Sunday, February 23, 2014

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, February 23rd, 2014

Sunday… Last day of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, and time for much of the world to get back to the reality of the disintegration of our economies and much of our livelihood… And of course, time for my weekly rant…

Again, it seems that I have been spending a lot of time going over the Sandy Hook fraud, and working at exposing the disinformation agents that have finally exposed themselves amongst our ranks… These are of course those who harp that many of us, including myself of course, are nothing more than "Cass Sunstein" agents, and working against the truth… But of course in reality it is THEY who are the real agents of the bad guys and THEY are the ones who are working against our best interests… I need not mention names, because by now many of us know exactly who they are…

And about Sandy Hook itself… I have gone over the amazing audio interviews with Wolfgang Halbig again and again, and I hear absolutely NOTHING that in any way shows that he is a liar… That alone blows away many of those who are still stuck with claiming Sandy Hook as being "real" and it shows again that THEY are living in a dream world…. Wolfgang Halbig is probably the one person that many of the true disinformation agents (again we know who they are) were not counting on in coming forward with his amazing detailed investigation into the fraud, and now THEY are stuck… I have looked at the comments in many of the articles in blogs about Wolfgang's interviews, and they are filled with the usual disinformation agent crap, and many try to ignore Wolfgang's evidence… This is typical, because these agents know they have lost the battle and are now resorting to distortions and false arguments….

I have been in many Skype calls this last week and many telephone conversations with friends and colleagues, and many agree that the effort by the true disinformation agents to ruin this laughable "truth movement" have failed, and they themselves have lost most of their audiences… I truly do feel sorry for many of them, because now I see that they have either sold out to the whims of the Jewish power elite, or they many have been threatened and forced to lie about Sandy Hook and other false flags attacks… Or simply that they have lost their minds and any common sense and cannot fathom the reality of that fraud that is staring them right in their faces…..Sad, because I for one would surely accept an apology for their error in judgment and be glad to have many back into our fold… But again in many cases we are dealing with egotistical idiots who cannot accept that they have erred…. But I have always said that to err is human, and they should accept that and swallow their pride….I know, I know… It is time for me to get off of the Sandy Hook fraud for a while, and just ignore and leave the disinformation agents to disappear due to their own ignorance and stupidity.

Anyways, on to other matters…. I have done few articles about the situation in the Ukraine, but everyone should know by now that this civil unrest is a fraud… The criminal Jewish Rothschilds are paying for these protesters, and are creating the illusion of intense "unrest" in the Ukraine through their control of the media…. The people of the Ukraine need to get up to speed very rapidly, because now that the President of the Ukraine himself is about to resign and the Ukrainian parliament has been dissolved, the criminal Jewish power elite will definitely see to it that these upcoming May elections are rigged so that pro-EU candidates win big time… The result will be Ukraine "joining" the EU shortly afterwards and that once proud nation put under Jewish criminal control…. I have said it before, and I will say it again… The Ukraine has a history of suffering under enslavement, with the Soviet Union's infamous Holodomor genocide of the 1930's that saw some 10 Million innocent Ukrainians starve to death, and the subsequent 50+ years to follow of brutal Jewish Marxist occupation…. The people need to wake the hell up and prevent themselves from being enslaved again to the Jewish controlled EU!

What is troubling about the entire EU itself is that the fraud of that "organization" should have collapsed decades ago…. Almost ALL of the EU's member states' economies are teetering on collapse, and the "solution" put forward by the criminal Jewish power elite that control that empire has been to impose brutal 'austerity' measures on any member state that is near failure… And we see what this fraud of "austerity" has done in the EU, especially in countries such as Greece, Spain, Portugal, and even Italy, now hopelessly in more usury debt than ever before and about to collapse… I am surprised that the reality of this aspect of the EU is not known to the Ukrainians, because if they knew the truth about what a mess that criminal organization was truly all about, they would NOT be foolish enough to ever consider "joining" such a terrible "organization"…..  We can of course thank the Jewish power over the media in keeping the REAL truths about the EU away from Ukrainian eyes….

