Sunday, May 11, 2014

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, May 11th, 2014


Yes, it is Sunday again, and it is time again for my rant and rave… Mostly rant considering with everything happening in our sick world there is little to rave about….

It is Mother's Day, and I especially want to say Happy Mother's Day to all those very important mothers out there… And especially to my own mother that put up with me and my antics for so many years…..

I have already said so much already about what has been happening in the Ukraine, and all I see over the last while by the liars in our Jewish (Yes, it is Jewish controlled… Look at who owns it!) controlled media and our own governments is the constant lying that somehow Ukraine was "invaded" by Russia, and that the Russians are the ones instigating all the troubles in that country… Common sense should have already shown everyone that it was not the Russians, but the US controlled lackeys that control the government in Kiev….

I have gone over so many details about the truths about Ukraine.. But again, I will lay it out here in point form:

(1) It was indeed a US led coup that seized control of the nation and away from the elected government,

(2) The Russians never ever "invaded" Crimea.  The Crimean peninsula was always a part of Russia until the USSR made it part of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic back in 1954.   When the Ukraine became independent in 1992, there was an agreement allowing Crimea to remain attached to Ukraine, as  a semi-autonomous region, and that the Crimea could indeed freely decide in the future if they wanted to split from Ukraine and rejoin Russia.   The Crimean people had every right being primarily RUSSIANS and Russian speaking to decide their future, and they indeed ran a referendum just last month and voted 98% for the return of Crimea to the Russian Federation

(3) The Russians were never ever intending to "invade" Ukraine, and the media are horrific liars in this regard… There never ever was a Russian "buildup" of forces along their border with Ukraine and it was our lying media that promoted that lie…..

(4) The result of the US led coup in Ukraine has been a disaster for the Ukrainians with horrific IMF "austerity" measures now in the works that will leave the people of Ukraine permanently enslaved to Jewish banksters.

(5) Yes, the US and the EU did indeed steal some 45+ tons of Ukraine's gold reserves shortly after their lackeys took over in Kiev.  That act of theft is indeed against international law and shows how truly criminal the new regime is that they allowed this blatant act to happen.

(6) The people of eastern Ukraine have every right under international law to ask for a legal referendum to decide if they want to remain with Ukraine.  With the economic disaster now going on thanks to the criminals in Kiev, I do not blame them for wanting to leave!

(7) Ukraine is not a member of NATO and has never wanted to be… So can someone explain to me how the US and their lackeys in NATO can somehow claim that they are wanting to go into Ukraine to protect a NATO "member" (!) from a "Russian invasion"?

(8) The recent massacre in Odessa was definitely done by the regime in Kiev.  For what purpose is anyone's guess, but I am going to say that it was done as an act of instigation against Russia considering that many of the victims were supposedly Russians…

(9) The regime in Kiev is indeed murdering their own people in eastern Ukraine.  That act is being done as directed by the IMF that has demanded that they crack down on these "separatists" before they are going to receive any of their "austerity" money.

There are many other points of contention that I could discuss about the real situation in Ukraine, but I hope everyone gets the point… This lust for war by the psychos in the US Government should be a wake up call for everyone… They do not want war against Ukraine, but against Russia to stop the Russians from their new trading of their goods in Rubles rather than US Dollars…..  Yes, the US will indeed consider a world war just to prevent their US dollar from no longer being the world's reserve currency!

One other important note about the Ukrainian crisis… Many have been saying recently that I suddenly "love" Vladimir Putin… Lets get the facts straight… Putin has always been under control of Jewish Oligarchs that still control that nation, and I have NO love for the man.   He was raised under Communist ideology and was a former member of the KGB.  He may be pictured as being the "good guy" in this US-Russia fight, but I have long wondered considering he is controlled by Jewish interests just like the US President that he is part of a bigger game by these criminals.  That is why I find this recent push for war with Russia to be puzzling when we consider the Jews control both sides in the fight…. The big question then becomes: Is this all a game?

I recently put up an article stating clearly that the so called "schoolgirl kidnapping" in Nigeria is a FARCE and a massive hoax.   The facts were clearly shown by the news article coming out of Australia that many of these girls were indeed held captive by this "Boko Haram terrorist" (sounds as phoney as "Al Qaeda" before it) group, but were released before April 17th!  I therefore realized after reading that article that this entire sham of claiming that these girls were still held hostage to this date was a lie and being done purposely by the liars in our own government and media.   The bottom line is that the girls were released weeks ago and there is no hostage crisis going on at all today!

