who want high oil prices and instability in the Middle East?

Anonymous said...

Another perspective. Nike shoes, too? Very American!
June14 2014
I call B.S. on Baghdad
Most likely what is happening there is CIA sponsored and being used as a justification for an American military buildup. Interesting it is that Iran is actually playing a stabilizing role in this.
Something is going on, but you need to know a few things in the midst of all of this. And that is that stock photography and fakes are virtually always used in the media, especially when lies are being told and I am confident this is happening now.

Here are a few cute photos verified fake from the past. These prove Al Quaida is as fake as aspartame, whatever face Al quaida has put on it is done to suit the day.

Remember when Osama was buried at sea? the photo that supported this, which was released by major media outlets, was a fake based upon a scene in a movie called Blackhawk down:

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile in Texas , the US is being massively invaded from Mexico by illegals and drug cartels. The male news reporter in Texas is young, intense and could be another murdered Michael Hastings for his honest reporting on more of Obama's criminal actions. No feds are stopping this illegal invasion, but have made it possible. Obama wants to bomb Iraq again, Syria, too, but is arranging an invasion of illegals into the US from Mexico at the same time.

June 14th, 2014


Megyn Kelly interviews Dennis Michael Lynch (Documentary Filmmaker) on what is happening at the border. Drug Cartels, Illegal Immigrants Aired 6.13.14