As I stated in my last rant, the situation in Syria is getting worse exactly as I expected… The criminals in the US and Israel have never given up their sick goal of having Syria destroyed, and right now with the failure of the Geneva "peace talks" ( a joke to start with), we are seeing the ratcheting up for war on Syria in the United States government….Lets face facts here, everyone…. Israel has always wanted Syria destroyed, and they will get their slaves in America to do it for them.  And it appears that they absolutely do not care that a war in Syria by the United States could lead to a direct conflict between America and Russia, simply because they will of course have their hand in starting the conflict, but conveniently sit on the sidelines in such a terrible war.   The Jews will of course finance the conflict and they will rake in massive profits while Millions if not Billions die in the meantime.  And after the conflict is over, and America is ruined, they will pull out of the shell that was once the United States and move on to their next host…..

And of course in Syria itself, we are hearing rumblings of the United States wanting to impose their fraud "no fly zone" over Syria as a prelude to open invasion of that peaceful nation… Again, such idiocy will definitely lead to war against Russia, and of course America being a shadow of its former self, is ill prepared for such a conflict and will definitely lose that conflict… That or when America begins to fall, they will simply escalate the war into a nuclear conflict where the only victors will be the criminal state of Israel of course "sitting on the sidelines" while Jews all over the world rake in massive profits from financing that conflict.    The facts here that I have laid out show that any war against Syria at this point in America's history is a no win situation…

Lets face reality here…. The United States is definitely a nation on the slippery slope to financial armageddon.  Their entire economy over the last few decades has moved from a manufacturing powerhouse to a nation that has off-shored all of its manufacturing capabilities to third world nations such as China…. The result has seen America become a nation full of service industry jobs, very little manufacturing, and having the world's largest debt load…. The only survival mechanisms left for the US have been the US dollar still being the world's "reserve currency" and the fact that Petroleum products in the majority of Oil producing nations is still sold in US dollars, aka the infamous Petro-Dollar scam…. But right now, many nations are off loading their US dollar 'reserves' and many Oil producing nations are moving away from the US dollar for trade…. The combination of escalating US debt along with nations stopping their reserves and trading in US dollars is a disaster for the American economy and will lead to hyper-inflation along with complete collapse of the US economy.   These are the primary reasons why the criminal American administration under Barry Soetoro/Davis/Obama is desperate for a war, any war….. They care not about the deaths of thousands if not millions, when they can save the failing US financial system for a bit longer…..

Elsewhere, just as I expected, the US is sending even more armed forces into the African continent.   One reason for this move has been about resources and making sure that Africa's mineral wealth is controlled by American interests…. The other reason is to block China from doing business dealings in Africa to obtain those resources without the use of force… This again shows how sick America has become when they have had to use brute force to steal a nation's resources, while the Chinese prefer to do it through peaceful business means!    And again, these moves into Africa are only stirring up trouble between the US and China itself….. Again, considering that the US is needing a new war to save its financial mess for a bit longer, I do not put it past the US criminal government to consider war with China to save their necks!

Just this last week, the criminal Israelis told their American slaves to demand that Iran's non-existent nuclear weapons dealings now include Iran's large contingency of ballistic missiles!   When I read that in the alternative news, I serious did a head slap and thought to myself that this was obviously a ploy by the Jews to have the Iranian P5+1 talks fail completely… But again, these talks were doomed to failure from the start simply because just like Syria, the lunatics in the criminal state of Israel want Iran destroyed as well….. And on the subject of these ballistic missiles… I smell the hypocrisy from miles away, considering that here we have the criminal Israelis with hundreds if not thousands of ballistic missiles, some armed with nuclear warheads, pointed at Iran…And now getting their American slaves to demand that Iran have their ballistic missiles, armed with only conventional payloads, on the negotiating table?????  It is no wonder the Iranians have rightfully now said that these missiles are either off the table, or they will walk out of the talks…. But is this not exactly what the lunatics in Tel Aviv and Washington want?  To have the Iranians walk out of the talks so that they can scream through  their fraud press that the Iranians "refused" to "negotiate"!   And of course the American public will again gullibly swallow the crap from the media as they march towards war against that peaceful nation as well….

Fukushima….Well, there is the usual news about levels of radiation around that failed facility that have suddenly over the last few weeks been on an increase…. This is troubling, considering that the liars in the so called "media" have claimed, falsely of course, that the "situation" there is "under control".   Reality is again showing itself that this situation has NEVER been under control since the initial meltdowns of March, 2011, and therefore the news that radiation is now on an upswing could mean that the cores have indeed broken through the last containment barriers and are burrowing into the Earth itself….. But again, with the Japanese government and TEPCO doing their worse at trying to suppress any information from getting out, the true situation with radiation levels around the plant have continued to be sketchy at best….