Lets get the facts straight… The Jewish run media in the United States and elsewhere is promoting the Nigerian "hostage" lie because the US wants an excuse to invade Nigeria.   The fact is that Nigeria has indeed been making massive trade deals with China, primarily to supply the Chinese economy with much needed Petroleum and especially many rare earth minerals that are plentiful in Nigeria.   The US has been working for over the last decade doing everything possible to prevent the Chinese from making legal trade deals in Africa, and as usual rather than make their own trade deals they have sought to invade those nations!   We only need to look at how they went into Somalia and destroyed that nation.  Then they went into Libya along with their lackeys in NATO in a "humanitarian" mission that destroyed that nation.  Then they wanted to go into Uganda to "get Joseph Kony" who has been dead for about a decade now, but are still pushing for sending troops into that nation under the guise of a phoney man hunt…. And we cannot forget how their NATO partners went into Mali to seize that nation's Gold under the false pretext of stopping the fraudulent "Al Qaeda"…. And recently again their NATO partner France going into the Central African Republic under the false pretext of stopping the "insurgency" in that nation.   Nigeria is only the next domino to fall under the lie of going in to stop this phoney "Boko Haram" terrorist group.    It is time for people to wake the hell up to the truth about what exactly is happening in Africa…

I am so sick about the constant pack of lies that we constantly hear now about Syria.   The truth has always been that the US/Israel want Syria destroyed.  They know that once Syria is destroyed the door is open then for their attack on the bigger prize which is Iran.    But these criminals have not been able to achieve their sick plan because the Syrian government has now taken back almost their entire nation from the mercenary "rebels" and have these "rebels" now isolated and away from most of Syria's major cities.   Then again we have the fact that the US/Israel know they are running out of time for their conquest of Syria, because Bashar Al-Assad is running for President again in the upcoming June 3rd elections and will win by a landslide.   That landslide victory will be a black eye for these criminals and to prevent that from happening, only an invasion now of Syria will change that outcome.   I again ask everyone to watch over the next while for a "false flag" to occur which these monsters will try to blame on Assad to justify an attack on that peaceful nation…

The liars in the media came out last week and lo and behold stated that Malaysian flight MH370 "landed" somewhere… But again they are trying to avoid the obvious about exactly WHERE that aircraft landed!   It does seem that eventually these liars will be caught up in the fact that they can no longer deny that the plane definitely landed at the US military installation in Diego Garcia.   There is no other logical place where that plane could have gone.   But now over 60 days since that plane was indeed stolen by the US itself,  I can guarantee it is no longer at Diego Garcia but has been moved elsewhere in the world….. I am standing behind my assertions that the 239 passengers on board have all been murdered by these thieves and that the aircraft is presently being prepared for its false flag mission.   Watch for it….

Yes, Wolfgang Halbig and Jim Fetzer finally made it to Sandy Hook and last week Tuesday did appear in front of the Newtown School Board hearing…. But I am disappointed in that nothing has happened…. Yes the speech they gave was very moving and factual, but there was not a peep from the criminal members of that board that are covering for that crime at Sandy Hook.   But what did anyone expect?  Honestly, that silence by the board and the entire town shows how they were ALL part of the criminal operation and that they have been told to basically stay silent.   Wolfgang and Jim can try as they might but these criminals have obviously been coached and warned as to what to do when they arrived on May 6th.     To me, it would have been better that Jim and Wolfgang went unannounced to Sandy Hook in the first place.  To have announced several months ago that they were going there has given the criminals time to set up and prepare for their arrival and to do as they have been told.  Good actors know their scripts well given time to rehearse!    So what is next for Wolfgang?  I surely hope that he is able to obtain some additional information while he is in Newtown that shows the fraudulence of the entire shooting and presents it for everyone to see… If any information does come out, I will present it here….

I am shocked to read that members of the criminal US government are stating that Americans should get used to, and "accept" surveillance of their every move and activity… Is it just me, or is this just sick?  How can any society accept the idea of "big brother" watching every move they make?  How the hell can the American people sit idly by and allow such a criminal act to happen?  Oh, but that's right.. The American people have had their minds turned to mush via the horrid chemicals in their food and water along with the poisoning of their minds from their media….  It is any wonder why I have been saying for a long time that there is NO freedom in America, period.   The United States has fallen into tyranny and we are indeed watching the twilight of the American society as a whole…

