Monday, May 12, 2014

Important Video By Anthony Lawson: What Does It Mean To Be A Friend Of Israel?

I spent most of yesterday, Mother's Day, with my mother and of course with my "better half".... I have said many times that family does come first, and it does push this blog and my writings here to the sidelines.... I have some catching up to do on what has been happening around our world, and I figure I would get down to it.....

I came across a very important video the other day that I wanted to share with my readers here... It is the latest work by a great writer and video producer, Anthony Lawson, and is entitled: "What Does It Mean To Be A Friend Of Israel?" and definitely takes shots at those people and organizations that have an insane love for that twisted sick criminal nation..... I have that video here, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  The actions and very biased position by the British BBC network speaks for itself... I wonder how anyone in the United Kingdom continues to watch that piece of crap network considering that all it does is spew pro-Israel propaganda!

The problem is of course that anyone that considers politics as their profession these days must swear an undying love of the criminal state of Israel, or they will never be able to attain higher public office, or in the case of someone like Cynthia McKinney, who lost her position of US Congresswoman due to her anti-Israel stance, have their political career be very short lived....

This is a video that should be shown to everyone... Spread it around and show everyone the truth about what it does mean to be a "friend" of the criminal psychotic state of Israel.

More to come



Anonymous said...

What does it mean to be a supporter of Jews in America? Media, entertainment, music, sports, business, charity, etc.?A friend here can be a friend there, by dual citizenship and/or financial support, and politically. See it, be aware!
The Exaltation of Black Rap And Sexual Perversity
By Brother Nathanael Kapner, Copyright 2007-2009
The Jew Role in the Production and Promotion of Filth in America
David Duke
December 4, 2013
from Jewish Influences in American Life
DS145. D5 A32
Jewish Jazz Becomes Our
National Music
"It is rather surprising, is it not, that whichever way you turn to trace the harmful streams of influence that flow through society, you come upon a group of Jews? In baseball corruption�a group of Jews. In exploitative finance�a group of Jews. In theatrical degeneracy�a group of Jews. In liquor propaganda�a group of Jews. In control of national war policies�a group of Jews. Absolutely dominating the wireless communications of the world�a group of Jews. In the menace of the movies�a group of Jews. In control of the Press through business and financial pressure�a group of Jews. War profiteers, 80 per cent of them�Jews. Organizers of active opposition to Christian laws and customs -- Jews. And now, in this miasma of so-called popular music, which combines weak-mindedness with every suggestion of lewdness�again Jews."

Unknown said...

I appreciate your words about my video, and thank you very much for extending its viewership.

Take care,

Anthony Lawson