There is one startling reality that the criminals can no longer avoid when it comes to Fukushima, and that is the long feared "plume" that has been expected to hit the North American Pacific coast is most definitely already here… This last week I read about the reports of more and more radioactive fish being caught all along the Pacific coast, and yet the Canadian and US Governments are silent… In fact the US Government has strangely said that the fish are perfectly safe to eat!   I would say to these officials in the US Government to take a trip to the west coast and be my guest to chow down on some Pacific fish themselves….. I wonder if there would be any takers?

I have a question… WHY does anyone still put up with the Global Warming hucksters and their insanity?   Reality by just opening up your door, looking outside, and seeing that the world is definitely not heating up as these con artists have long claimed, should have set in with everyone… The alarming part of the entire Global Warming fraud is that the US criminal administration is definitely proceeding forward with their fleecing of the American people through Carbon Taxation, which could be put into law by this summer, and few Americans are out there to stop it?  Wake the hell up, America!

Well, I guess that is again enough for now…. So many things going on in the world right now, and I will touch on some that I have not covered yet in my last minute "tidbits"…….The US government has said that if Japan gets into a conflict with China over those tiny rocks in the South China Sea, the US will have Japan's back.  Great, another excuse for war with China!  Shows how desperate the US has truly become to save their financial necks……And speaking of Japan.  Surprise, surprise, but I have been vindicated when I said before that Japan has had a large stockpile of weapons grade Plutonium for decades and that they have clandestinely built several hundred nuclear weapons to boot.  The Chinese have discovered this fact and are openly questioning why Japan has Plutonium at all!   A lot of explaining to do, and I for one am all ears…….Israel building even more illegal settlements in the West Bank in defiance of the world.  No surprise here, because these criminal Jews want all the land for themselves.  And people still cannot wrap their minds around the fact that the only hope for the Palestinians is to fight for their very existence?………John Kohn aka Kerry discovers this week that he is Jewish (bold faced liar) and now states that in doing so he has found new feelings for Israel.  What a load of crap from this criminal.  He has always known he is a Jew, but like all Jews knows how to deceive and con.   So much for the idea that he is somehow an "honest" power broker on the world stage!……Luckily no "terrorist" attack in the Sochi Winter Olympics.  I will definitely exhale once the closing ceremonies are concluded later on today before saying that Russia dodged a bullet……Arsenal still sitting in second place in the Premier League table.  Tough schedule ahead for the Gunners, and it may be hard to stop either Chelsea or Manchester City from winning the championship.  Crossing my fingers though…….Someone asked me again what is with Charles Giuliani and his WARN show?   I am troubled and hope that Chuck snaps out of it, gets off the religious crap, and gets back to the troubles that ail the world now……. And finally, my usual weekly shot at America's number one group of skanks and trollops, the "fabulous" Kardashians.  It appears that Kim is going after tabloids for falsely reporting that she has had "work" done on her body again. The reality is of course she did. Sorry, Kim, but people are not that stupid, and the only ones that are truly ignorant are those brain dead individuals that continue to watch your disgusting antics!   But hey, we are going to have 3 more seasons of "Keeping up with the Kardashians" to destroy American minds.  And people wonder why I see America as such a failed nation?

More to come



PCGeek said...

I'm beginning to wonder about Wolfgang Halbig ... since he is Jewish and at the following link you find a Wolfgang post in the comments which self portrays him as anti muslim and rabid jewish.

His very poor grammar & spelling in his FOIA requests raised my eyebrows, but also his abruptness on the scene with a much too convenient background as 'school safety expert' etc.

He could be a strawman to make the Sandy Hook truth community think something is being done or attempted. It is also strange that many of his talking points are the exact questions I've posted at and other sites.

I bet he gets fake suicided or disappears literally or via threats pressure which may be a jewish backed ploy to dissuade others from digging too deep.

Northerntruthseeker said...

NO... Wolfgang Halbig is absolutely NOT Jewish... I have asked that question over the last few weeks and many came back with a definitive NO... He is German....

