Monday, June 9, 2014

Is The Seattle "Shooting" A Hoax? Great Videos From Pt1gard Exposes It As A Fraud!

We have just seen the Jew spew mainstream media go hog wild over the latest "shooting" in Las Vegas Nevada.   It does seem that now on a weekly basis we are seeing these shootings take place across America, and of course we find all the liars in the media and many government officials shortly after each shooting calling for gun control legislation across America as a result.  

I have yet to sift through all of the evidence to determine if the latest shooting in Las Vegas is authentic, but for this article I want to present some very strong evidence courtesy of my friend, Greg, who is also known as Youtube user: "Pt1gard".   Greg and I have known each other for years now as we have for the longest time been tearing NASA's fraud Apollo moon landings to smithereens, and more recently have been all over the Sandy Hook shooting hoax as well.....Greg lives in Seattle, and has been watching the reports behind last Thursday's "shooting" at Seattle's Pacific University campus very closely.  He found many inconsistencies and anomalies and came to the conclusion that this shooting is indeed a fraud.   He decided to make several videos that point out these inconsistencies, and I want to present those videos right here for everyone to view for themselves....

This first video is entitled: "SPU Shooting Hoax, Another False Flag Gun Grab", and I have it right here for everyone to view for themselves:

The second video is entitled: "SPU Hoax, Pauly Loading Jon Mace Man Meis" and I have it right here for everyone to view for themselves:

NTS Notes:  The first video obviously shows many inconsistencies in what the "witnesses" claim happened during the shooting.  I wonder, just like in all the previous fraud shootings, if the crisis actors ever can get their stories straight?

The second video shows a glaring inconsistency that shows the fraud in all its glory... I do wonder if there has ever been a case where EMT personnel would take a "patient" and first load them into one ambulance, and then suddenly off load them and put them in a second one?  Greg actually did contact some EMT personnel in Seattle and asked them exactly that question and the answer he got is a definitive NO! The video shows clearly that we are dealing with two very distinctly different ambulances.   That glaring error on the part of the actors involved shows proof that we are indeed dealing with another set up, and most definitely a hoax.

It does appear that just like Sandy Hook, the Boston Bombing, the Kansas shooting, and more recently the Santa Barbara shooting, this shooting as well is an elaborate operation and so full of holes that again we are dealing with a hoax to condition the American public into willingly surrendering their firearms......And I can guarantee that just as I have said before, they will continue with these hoaxes until people wake up and put an end to their evil operations.

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Anonymous said...

Greetings from KL! Just stumbled across this. Another absolutely cotton-pickin', fabulous video from Anthony Lawson, entitled "Robert Faurisson - A Most Honourable Man."

Excellent work.

RickB said...

The shootings are coming too fast for the lil ugly truth guy to celebrate them all.

You know the guy. That's the "I'm not a told you so kinda guy" that keeps telling people so over and over again, on and on, all the time.

That's the "How's that revolution going for ya now Egypt?" guy.

What a guy that ugly truth guy.

Flying Tiger said...

There is a specific point in all this and in all these events, which is that "continuity errors" as I call them are not mistakes, they are ESSENTIAL.

Subliminal conditioning and all other forms of mind control MUST have inconsistencies or repulsive elements presented in conflict with other elements. It is this "cognitive dissonance" that is what creates the state of mind that in turn allows mind control.

In shorter words and briefer language- inconsistency opens the mind. Confusion makes the mind seek answers, ie get to maximum openness. Horror shocks the mind. Open mind -> shock -> stays open -> hypnosis

Northerntruthseeker said...

Sorry I did not reply sooner to your comment, Rick... I have been busy again the last few days...

Yes, I agree.. the midget man in Idaho is spinning his web of lies and deceit as always...

It is surprising that anyone actually listens to that idiot any more???

Northerntruthseeker said...

Flying Tiger...

I agree in principle..

But I do wonder if the Jewish elite are not thinking of the consequences of all these shootings.. The average American mind with its limited attention span will now no longer be shocked when they see a shooting take place and just be conditioned to take them in stride... This makes me wonder what therefore is their purpose in continuing with this program of having a new "shooting" almost at a weekly basis...

RickB said...

Glenn is merely self deluded... with delusions of grandeur. That gig with Press TV isn't serving the lil guy well in that regard.

“Idiot” is a very fitting descriptor for the lil guy...

also "delusional dope"...

or the term that he alleges John Stadrmiller used for the lil guy:

little prick.

Indeed NTS, it is surprising that he still has an audience.

Anonymous said...

Canadian Moncton shooting was preceeded by a drill days before in nearby Sackville, NB.

From a commenter on Benjamin Fulford's blog: Moncton cop killing has many of the hallmarks of a false flag operation.

When you are getting shot at, you get rather parched.

Guess what? They ran a drill for the same scenario at the end of May in Sackville, a 30 minute drive from Moncton.

Fundraising page already up and running.

Is this actor the fake gunman?

Casual Friday for jean-clad “officer” and check out the “cop” staring right at the camera. And is the guy in the centre aiming at the windshield? What are the pylons for?

Bunch of bystanders in the background. The police did not secure the scene.

Here we have one of the alleged victims with his wife. She must be gargantuan compared to him. The perspective is completely out of whack.

Here is the alleged shooter’s facebook pic. Sure looks staged to me.

ater and toilets for their drills. This whole thing stinks.

RCMP are compliant in the great gun grab against Canadians. They did it during the High River flood. They are aiming to do it again.

From Veterans Today.

From Nodisinfo.

Vancouver shooting might be fake, as well.