Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Nigerian "Abducted Schoolgirl" Crisis Is A FRAUD: Nigerian Kidnapped Schoolgirl Caught Texting On Cell Phone!

I really do hate sometimes being proven right, but again I want to present evidence for everyone to see for themselves that this Nigerian "Abducted Schoolgirl" crisis is indeed a massive fraud... The so called "Boko Haram" terrorist group ( I still have to laugh about the name selection) is a hoax, with its members fully funded by the United States government itself.   This "crisis" is nothing of the sort, and is nothing more than a propaganda push to try to convince the suckers in America that an invasion of Nigeria is needed to "free" these non-existent captives!

I came across this article that blows this entire Nigerian "crisis" to hell.... For according to the following report from The Rebel online news source at, we see in that famous picture of these "captive" schoolgirls, one young lady is using a CELL PHONE!   Here is that important article right here for everyone to see for themselves, and I have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

Nigerian Kidnapped Schoolgirl Caught Texting on Cell Phone

The security at the Boko Haram compound, if there even is such a compound, is apparently exceedingly poor. During the phony prayer session the untenable is seen. A ‘kidnapping victim’ can be seen sending a text:

She can be seen holding up her cell phone, while concentrating on it intently, right screen.

What is she doing in such a high security compound, so high in security and so well hidden that even the Israeli special force can’t find them, texting or calling? She could easily call President Obama and give him an update. What about the local emergency line or, perhaps, the police? Moreover, what about her parents? 

Surely, she knows their number.

She could call her granny, aunt, uncle, friends, neighbors, or anyone else in case her parents are indisposed.

Regardless, the capacity to use a cell phone in the midst of a kidnapping alone proves it a fraud, let alone the fact that she has one in her presence.

Who can, now, believe this is real?

However, wait a minute. Arch-fraudster and New World Order mole, Zionist Jew Malala Yousafzai has lent her support, endorsing the phony cause.


This is a hoax. These are not religious people. They are actors playing a role for paltry gains.
This article was first published on Nodisinfo

NTS Notes:  This entire "crisis" has been a con job from the get go, and is indeed an operation conducted by the US government for the purpose of getting public support for an invasion of Nigeria.   The US wants desperately to get into Nigeria to not only seize Nigeria's wealth but to block the Chinese who recently made legal trade deals for Nigeria's vast quantity of natural resources.

The facts are simple... There never was an "abduction" at all as the liars in our Jew run media have constantly been promoting.... I previously had put up several articles that pointed to the evidence that these school girls were actually released last month, and that right now there are no captives at all... Now I am leaning on the fact that even the entire initial "kidnapping" was indeed a scam after all and there NEVER was an "abduction" in the first place.

We have also the evidence that this so called "Boko Haram" group is a complete invention of the American CIA along the lines of their equally phoney "Al Qaeda".   The videos that this "terrorist group" have released have all the earmarks of the Jewish run SITE group, and we also have the fact that the American government did not even have this "Boko Haram" on any of their lists of known terrorist groups!   I therefore am calling them what they are... A fraud and another excuse for the fraudulent American "war on terror"...

This article from The Rebel shows that we have been conned... The fact that at least one of these captives has a cell phone in her hand shows that the picture was indeed staged, and it makes the entire "abduction" fall to pieces.... 

I stated before that these criminals in our governments and media are indeed treating us all as suckers... It is time for everyone to again wake up, get angry, and realize how badly these monsters have been deceiving us.

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Anonymous said...

It's a Wooden stick she's holding. Look at the video

Kirk Shorting said...

I don't see a video on the web page. But I see the cropped image and I don't see a cell phone. Seems like flimsy evidence to base the claim that the whole thing is a hoax.