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This One Is Too Good To Miss: Prime Minister And Jew Suck Up Stephen Harper's Drummer Has Been Charged With Sexually Assaulting Children!

Last month, everyone who lives in Canada witnessed the revolting and disgusting Prime Minister and Jew suck up, Stephen Harper, go to Israel and absolutely pledge his undying loyalty and support for that evil criminal enterprise.... It showed the world how badly this once free country, Canada, has now fallen under the Jewish yoke and is nothing more than a slave nation to the criminal nation of Israel itself!    It was also revolting to see that idiot Prime Minister perform in front of the criminal Prime Minister of Isra-Hell, Benyamin Miliewkowsy, a very ugly rendition of the Beatle song, "Hey Jude".....

Many people in Canada have been unaware until recently that this shill who calls himself Prime Minister has his own "band" that gets together to croon and destroy song after song.... But what is really revolting and shows exactly the company that this idiot keeps, is what I have discovered that I want to share with my own readers here... According to this article, that comes from a fellow Canadian truth seeker, Penny, who writes the great blog: "Penny For Your Thoughts" at, it seems that the drummer for Harper's band has now been charged with sexually assaulting and molesting children!   I have that article right here for everyone to see for themselves, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

PM Harper's drummer charged with sexual assaults. On children

 Well, well, well...... Prime Minister Stephen Harper's bandmate, his drummer, has been charged with molesting children. Sexual assaults on children. What is that saying about the company you keep?
“Tell me what company you keep and I'll tell you what you are"

PM Harper certainly keeps some interesting company
Ottawa police have charged a 43-year-old public school teacher — who is also the drummer in Prime Minister Stephen Harper's band — with sexual assault.
Police say Phillip I. Nolan has been charged with five counts each of sexual assault, sexual interference and sexual exploitation in connection with alleged incidents while Nolan was teaching at a school in the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board.

Herringbone -Over the course of his musical career, Phil has played percussion with several groups, most recently Herringbone and The Centralaires.

Photo of Phil Nolan
Here is PM Harper and Phillip Nolan rocking out at the love fest the Jewish lobby put on for PM Harper in Toronto. Butchering "The Seeker"

An embarrassment for sure. Yikes

I am going to be honest here. I have often wondered about the connections between the Conservative government/party and one alleged killer- Anyone recall this fellow?

A post I did way back that had thousands and thousands and thousands of hits and still get's hits to this very day

Luka Magnotta: Starting with a US Lawyer and ending.....

 -The story was that Mr Magnotta sent body parts to members of the Conservative party... including Mr Harper
-But then some heavy hitters (legal types) in the Conservative party offered to defend Mr Magnotta
-But only after the Conservative government spent more then $375,000 taxpayer dollars including catering to fly Mr Magnotta back to Canada!!!!
 I did then and do now find that entire case bizarre and exactly how the Conservative party connects to this boy toy/slasher is highly suspicious.

The only reason the Conservative government undertook the bizarre move of flying Mr Magnotta back to Canada in the manner they did was to ensure he talked to no one.

Oh and btw the request for  the servicing  of Magnotta in the most expensive manner possible was made by Vic Teows - Yes, the Vic Teows that was sleeping with the babysitter

And since the infamous Mr Magnotta has been back in Canada- and immediately incarcerated we have not heard a peep from him

I assume he is going to be railroaded?

Oh and one more! How could I have forgotten this fellow, however briefly?

Tom Flanagan: Mr Man/Boy love-  One of the men behind Stephen Harper
The 'Godfather of Canada's Conservatives'
Both Mentor and Inspiration to Stephen Harper!
 Let’s meet Tom Flanagan:  A man who is ok with the exploitation of children and is or was on the North American Man-Boy Love Association mailing list for at least two years..
With video!
Now keeping in mind the elite predilection to prey on our children?
I am not suggesting PM Harper is involved directly, though who knows?
I am merely pointing out that the Conservative party has had some very weird goings on...
 “Tell me what company you keep and I'll tell you what you are"
Thanks to anonymous commenter for reminding me of this good fella. Not.

Good reporting on this stuff.
Remember the pilot who flew Harper and the Queen around Canada? Russell Williams. Throw him in the mix too.

Colonel Russell Williams- Military golden boy
 I covered that creep- The fly boy for the Harper regime, in more then one post
 He reportedly partied with Paul Bernardo while at university, though those reports were vigorously 'debunked' by corporate media.......hmmm.

Why yes, he did- I covered that in this post- The Killer Colonel and the Serial Killer Paul Bernardo

Col. Russell Williams, centre, commander of CFB Trenton, with Defence Minister Peter MacKay, right, and Gen. Walter Natynczyk, chief of the defence staff, in Trenton on Jan. 17, 2010.
The killer colonel and Defence Minister Peter Mackay

NTS Notes:  I want to thank Penny for bringing forward this very shocking and disturbing article...

Everyone in America has been waking up recently to the revelations of the sick and twisted sexual misconducts of their so called "elected" politicians.  Well, it does seem that the same type of sickness happens on this side of the border as well...

This is indeed shocking, and opens many questions about our federal government here in Canada.  It is a proven fact that the criminal elitist Jews have always been able to keep control over governments by having something on every single person elected... Something in their "closet" that if they ever turned against their masters would surely destroy their careers...

It must be noted that what is missing from this article is the "lifestyle" of the Canadian Foreign Minister, John Baird, who was outed a long time ago as being homosexual. (article here)

Yes, it is true.. When we as Canadians look at Stephen Harper, We can see the measure of the man by the company he keeps...

More to come


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