Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Australian Ex-Prime Minister Confirms Israel Attacked The United States (Video)

Living in Canada, I have had to tread carefully in my articles when it comes to the criminality of the Jews and especially their criminally psychotic state of Israel.   Few Canadians still know that in 1974 on behalf of the Jewish B'nai B'rith and the Canadian Jewish Defense League the Canadian Government passed "hate crime" laws that made it a criminal offense to criticize or even question the most unholy Jewish "holocaust" of the second World War.   Those laws were passed in Parliament in Ottawa without the vast majority of Canadians being made aware of their passage!   With these draconian "hate crime" laws in place, these criminals were able to muzzle all investigations into the so called great "genocide" of the second World War, and saw to it that researchers such as Ernst Zundel would rot away in Canadian prisons for their simply questioning of the number of "victims"..... It is a travesty and an outrage  that I and others have to live under these type of laws that prevent many truths about these monsters and their lies of history from being revealed... I have always asked:  "If the Holocaust was real, then WHY do we need "laws" to PREVENT research into its validity?  If it truly was real, then all investigations would definitely support it as fact.  Suppression of investigation means that there is something that these criminals do not want us to see.".    "Truth never needs laws for its support, only LIES do!"....And don't give me the fraud sob story that to investigate the Holocaust would somehow "hurt" the "survivors" (!?).  Truth about our history is paramount and should be known to everyone in spite of any possible "consequences".

I thought that Canada was bad enough, but it seems that Australia is just as bad if not worse when it comes to revelations about the criminality of the Jews and Israel.... Australia has the same if not worse draconian "hate crime"  laws that supposedly even make criticisms of the criminality of the psychotic state of Israel a criminal offense.  For the Australian people to have ever allowed such horrific legislation to be passed is insane......  But there appears to be some cracks forming in Jewish occupied Australia, for according to this new video, narrated by Canadian Joshua Blakeney, it appears that former Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Frazer, has come out recently and revealed that YES, Israel definitely attacked the United States ship, the USS Liberty, during their Six Day War of June 1967.   I have that video presentation right here for everyone to see for themselves, and I do have some  thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  I do recommend that people copy this video for themselves, because I can guarantee that the tribe behind Youtube may try to have it deleted very shortly.... It is not good to have their potential slaves know the truth about their crimes against humanity.

As Joshua Blakeney says, and what I have been saying for years, we live in nations where the will of the criminal state of Israel is supreme... Our leadership will do anything to support their Jewish masters at the expense of the very citizens who have voted them into power in the first place... To me this is treason at the highest level....

The 47th anniversary of that horrific attack by the criminal state of Israel on the USS Liberty is fast approaching.... More and more we need people to see the truth about these monsters and how Israel is definitely not our "friend" by a long shot.....

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The Last Sane Man said...

Hello, I stumbled upon your blog recently and your analysis of the most racist craphole on the planet is spot on.

As a fellow Canadian the scale of brainwashing and adulation for the terrorist state of Israel is absurd.

I was just called by some braindead bimbo asking if she could "count on my vote" for whatever traitor she was prostituting herself for.

Since she was asking me to say some stranger legally represents me I thought I would ask her a few questions.

1. How long has he (don't remember the traitor's name, no point in bothering to learn them to be honest) been a member of the Council on Foreign Relations?

She stuttered and stammered and gave me nothing other than some generic "I can't talk about his policies" nonsense.

2. What is his stance on the private central banking cartel that steals all our taxes and gives us absolutely nothing?

Again she had nothing to say and then asked "So I guess you're not going to vote liberal?"

To which I replied why would I vote for anyone who is not going to change the situation? I would have to be insane. And hung up to let the airhead ponder the rhetorical question for all of her 2 or 3 second attention span.

Just felt like getting that off my chest, it's lonely being a sane man who isn't a sellout coward these days.

Anyways, the Israeli terrorist attack against the USS Liberty and the subsequent fellation of Israel by the US traitor politicians is one of the most important events in recent history, which is why the serfs are never allowed to know anything about it.

Here is an ESSENTIAL DOWNLOAD for all your readers, hundreds of photographs from onboard the USS Liberty of its mission, the Israeli terrorists scouting the American ship and then cowardly psychopathically attacking it, and all the aftermath.

You can be absolutely certain the most racist terrorist state on the planet would like to see these pictures memory holed so they can teach all the goyim to repeat that favorite phrase "conspiracy theory".

Download and print these pictures so you have them on hand when needed when some Israel-First terrorist sympathizer starts babbling about things they have no idea about.

Anonymous said...

Great close up of a Jewish parasite in place. What magnification did you use?