Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The 3 Year Old Little Girl/KFC Incident Is A Fraud: Evidence Now Coming Out That It Was An Elaborate Hoax

Just last weekend, I read an article (link here) put up by my friend, Whitewraithe, over at Pragmatic Witness (www.whitewraithe.wordpress.com), that tore at my own heart... It seems that recently a family went into a KFC restaurant in Jackson, Mississippi, USA, and was told by the management in the restaurant that they could not eat at that KFC location, due to the fact that their daughter, who had been attacked by a pit bull terrier and had her face heavily damaged from that attack, was scaring other customers... It was truly a tear jerker, considering the pictures from the article itself of the little girl.  There has been a resultant massive uproar by the general public to the "heartless" behavior of the management at that particular KFC restaurant.  There has also been a call for a boycott of KFC restaurants itself due to their "heartless" part in this "incident"....

I actually considered putting up that article here to show how truly bad some parts of American society has become, and luckily I did not and instead waited for a follow up article that would both help support the original article's assertions, but also gave us an update on the status of both the family involved and KFC restaurants.....  I want to bring forward this article from the KIRO TV website, out of Mississippi, at www.kirotv.com, that calls into question this entire KFC episode, by showing evidence that the entire eposide was made up!  Here is that KIRO TV article right here for everyone to read and judge for themselves... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Posted: 7:51 p.m. Monday, June 23, 2014

Report: Story that KFC kicked out girl with scars was made up

Victoria Wilcher
By Cox Media Group National Content Desk

LAUREL, Miss. —

If it sounded too extreme to believe, maybe your gut was right.

A report published Monday in the Laurel Leader-Call claims that a story about a disfigured 3-year-old being asked to leave a Jackson, Miss., KFC, was fabricated. (leader-call.com

The story went viral  over the past couple weeks, with KFC saying it was investigating the claim that the child was asked to leave because of her facial injuries. KFC also committed $30,000 toward the child’s recovery regardless of the outcome of their investigation. 

The allegation was first made public on a Facebook page called “Victoria’s Victories”  that has been following the recovery of Victoria Wilcher after she was attacked by pit bulls at her grandfather’s home in April. According to the Facebook page, the dogs broke her nose, both jaws, cheekbones and right eye socket. The right side of her face was left paralyzed, and she lost that eye, according to the page.

On June 12, a page administrator posted a photo of Victoria and wrote: “Does this face look scary to you? 

Last week at KFC in Jackson MS this precious face was asked to leave because her face scared the other diners. I personally will never step foot in another KFC again and will be personally writing the CEO.”

But in a story published Monday, Sean Murphy of the Leader-Call wrote that anonymous sources told him the entire story was made up:

“The heart-wrenching story of a badly disfigured 3-year-old child being asked to leave a Jackson KFC because her appearance was scaring other customers was a story generated out of whole cloth and resulted in the family bilking the public and professionals for more than $135,000 in cash, as well as gifts and free surgeries, sources with deep knowledge of the investigation said exclusively to the Laurel Leader-Call.” 


KFC declined to comment on Murphy’s story, which details several alleged inconsistencies in the story told by Victoria’s grandmother and on the Facebook page.

NTS Notes:  I took a look at the "Laurel Leader-Call" news report that this article links to, and I do agree that many of the parts of the original story does not add up at all.... Too many holes...

It does seem that we have been deceived and that this has turned into an elaborate hoax.... 

It is easy to realize that we all can be fooled by "anonymous" reports, and it therefore came as no surprised that this story was believed by everyone by the usage of the attached picture of the little girl involved in the incident.... I therefore cannot lay blame on anyone for falling for this story, because I too originally thought it to be authentic....

I also do not blame my good friend, Whitewraithe, for posting the original article... She has done outstanding work and just like her, I thought the original story valid and considered it worthy of placement here as well...I will put this article at her site as an "update" for her own viewers to see and read....

And about KFC itself....  They are obviously not at fault for this particular incident....But I am not letting them totally off the hook, because what they classify as "food" is in reality loaded with so many deadly chemicals that can kill you!

More to come



Anonymous said...

I'll believe it was a hoax when the debunker outs themselves.

FreeSpirit said...

You should boycott KFC anyway! They are owned by the evil Bush clan and they use senomyx in their food (flavoring made from aborted fetus organs). I boycotted them as soon as I realized they are using this horror in their food, deceptively causing people to commit cannibalism. Taco Bell also uses it along with Nestle, Kraft, Cadbury, Heinz, Nabisco, Frito Lay, Little Debbie and several other big name corporations, all of which you can find on google. Boycott these evil monsters!