I do love the use of the name "PC Geek" though, and the fact that you are trying character assassination rather than argue or debate Halbig's key points..... I know that you are part of the MG/MCP/TUT/KJ group, and I will leave your comment up here so that others can look and take their shots.....

Again, Halbig Jewish my ass!!!!!

Amanda said...

Great rant, as always!!

Thanks for your continued truth-telling stance on Sandy Hook. It's not surprising that people like PCGeek, other TUT cult followers, and Deanna Spingola would attempt to attack Wolfgang's character. It's obvious they are completely unable to refute any of the points and questions he's brought up about the laughable jewish media fairy tale about Sandy Hook. Even Deanna stooped so low as to accuse Wolfgang of lying about his background as a school safety expert and the harassment from law enforcement, and suggested he might be jewish!!

Her comment 6:19pm can be viewed here

All I can say is SHAME on Deanna, Mark Glenn, Michael Collins Piper, and the rest of the clowns at TUT, and their cult-like followers for continuing to promote this Jewish fairy tale narrative of Sandy Hook.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Amanda and Brian.

This group of people stoop very low just like Jews and Mark Glenn is Jewish. According to Bollyn Michael Collins Piper has boasted to him about Michael's Jewish roots and they certainly have ugly behaviors.

PCGeek said...

You guys have me pegged wrong ... i agree with all of Wolfgangs points as a matter of fact I made the lack of Life Flite helicopters and no EMT attempts to save lives long before Wolfgang arrived on scene.

If you look into my research in Sandy Hook you will find i've been relentless since day 1.

Here is Wolfgang Halbig's post from the link I provided and it references him as being judeo-christian and other references.

wolfgang halbig • a year ago

wolfgang halbig • a year ago

Today I am as angry as anyone can get. What is it going to take for the uneducated Americans to get educated and start thinking about how they have responsibilities and not just rights that they throw in our faces everyday.

My father for four years I learned was in a NAZI PRISON in POSEN, POLAND.

Thank God that the Americans found him.

The letters I have now found in GERMANY makes me sick to my stomach as to what Hitler did to the Jewish Race. To this day I cannot believe that someone did not kill him which would have saved 6 million of our people there not just a jewish race they are people just like you and me.

Northerntruthseeker said...

PCGeek... Then why the hell even suggest that Halbig is a jew? That was uncalled for, definitely!

And I do love the disinfo clowns who have lost the battle and resorting to further character assassination by now claiming that Halbig himself is an agent!!!

This proves that we have rooted out the real agents of disinformation, and that we have them on the run....

And about MG/MCP/DS/KJ.... It is my hope that everyone gets the word out that they should all stop listening to their jibberish... Hopefully with time and their realization that nobody cares about them anymore, they will either change their tune, or disappear.. Hopefully the latter...

Northerntruthseeker said...

If Halbig has made the error in thinking that the Holyhoax is real, then that is his problem, and shows that he too is only human...

Given time and the right information, he could be brought up to speed about the truth about that massive lie of WW2...

Anonymous said...

That's right. Once PsyOp at a time. Especially for somebody coming in from the cold. This guy claimed to not even be a conspiracy theorist. It is a lot more retarded for VETERAN conspiracy theorists such as Spingola (a 9-11 No-Planer since 2007, a Judy Wood Beam-Weapon supporter based on fake imagery, a Moon Hoax exposer AND a Boston Legless Marathon exposer) and Piper (his specialty is merely finding reasons to point to a Jew but mostly when Muslims are being blamed)to miss the boat so completely on a PsyOp as obvious as Sandy Hook than for Halbig to miss the boat on the holohoax when brainwashed 24 hours a day for 60 straight years by the mass-media.

When I saw that photo of him I said to myself: "Now, that looks like a typical German."

And by the way, that website doing the 'exposing' of Halbig as a 'Jew' is laughably pathetic (although somewhat fun to read as junk conspiracy gossip):

He gives you some food for thought on some things IF you have the discernment to separate it from all the shit-pile of disinfo he mixes it with. He's engaged in a bizarre kind of logic that seems to fit the pieces together in this fantasy novel of conspiracies he has constructed in his head and only if you agree with most of his base premises (most of them completely nonsense) will the structure not crumbling down.

~ Negentropic MK I