Saturday, May 24, 2014

Shocking News For Canadians: The American Federal Reserve Bailed Out Canada During 2008 Crisis, And Stephen Harper Gets Caught Lying About It!

Everyone remembers the financial crisis of 2008, where the big "too big to fail" Jewish run banks in the United States demanded that the US Government bail them out, or they would expose some massive derivatives and basically implode the entire US economy.   It was indeed blackmail, and the citizens of the United States have paid dearly for that criminal act of folly by their own government…

At the time of the 2008 US financial "crisis", the Canadian government under the Harper regime assured the Canadian people that Canada was still financially strong and would "ride out the financial storm"….. But it appears that the Canadian people have been LIED TO by that criminal that calls himself the Canadian Prime Minister, because according to this shocking report that comes courtesy of a video from the Investment Watch website, at, it appears that the US Federal Reserve bank actually gave some $114 BILLION dollars in emergency lending to the Canadian government during the height of the 2008 crisis!    First, I have that shocking video right here for everyone to view for themselves, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: Here are some important links to some articles that back up this video's assertions:

*This Huffington Post article alone is very damning evidence that not "all was well" in Canada during the 2008 crisis as many Canadians were falsely led to believe.

I suspected that what we here in Canada were being fed by the liars in our own government during the serious financial crisis of 2008 was a bunch of lies….. Canada has always been tied heavily to the US both economically and financially, and when the US sneezes, Canada usually catches the cold…

So, what we have here is clear evidence that the Canadian government, under that snivelling two faced lying sack of goo, Stephen Harper, has been lying to the Canadian people all along about the seriousness of the financial crisis of 2008…. The evidence clearly shows that Canada's banking system, along with the US banking system, did indeed need to be "bailed out" during the crisis of 2008.   And now the Canadian people are unwittingly and very much unaware that they are permanently on the hook for that $114 Billion dollars of blood money from the US Federal Reserve!  

The allegations presented in this article should cause the Canadian people to launch an immediate investigation into the actions of Canada's banks during the 2008 crisis, and also call for Stephen Harper to have to answer for these allegations and why he outright lied to the people of Canada.

But what has always troubled me is … WHY did a foreign bank, the US Federal Reserve, have to come to the "rescue" of Canada's banking network during the 2008 financial crisis?  And why is there no uproar from the citizens of the United States when it comes to their criminal Federal Reserve coming to the rescue of a foreign banking network in Canada?  

This stinks to high heaven, and everyone should be demanding answers… If I do come up with anything more about this shocking revelation, then I will bring it here for everyone to see for themselves… Stay tuned…

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hans said...

it appears that the US Federal Reserve bank actually gave some $114 BILLION dollars in emergency lending to the Canadian government during the height of the 2008 crisis!

Actually the Fed printed $114B out of thin air, in return it got $114B in real money. That is the bigger fraud.

Motherbarbarian said...

Sickened and saddened by this revelation. And yet, not surprised. Time to try to rally people?

Motherbarbarian said...

Your article inspired me to pull out and finish a post I had sitting as a draft for some time. It opens with the info you provide here, and is about odious debt.