Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Nigerian "Abducted Schoolgirl" Crisis Is A Fraud: Reported That The Nigerian Schoolgirls Were Released WEEKS AGO (!) So What's Going On?

I have been asked to give my view of this latest crisis in Nigeria that the media has been using to divert world attention from the US failed coup in Ukraine, the abduction of MH370 by the US military, the US sending advanced weapons into Syria, the US economy collapsing, etc, etc.... I have looked at all of the details about the so called "abduction" of Nigerian school girls by the "Muslim" group known as"Boko Haram" ( I sense a phony group along the lines of "Al Qaeda") and something here stunk to high heaven.... I figured I would delve into this "crisis" with some of my own findings here....

We have been inundated these last few days by the liars and scoundrels in our so called "media" with report after report about how these supposed 300 or so young Nigerian women have been "abducted" by this latest and greatest "terrorist" group... The reports have been saying that the young women were either to be killed or to be sold into slavery and/or sex slavery...... We have also been seeing so called "experts" now saying that "something has to be done" and many are calling for direct US and other nations' direct "intervention" into Nigeria itself to solve this crisis.... I again smelled a rat here, and considering that the US and other nations have always had their eyes on Nigeria's massive mineral and Petroleum wealth, I wondered if this was another lie just for the criminals to seize these assets....

Well, it appears that I may be right in my assumptions that this "crisis" in Nigeria is nothing of the sort...For according to this report from The Australian News, at, it appears that we again have been deceived by our governments and especially the media about this "crisis" in Nigeria... It appears that these young women were released THREE WEEKS AGO, with only some 8 still "missing" at that time!   I have that important article right here for everyone to see for themselves, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Islamists free kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls

Islamists free kidnapped schoolgirls
Goodness Adams, left, a 10-month-old baby, who survived a bomb explosion is carried by her aunt, Grace Sabo, at the Wuse hospital in Abuja, Nigeria. Source: AP
SCORES of female students kidnapped by Islamic militants from a north-eastern Nigerian school are free, Nigeria's military says.

Only eight of more than 100 students are unaccounted for, Major General Chris Olukolade said in a statement that gave no details.

“The others have been freed this evening,” he said.

The government had reported that security forces were in hot pursuit of militants who abducted more than 100 females from a high school yesterday.

Borno state Governor Kashim Shettima told reporters that 129 students were kidnapped and at least 14 freed themselves: four of the students - aged between 16 and 18 - jumped off the back of a truck and 10 escaped into the bush when the extremists asked them to cook and were not paying attention.

The abductions came hours after an explosion blamed on extremists killed 75 people in Nigeria's capital, Abuja, angering citizens who are questioning government and military claims that they are containing a 5-year-old Islamic uprising. Two more attacks killed 20 people on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning in north-eastern Nigerian villages.

While the military claims that they have cornered insurgents in a remote northeast corner of the West African nation, attacks have increased in frequency and are becoming more deadly. More than 1500 people have been killed this year, compared to an estimated 3600 between 2010 and 2013.

Mr Shettima told reporters that the insurgents arrived at Chibok government Secondary School for Girls wearing military fatigues and posing as soldiers - a common tactic used by the insurgents. His information came from the school principal, who believed the men were soldiers removing the young women - aged between 16 and 18 - for their own safety. So the principal made no fuss as the students were loaded onto the back of a truck.

It was only as the armed men were leaving, and started shooting, that he realised his mistake, Mr Shettima said. The militants killed a soldier and a police officer guarding the school, officials said.

Such attacks are typical of the Boko Haram terrorist network - the name means “Western education is sinful” - which has vowed to force an Islamic state on Nigeria - Africa's most populous nation of some 180 million people divided almost equally between mainly Muslims in the north and a predominantly Christian south.

The extremists have been kidnapping girls and young women but in one horrendous attack - some of the 59 students killed were burned alive in a dorm - first went to the girl's residence and told them all to leave, go home and forget about education because it was un-Islamic.

Nigeria has Africa's biggest economy. Almost 70 per cent of the population lives below the poverty line and the northeast suffers the most poverty. Only 5 per cent of children get to high school, and only a small percentage of those are girls. The government closed all schools in Borno three weeks ago, but those who were kidnapped were recalled so that they could write their final exams.

NTS Notes:  Here is a reality check.... Nigeria is absolutely mineral and oil wealthy... It is probably one of the largest petroleum producers on the entire African continent, and much of its Petroleum reserves are still untapped.... It is also a fact that Nigeria is massively wealthy in minerals, especially many rare earth minerals that are essential for many modern economies... Especially the United States....

It is also a fact that Nigeria has been making many trade deals recently with China... This gives China access to important mineral and oil for its own economy and flies in the face of the United States which has been searching for many new sources of minerals and oil to drive its failing economy.... The US has already shown that it cannot make "trade deals" with African nations, but instead chooses to attack and invade those nations to steal the wealth of those nations... We only need to look at what they are doing in Mali, Central African Republic, Uganda, and even when they and NATO destroyed Libya to grab its oil wealth..... Nigeria is no different....

AND why are we only now hearing of this "Boko Haram" terrorist group?   It seems that the US needs another phony group of bad guys to have everyone focus their anger on, and just like the phony "Al Qaeda" before it, this new "group" fits their bill nicely.... It also gives them a "target" for their call for intervention into Nigeria... Just like they used "Al Qaeda" as the excuse to go into Mali!

So what we have here is a phony pretext just like the "Joseph Kony" phony fiasco of a year ago in Uganda for the US to come and "intervene" in another innocent African nation just so it can steal that nation's wealth.   I truly hope that everyone is not taken as suckers by the liars in the media that are promoting this "abduction" garbage... If you are, then there indeed is a sucker born every minute!

Again, the full link to the original report is here.... Read it and get angry at the liars in our media!

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Anonymous said...

Has "the Australian" been contacted to ask for an explanation of this seemingly premature outcome?

Motherbarbarian said...

Thanks for the link to the article. It became only too obvious this was a psy-ops situation when BOTH Michele Obama and Ellen DeGeneres are brought in to captivate the viewing audience's attention with their pleas for the "missing" girls.