Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Global Warming Fraud: Putting The Methane Gas False Fear Out Of Its Misery

Very recently I did read the reports coming out of the United States and elsewhere that we were false approaching a "crisis" and "tipping point" when it comes to this "Global Warming" fear...It concerned the fear that much of the world's Permafrost regions, especially here in North America and in northern Europe and Siberia were melting and thus would release billions of tons of global warming causing Methane gas into the Earth's atmosphere.... The fear mongers have been claiming that this Methane gas release would become out of control, cause the Earth to pass the so called "tipping point" and that it would lead to extinction of much of the life on this planet due to runaway heating...

First, I found it peculiar that many of these "researchers" never actually studied the dynamics of the so called Permafrost regions especially here in North America....Yes, the line of Permafrost does change over time, moving north when the Earth warms, and dipping south when the Earth cools... But what I have found in my own research is that the Permafrost line, especially here in Canada,  is NOT moving north at all, and in fact over the last few decades has moved slightly south indicating both that the Permafrost is absolutely not melting at all and is actually slightly increasing.  This therefore logically indicates we are very much entering a period of Global COOLING.... We must always remember that the primary source of heating on this planet is our Yellow Dwarf star, Sol, and right now Sol has gone "quiet" which indicates a period of falling temperatures all over the planet, and thus a prolonged period of Global Cooling.... I therefore find it shocking that many of the proponents of this Methane gas that promote this false "fear" due to declining Permafrost have not done their own research well.....

But now I want to stick a fork in the Methane gas fear and say that it is done..... Right now I want to present the following article from Steven Goddard's website: Real Science, at www.stevengoddard.wordpress.com, that is entitled: "The Methane Scam"... In this article, Steven Goddard lays down the facts about Methane and the false Methane scare in a short and very concise report... I have that article right here, and of course my follow up thoughts and comments:

The Methane Scam

One of alarmists’ favorite lies is that “methane is 30 times worse than CO2

This is complete BS. Methane’s absorption bands almost completely overlap with H2O, and methane concentrations in the atmosphere are very low.  CH4 quickly oxides and disappears from the atmosphere, so there can never be a lot of methane in a warm atmosphere with a large concentration of O2.

Methane contributes almost nothing to Earth’s greenhouse effect.

NTS Notes: Yes, we are being seriously hoodwinked by those that are promoting the false idea that the Arctic is "melting" and will resort to the release of billions of tons of Methane gas that will cause a runaway warming of our planet.. The facts clearly show otherwise..

It is not only interaction with Oxygen in our atmosphere that breaks down Methane, but it is a fact that direct solar radiation from Sol also goes a long way to both breakdown Methane and to make its presence in our atmosphere very short lived....

The bottom line... This Methane gas scare is just another in the long line of fear mongering falsehoods put out by the proponents of the Global Warming scare.. They continue to promote these falsehoods hoping that eventually one will catch on and then they are able to get their sick Carbon Taxation swindle into place.. Be weary everyone and do not be fooled!

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Boxcutter McGee said...

When the methane "problem" was first introduced, it was intimated if not outright stated that cow farts were the main source. In hindsight I suppose that nonsense was to acquaint us with the "30x worse than CO2" figure in preparation for the permafrost scare.