Yes, I saw a recent article that states that the Israeli military is "broke" and actually has the gall to ask for even MORE money from the United States… It is bad enough that the entire psychotic nation of Israel is fully dependant on handouts to keep its evil aspirations alive, but now it wants even more money so that it can continue to kill and maim the innocent people of Palestine.  Such gall, and the fact is that the Jewish controlled lackeys in the US Congress will obediently sign a new bill to give these criminals the money they want on the backs of the suffering US taxpayers….. To me, the obvious choice should be to CUT OFF all funding to that criminal entity, period, and let them fend for themselves… Lets see how long the criminal state of Isra-Hell survives without its blood money coming in from its controlled nations…

Well, I guess that is it for now… Again it is Mother's Day, and I am expected to spend some time with my 83 year old mother.   Until then, I will close this rant with my usual "last minute tidbits"…. There is new evidence coming out this last week that the release of radiation from the Fukushima facility was MUCH worse than what we have been told.  But what did we expect coming from the liars in our government and media?  If the truth was ever told, people would rightfully be very worried and actually demand that something be done to fix the still ongoing problem……More evidence that the fraud Peace Talks between the Palestinians and the criminal Israelis is now dead.  But what did everyone expect? Israel has always wanted ALL of Palestine, and the so called "Peace Talks" have always been a farce and a delay tactic by the Israelis while they scoop up more territory illegally!…..More reports this last week from Aviation News Week showing that the US Lougheed Martin F35 Lightning II "Joint Strike" jet fighter is a lemon.  It appears that it will not be able to evade Russian and Chinese radar at all.   So again I must ask why the hell nations, including my own Canada, are spending billions of dollars on this piece of crap?…...The US government is now saying that they are pissed off by Israel spying on the United States?  Does anyone else see the irony in all this considering how much the Jews control America and that Israel has always spied on their "friend" the US?  Such irony and hypocrisy!…….Yes, I have seen the articles and videos saying that Michelle Obama is actually a man named Michael.  I would not be surprised considering Barry himself is a fraud, his children and his marriage is a farce, and that Barry is as queer as a steer.  For Michelle to actually be a Michael would make sense and be a slap in the face to every American that actually voted that clown into office……Hillary KKKKKKKK (Killery the Kackling Kanckled Kommie Killer K*ke K*nt Klinton) Clinton may have to face the music for her actions in the fraud called the Benghazi attacks of September 2012.   That attack was a sham and was conducted to try to make Barry Soetoro look Presidential and make Hillary Clinton look good, but it failed miserably and both of these criminals should face the music for that fiasco.  Hopefully the American people do not allow that killer clown to get to be their next President in 2016…….I have been under attack recently for my truthful article called "The Paranoid Jew" from members of the illustrious tribe.  I have stated to them that if they want to debate that issue, please do.  But instead they have gone on a tirade of name calling and slander.  Typical action by the tribe…….Barkley's Premiere League comes to their season end this morning with the title still up for grabs between Manchester City and Liverpool.  My team, Arsenal is out of it, but will continue to play in the Champions League next year.  Maybe next year the Gunners can finally win the BPL title………..Even more reports this last week about how vaccines do not work.  I am not surprised, and everyone should be told the truth that they should never ever roll up their sleeves and allow these criminals to inject their poisons directly into their bodies………And finally, on this Mother's day, my look at the ultimate insult to mothers everywhere, and everyone else as well, the fabulous Kardashian family of trollops skanks and trolls.  It appears that the lying scumbag media is all aflutter about Kim's wedding and especially the so called "wedding invitations" for those "lucky" enough to be invited to that skank's nuptials.  Honestly, if anyone has any integrity, they would say no thanks to that fiasco and farce.   The world has had enough of the Kardashians and their sickening escapades and it is definitely time for them to just go away and disappear…..

More to come


*I originally put the date of this rant as March 11th, 2014... LOL... My apologies...I am only human and do make the odd mistake from time to time!


wiggins said...

I agree with you apropos Wolfgang and Jim going is a bit like the Food Inspector telling the Chef at the Hotel that he will be calling on him in two weeks time ....D'oh!!!!!
Hope you've got your rattle and scarf ready for next Saturday.......

Anonymous said...

NTS, succinct, truthful and accurate as usual. You set the standards for journalism in Canada (now run, sadly, by Harper's Zionist Oligarchs, like everything else in Canada).
Video for you: 9 Facts that Prove The USA is Involved In Ukraine:

Anonymous said...

And,again, NTS, a report about Blackwater in Ukraine:

Anonymous said...

And yet again, a great video from Anthony Lawson: Title: What Does it Mean to be a Friend of Israel?

Keep up the great work, but watch your back! You know what the new law in Canada can do to you?

Anonymous said...

On a roll here today:

Is the entire North American continent asleep on their feet?