Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Are We Being Suckered Again? Busted! US Trained ISIS At Secret Jordan Base!

I indeed have been watching all the reports coming out of Iraq, especially when it comes to this "ISIS/ISIL" army that is running rampant in the northern part of that nation.   This "army" that suddenly appeared seemingly out of nowhere has supposedly most of the US puppet regime in Baghdad's army on the run, and is now threatening to march into Baghdad itself....   

We have received so many interesting and laughable stories coming out of the Jew spew media over the last few days about this ISIS/ISIL being the latest and greatest "terrorist" group and suddenly and magically a "threat" to the United States itself.... Knowing already that the "terrorist" group Al Qaeda is a fraud and an invention of the US and Israel for their equally phoney "war on terror", I have begun to smell a rat, and have wondered if what we are watching is indeed another invention just to have the US go right back into Iraq and possibly have the war in Iraq now spread to neighboring Syria.....Something about this ISIS/ISIL just did not add up...

I want to bring forward the following very interesting video that everyone should watch...It shows clearly that the US itself TRAINED ISIS forces at a secret base in Jordan back in 2012.    This video shows clear evidence that we are not only dealing with another phoney "terrorist" group, but brings forward the notion that this ISIS/ISIL "crisis" in Iraq is indeed a fraud created by the US itself.... Here is that video, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  Just with other phoney terrorist groups such as "Boko Haram", and even "Al Qaeda" itself, I smelled a rat with this ISIS/ISIL group, and this video shows clearly that we are indeed dealing with another US invention... The question then becomes:  For what purpose???

I am truly beginning to wonder if this ISIS/ISIL "army" is indeed being pushed by the US as their method of having the backdoor that they have been searching for to attack Syria.   It is a fact that this "ISIS/ISIL army" originated from "bases" in Syria, and I do wonder if the US may now launch airstrikes into Syria itself to go after these "bases". 

There is indeed something very wrong with this "ISIS/ISIL" threat that suddenly appeared out of nowhere.     This force is armed with American weapons and has been able to supposedly seize most of northern Iraq with a paltry force of supposedly only around 15000 troops! 

Indeed something does not add up, and I will continue to research and hopefully come up with the logic to this latest fraud "terrorist" group.... Stay tuned..

More to come



Anonymous said...

Its nothing new in the jew world to arm both sides or to control both sides.
The entire cold war hoax was a fraud.
We armed/fed/funded the commies.
Hitler was no agent.
He was an honest man but was immensely funded by jewAmerica.
Mr. Donovan (jew Banking Agent) visited Adolf Hitler in 1920 and helped to not only pay for his party expenses that jewAmerica organized but also his campaigns.
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The jewish encyclopedia from 1905 said.
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These socialist movements are:
The same mind game they apply to all of the rebell groups all around the world.
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JewAmerica paid for the entire soviet Afghanistan military campaign that the soviets paid back with drug trade profits. Thats what the invasion was giving them-DRUGS.
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Putin supporting as a nationalist the drugging and destruction of his country men?
Did hitler did this too as a nationalist?
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They just apply the same technics they managed sucessfully in the past with other organizations.
The jewish soviet thread turns to al-quaida and all other rebell groups that we FED/FUNDED/ARMED/TRAINED.
like back in the good old days with our jewish soviet friends.
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Its up to us if we fall for their century old mind tricks to divide and conquer us.
We all have a mind.
And we all should use it in a rational-logical way.
Because if we are logical and rational incompetent and stay cowards as we are the planet turns into a gigantic JEWISH WORLD SOVIET and that aint funny at all.
Were already to 70% there.

Anonymous said...

Iran Exposes ISIS! Top Commander Says It’s Supported by US, Israel and KSA!
June 20th, 2014
Major General Firouzabadi said ISIL was created by the U.S. and Israel to increase the security of the Zionist regime in the region.